#1. Help guests feel included.

For many of your guests, the wedding program is going to be the only introduction they get to the people in your ceremony. You’re not going to have time to introduce everybody at the wedding and it’s really nice for Aunt Carol to see your bridesmaids’ names and how you know them.

#2. Give guests something to do.

Let’s face it, there’s some wait time involved at most weddings. Hats off to you if you’re able pull off a wedding day with very little down time. For the rest of us, giving out wedding programs is a great way to let guests sit, chill and have a little something to read.

#3. Recognize your people.

There’s something about seeing your name in print that’s pretty exciting for most people. Wedding programs are a great way to recognize each individual playing a role in your ceremony, and that can make your friends and family feel like a million bucks.

#4. Share your appreciation.

Most wedding programs have a little note of thanks at the end, and this is often something written by the couple for everyone attending. It’s a really nice way to share a heartfelt message of appreciation that might not otherwise get said so eloquently throughout the wedding day.

#5. Create an ambiance.

Wedding programs are a given at most traditional or high-end wedding ceremonies, so why not up the elegance factor of your own ceremony? Besides, Ann’s Bridal Bargains offers super affordable wedding programs in really cute designs. You can’t go wrong! Click here to browse our wedding programs!