We cannot stress enough how important it is to take extra measures to ensure the quality of your wedding invitation wording. So we’ve put together our 3 most helpful approaches for avoiding embarrassing mistakes on your beautiful wedding invitations.


  1. Take Your Time

When you start creating personalized wedding invitations, it can be tempting to fly right through the process in order to see the end product. We get. You’re excited! But you really need to slow down and take your time. Read Wedding Invitations: 5 Things You’ll Overlook for some common mistakes that happen when couples rush.

  1. Review the Preview

Take a look at the wedding invitation preview and read through your wording not just once or twice, but several times as you personalize your invitations. Every time you make a change to the wording, read a few sentences before and after to see how it flows. The preview is your free proof and it’s there to help you catch mistakes.

  1. Recruit Proofreaders

We suggest recruiting a couple different proofreaders. Your future bride or groom should be #1 on the list. Then we suggest picking someone in your wedding party and/or someone you know who has a good grasp on the English language. The idea is to get several sets of eyes on the invitation before you order. You simply can’t know the mistakes your own eyes have glossed over from reading the wedding invitation wording so many times.

Check out our post 15 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Your Wedding Invitations to get a head start on what to look for!