Main Color: Blush
Accent Color: Jade
Accent Color: Sage
Neutral: Goldenrod

The wedding invitation design that inspired this pretty palette is the Love Believes Invitation with Free Response Postcard. The star of this gorgeous invite is the faith-inspired message from 1 Corinthians 13 the soft and sweet color combination will also capture your heart. This invitation started with those blush watercolor roses and we love the way it evolved to feature a full floral wreath around the bible verse and your invitation wording. The mellow sage and vibrant jade leaves unexpectedly complement each other and weave in a natural element. The icing on the cake is the goldenrod colored accent flowers. They brighten the entire palette and add whimsical wonder to this enchanting design.

Working it into your wedding:
We chose blush as our main color in this color inspiration. Blush pink is a wonderful choice as your go-to color; it’s romantic and paints your day in a delicate shade that looks good on everyone! Use shades of blush to outfit your bridesmaids and talk your guys into wearing blush neckties. When it comes to décor, take a cue from your invitation and sprinkle flowers everywhere! Think it sounds expensive? Think again! Buy bulk roses and greenery from an online wholesaler like Blooms by the Box and enlist a few friends to create simple bouquets and floral arrangements. Our picks to replicate the invitation design are Nena Light Pink Roses, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Israeli Ruscus and yellow Estelle filler. Purchase cheap glass vases from the dollar store and voilà, you’re day will be blooming with beautiful style!