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baby's breath wedding ideas
We noticed the increasing popularity of using just baby’s breath as wedding flowers and decorations. These affordable wedding flowers are usually used as filler in bouquets and arrangements but they are versatile and beautiful all on their own, too. The best part is you can really get creative with this durable flower.

We’ve gathered some baby’s breath decorations and affordable wedding ideas we love. Take a look and see how this graceful flower can fit into your budget wedding decorations.

baby's breath wedding ideasPhotos courtesy of:

Chair decorations – Justin Demutils via Southern Weddings

Boutonniere & Kissing ball – Clary Photo via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Vases – Pacific Weddings via Intimate Weddings

Cake – Half Orange Photography via Style Me Pretty

Bouquets – 822 Weddings via Snippet and Ink


top 5 wedding ring insurance tips
top 5 wedding ring insurance tips

1. Ring insurance is usually purchased as rider with your renter’s or homeowners policies. Check with your insurance company to see what they offer for ring insurance. If you don’t have a renter’s or homeowner’s policy, check with the jeweler to see if they offer any policies through an insurance company partner.

2. Research what kind of deductibles are available with potential policies and then compare those deductible to the value of the ring to see if the cost is worthwhile.

3. Remember, to get a ring insurance policy, you will need to provide a receipt for the ring and an official appraisal.

4. Important questions to ask your insurance agent:

• Is the ring covered if you lose it accidentally or only if it’s stolen?

• How will the company replace the ring?

• Is the ring insured to full cost or a fraction of the cost?

• What are the steps of making a claim?

5. Read the fine print! A good policy covers everything from theft to dropping it down a drain. Get the policy you can afford but make sure it covers likely scenarios.

Radiant orchid wedding inspiration
The color purple is still going strong in 2014, hence our love for the radiant orchid wedding theme. Radiant orchid is a bold color, which can be dressed down for more casual affairs or dressed up for a more elegant celebration.

Radiant orchid wedding inspiration

Our Orchids wedding invitation in amethyst became the centerpiece of this gorgeous wedding theme. Around it we were able to find playful images of various shades of purple all coming together to form a soft, romantic feel with a hint of bold style.

With any wedding theme, you will probably incorporate your wedding colors into the bouquet and your reception decorations, but we highly recommend finding shoes that match your wedding colors as well as tying the colors into your food or drinks — just for fun!

Photos courtesy of:

Cake: Haley Holness Photography

Bouquet: Aileen Tran Event Stylist

Shoes: Weddingomania

Black and White Photo on a Train
Engagement photos are one of the best things about getting married. Why? Because it’s all up to you! You can choose any season, any location and any photographer you want without needing the “okay” from anyone but the two of you.

Sarah and Mark took advantage of this opportunity and chose a super romantic location with lots of color and character — the train depot. What a great location for a photo shoot. The nostalgic setting of brick buildings, trains and railroad tracks couldn’t be more ideal for some memorable shots of the couple in love.

Thanks to Hoyin Siu Wedding Photography Studio in Ontario, Canada, for these unforgettable photos.

Black and White Photo on a TrainTrain Depot Engagement SessionTrain Depot Engagement SessionTrain Depot Engagement Photos

Chair Bow - Burlap
We’ve thrown together some wedding chair decorations you can easily copy or modify to fit your wedding budget, style and colors.

Of course, burlap is HUGE right now, so we have a couple of ideas for burlap wedding chair decorations but feel free to replace the burlap with any color of fabric or material you like. (Budget tip: we scored the burlap from a local coffee roasterie. Think about businesses in your area. Are there any that might have extra materials you can recycle as wedding decorations?)

We kept our decorations fairly simple. We stuck to ribbon and fabric, and then added some pretty details like the satin and rhinestone band and the fake sunflowers. We also featured some wedding chair sashes and banners (both offered here at Ann’s) just in case you prefer to purchase ready-made chair decorations rather than do it yourself.

Chair Cover - Burlap Bag

Chair Sash - Chiffon

Ribbon Chairs

Chair Bow - Burlap

Chair Banners - Craft

Chair - Colorful Ribbon

Chair Bow - Burlap Satin Rustic

Chair Banner - Mr. & Mrs.Photo Credits:

Mr. & Mrs. Kraft Chair Banners: HBH | Mr. & Mrs. Chair Banners: Ann’s Bridal Bargains | Ribbon Chairs: Church 4 Wedding

find great bargains in unlikely places
I was recently given the task to order 600 cookies for an employee event on Valentine’s Day. I started out looking into chocolates (too expensive!), then hard candies (not much bang for your buck) and then I stumbled upon cookies. I called a local grocer first, and then a popular restaurant in town. Then it occurred to me that the nearby gas station always has sugar cookies with colored frosting during the holidays. I called them up, asked if they could handle 600 cookies on Valentine’s Day and they said yes…for only $150! (Are you wondering about quality right now? Don’t worry, I’ve taste tested these cookies plenty.)

I’m just sayin’…if you want cookies or other baked goods for your wedding, look for great wedding deals in unlikely places. Will anyone know I purchased our Valentine’s Day cookies from the local gas station? They might now if anyone reads this post, but otherwise the answer is NO. No one will know if you don’t tell. But if you’re anything like me, you might just drop a few “bragments” (bragging comments) to your friends and coworkers.

find great bargains in unlikely places

Olive and Brown Wedding Colors
Green and brown are classic wedding colors that can reflect a range of styles from down-to-earth to naturally elegant. Warm and inviting, these colors create the perfect atmosphere for a celebration of love and friendship.

Olive and brown wedding colors are beautiful on their own, but feel free to add a pop of color like peach or purple. We love how fresh fruits like pears and apples work beautifully into this color combination, and these colors are naturally found in many floral arrangements making it easier to choose flowers for your wedding.

Overall, this classic color combo is not only beautiful but also easy to pull off! Olive and brown are common enough colors that you will find them anywhere as you’re bargain hunting for decorations, and they are striking enough to create the look and feel you want for your special day.

Olive and Brown Wedding Colors


Photo Credits
Dress Up Your Invite – Banners & Swirls: Ann’s Bridal Bargains | Maple Leaf Favor Tags – Mocha: Ann’s Bridal Bargains | Yarn Acorns: Etsy | Favor Tags: Martha Stewart Weddings | Olive Leaf Centerpiece: Elizabeth Anne Designs | Green Print Tie & Sweater/Pear Place Card: Blonde Blue Blog | Wood Cut Benches: Art Of Weddings | Acorn Cake: Bella E Dolce (via

Destination Wedding
Wedding day itineraries are important for keeping your family and bridal party on track, but they’re even more important for destination weddings. Itineraries not only help keep your wedding guests informed, they help your guests feel welcome and appreciated.

We suggest using a wedding website to keep guests updated on activities and events as you’re planning them, but we also highly recommend providing all of your wedding guests a printed copy of your itinerary upon arrival.

Below we’ve provided an example of a typical destination wedding schedule. When making your destination wedding itinerary, you will want to include where and when each of these events will occur.

Day 1 – Dinner with Family

Your first wedding event will most likely be an intimate gathering of immediate family the night of your arrival date. (Only include this on a person’s itinerary if he/she is invited.)

Wedding Cocktails

Day 2 – Wedding Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner will include immediate family, grandparents and the bridal party (including guests). (Only include this on a person’s itinerary if he/she is invited.)

Day 3 – Play Day!

Let everyone know where all the guests are gathering for a day of rest and relaxation or fun activities. Later that day or in the evening, everyone should gather for a welcome reception. The welcome reception might be a cocktail hour, a dinner or a bonfire on the beach.

Destination Wedding

Day 4 – The Wedding Day

Organize a brunch or lunch for your wedding guests. The bridal party will be busy getting ready, but all of the guests will enjoy mingling and getting to know each other before the wedding ceremony and reception.

Destination Wedding

Day 5 – Farewell

Invite all of your wedding guests to a farewell breakfast or brunch. Allow a couple of hours for this so guests can attend according to their morning/flight schedule.

P.S. Keep in mind that just because you’re organizing an event like a cocktail hour or a brunch, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re paying for it. A lot of destination weddings are at all-inclusive resorts, so you’re just organizing a place and time for people to get together. That’s the beauty of all-inclusives — drinks and meals are taken care of!

I recommend checking out Etsy for some great itinerary ideas. I also LOVE the simplicity of this destination wedding itinerary found at Looking for more tips? Check out our post on Putting Together Your Wedding Day Itinerary.

Watercolor florals are whimsical, romantic and captivating. The Floral Splash wedding invitation captures the beauty of watercolor flowers without making a big splash in your wedding budget! We’re showing five different ways you can dress up this invitation and give it that DIY look without a lot of effort or money.

Fuchsia Wedding Invitation With Ribbon

Pink satin ribbon (3/8”) with three stick-on rhinestones in fuchsia beautifully complements each flower’s varying shades of pink. Use a glue stick for attaching the ribbon to the invitation or tie the ribbon around the invitation leaving the knot in the back.

Fuchsia Wedding Invitation

This was so easy and it turned out so beautiful! I simply rubbed a little Elmer’s glue over the flowers and sprinkled extra fine, pearlescent glitter over the top.

Fuchsia Wedding Invitation With Lavender Ribbon

Another very easy option, I wrapped lavender satin ribbon (5/8”) around the top of the invitation and tied it in a double knot. The knot is placed slightly off center to balance beautifully with the invitation’s floral design.

Fuchsia Wedding Invitation With Lavender Backing

Adding a colorful backer can make a big impact. This purple scrapbook paper features a light burlap pattern, which lends a sense of texture to the invitation. I used a glue stick to attach the invitation to the scrapbook paper.

Fuchsia Wedding Invitation With Chiffon Bow

Layered ribbon with a white chiffon bow is both sassy and romantic! I attached the pink satin ribbon (3/8”) to the fuchsia satin ribbon (5/8”) with a glue stick. I then attached the fuchsia satin ribbon to the invitation (also using a glue stick). The stick-on chiffon bow was super easy to use and added the perfect touch of delicate detail.

Be sure to check out the ribbons and adornments available here at Ann’s Bridal Bargains or at your local craft store. You never know what gems you will find for making your wedding invitation absolutely gorgeous.

Caramel Apple Bar
You can’t look away can you? It looks so absolutely delicious! We highly recommend having a caramel apple bar at your wedding for guests to create unique wedding favors, and it’s a great alternative to the traditional wedding cake. They’re also perfect for family gatherings over the holiday season.

Caramel Apple Bar

We set out a crockpot of caramel and a crockpot of chocolate. We allowed people to dip their apples or slice them and pour the caramel or chocolate on top. We recommend having a couple of apple slicers to make the process safer and easier.

The apples are displayed in a traditional apple basket, but you could use any kind of basket or container that fits your décor. Be sure to pay attention to the type of apples you get. Some varieties of apples, like Granny Smith apples, are much more tart than others. The type of apple you choose is purely based on your own tastes and preferences.

Most of our caramel apple toppings are displayed in mason jars. Our toppings include mini M&Ms®, marshmallows, crushed Oreos, chopped candy bars and peanuts. Make sure each jar has its own scoop.

The backdrop is a long piece of plywood painted with chalkboard paint. You can write any message you like. You might also consider listing the caramel apple bar ingredients to help guests know what their options are.

We purchased caramel and chocolate from the store, but it might be more cost-effective to make your own. You can melt a package of Kraft Caramels with a couple tablespoons of milk for an easy option, or check out this tasty-looking caramel recipe from Cooking Light Magazine.