In the age of all things digital, it’s easy to think that inviting to your wedding digitally is the way to go. It feels like a good way to save money and streamline a part of your wedding that might otherwise feel overwhelming. And yes, digital inviting does serve a purpose! But inviting to your wedding on social media? Hold on – we have some opinions on this.

Before you post that story, reel or tweet – we ask you to pause and consider the headaches social media can wreck on your wedding planning.

Q: Can We Post Our Save the Date on Social Media?

We get it – once you set your wedding date, you want to scream it from the rooftops (or, your Facebook status). So yes, if that’s your style, then please go ahead and share, post and tweet your wedding date.

However, when it comes to actually inviting your friends and family to save the date to attend your wedding, keep it off social media.

Here’s why:

Assumptions Will Be Made

If you post a general “save the date” message, your entire list of contacts may assume they are invited. This can lead to awkward messages from “friends” who will not be invited, gushing about how they cannot wait to witness you say “I do!”.

You’ll Get ALL the Questions

When friends and family get a digital Save the Date, instead of a physical one in the mail, it makes it much easier for them to inundate you with questions and comments. “Should we book a hotel?!”, “That date doesn’t work for Uncle Dave, could you move it?” and our favorite “Who is invited? Can I bring the kids?”

When these same people get a physical save the date card, they’re much less likely to fire off unnecessary comments and questions. As long as you share all the important information, including your wedding website, your guests are more likely to happily pin your cute card to the refrigerator and mark your date on their calendar.

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Q: Can We Skip a Physical Invitation?

The short answer: No.

Tradition Matters

In an ever-changing world, it feels good to hang onto long-standing traditions. You wouldn’t replace your wedding gown with any old dress. And you wouldn’t forgo your wedding vows because they seem old fashioned. Your wedding invitation is your guest’s first look at your wedding day style and it belongs in their hands, not on a screen.

The #1 reason most couples want to send digital wedding invitations is to save money. And sure, it IS a cheap way to invite. But don’t think that you need to spend hundreds of dollars to get wedding invitations you love. Ours are cheap but chic and many of our wedding invitation sets include free response cards.

Gathering RSVPs is Easier

This might sound counter intuitive, but gathering your rsvps through the mail is way easier than doing it online. A physical rsvp card is hard to ignore. An email sitting in a flood of other emails asking guests to please, please, please rsvp is very easy to ignore. Plus, it’s just really fun to get those reply cards in your mailbox!

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Q: Could We Send Thank You Messages Instead of Cards?

We love a good DM, but it is not the place to thank Aunt Bea for the crystal vase. Of course, you can send a note thanking your guests for coming to the wedding but please don’t forget to send a real, handwritten thank you card to each and every attendee.

Q: What About Announcing Our Marriage Afterward?

After you’re officially married, go ahead – plaster your news all over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and yes, make your Tik Tok showing off those rings.

You can also announce it more officially, with an affordable paper wedding announcement. They are a really fun way to share your wedding photos and your new titles with your loved ones.

Happy wedding planning! xoxo