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Get this look! Sunflower Sensation

Sunflowers are an absolute treasure of nature and if you love sunflowers, you want nothing more than to bring these giant harbingers of cheer into the most special day of your life! Here are some great ideas for incorporating sunflowers into your wedding day.

Sunflower Power

The power of sunflowers is that they are an immediate day-brightener! It’s impossible to look at a sunflower and not smile, at least on the inside. We just added the Painted Sunflowers Seal and Send Invitation for all our couples looking to highlight these amazing flowers in their wedding. The artwork on these invites is incredible and the price will also make you smile. You can find all kinds of floral wedding invitations here at Ann’s and the best part is, they’re all 99¢ or less.

Hello, yellow!

Everyone can probably agree that part of what makes the sunflower so wonderful is its brilliant yellow color. Using sunshine yellow at your wedding is a must to get that cheerful, summer’s day vibe. Adding sunflowers to floral arrangements, cakes and hairpieces are all great ideas but we also love the sunflower-lined aisle shown here as well as the bright yellow custom wedding napkins to tie the color into you reception details.

Outdoor Living

Of course, a sunflower wedding has to be outdoors! At least a portion of the wedding should be celebrated outdoors if at all possible. Whether you have an outdoor wedding ceremony followed by an indoor reception or choose to host both events outside, you will not regret it. Guests will be overjoyed at the ambiance and you’ll feel great knowing one of the most special days of your life will be spent in a place that’s dear to your heart.


Photo Credits: Flower Crown: Kristina Curtis Photography, Sunflower Robes: Robes by SilkandMore, Cake: Lindsay B Photography via Floretta, Ceremony Aisle: Flirty Fleurs,  Bouquet: Celebration Flair

Ann’s Bridal Bargains focuses on bringing beautiful yet inexpensive wedding stationery to all couples, and now we offer a fabulous collection of guest books in modern styles that you and your wedding guests are going to love. Let’s take a look at a few favorites!

  1. Ever After Guest Book

Hits these trends! Greenery, Rustic

Personalize it like thisadd your choice of wording, which is often the couple’s names and wedding date, in white in your choice of fonts

You’ll love the priceget it for $29 (or less on sale!)


  1. Pure Simplicity Guest Book

Hits these trends! Minimalist, Landscape Photo

Personalize it like thisadd your choice of photo and choose fonts and colors for your personalization below.

You’ll love the priceget it for $29 (or less on sale!)


  1. Our Day Guest Book

Hits these trends! Multi-Photo, Minimalist

Personalize it like thisadd three of your favorite photos, and choose fonts and colors for your personalization below.

You’ll love the priceget it for $29 (or less on sale!)


  1. Birch Tree Carvings Guest Book

Hits these trends! Rustic, Woodland, Birch

Personalize it like thisadd your monogram to the carved heart design. Add your personalization below. All wording is printed in your choice of colors and fonts.

You’ll love the priceget it for $29 (or less on sale!)


  1. Blush Floral Guest Book

Hits these trends! Floral, Gold Foil, Vintage

Personalize it like thisadd your personalization below the floral and faux gold foil artwork. Your wording appears in your choice of colors and fonts.

You’ll love the priceget it for $29 (or less on sale!)


Shop all guest books to find your favorite. You can also sign up for emails to get alerts about our best deals and discounts.


#1. Help guests feel included.

For many of your guests, the wedding program is going to be the only introduction they get to the people in your ceremony. You’re not going to have time to introduce everybody at the wedding and it’s really nice for Aunt Carol to see your bridesmaids’ names and how you know them.

#2. Give guests something to do.

Let’s face it, there’s some wait time involved at most weddings. Hats off to you if you’re able pull off a wedding day with very little down time. For the rest of us, giving out wedding programs is a great way to let guests sit, chill and have a little something to read.

#3. Recognize your people.

There’s something about seeing your name in print that’s pretty exciting for most people. Wedding programs are a great way to recognize each individual playing a role in your ceremony, and that can make your friends and family feel like a million bucks.

#4. Share your appreciation.

Most wedding programs have a little note of thanks at the end, and this is often something written by the couple for everyone attending. It’s a really nice way to share a heartfelt message of appreciation that might not otherwise get said so eloquently throughout the wedding day.

#5. Create an ambiance.

Wedding programs are a given at most traditional or high-end wedding ceremonies, so why not up the elegance factor of your own ceremony? Besides, Ann’s Bridal Bargains offers super affordable wedding programs in really cute designs. You can’t go wrong! Click here to browse our wedding programs!

Spring and summer weddings are just around the corner and butterfly wedding ideas couldn’t be more appropriate! Here are a few elements of the butterfly that lend so beautifully to weddings, we can’t help but put together a style story to share our excitement.

The Butterfly

All butterflies are beautiful and having a mix of butterflies throughout your wedding is stunning. However, we love the idea of drawing inspiration from a specific butterfly but you can also use generic butterfly elements to fill in the gaps. The Butterfly Swirl Wedding Invitations are simply magical with a rustic woodgrain background, graceful swirls and intricate butterflies flying around your wording.

The Color

Butterflies come in all kinds of color so your options are wide open but if you have a specific butterfly that captures your heart, use its colors as your wedding colors. We love how the color purple is threaded throughout this entire wedding look from the custom wedding napkins to the reception’s tablecloths.

The Patterns

The patterns on butterfly wings are so gorgeous they simply have to play a role in your wedding whether they’re featured in butterfly designs or taken from the butterfly to inspire other design elements like the bride’s dress shown here or the light fixture shown in the reception hall. Imagine what you can do with this concept if you get a little creative!

Photo Credits: Hairpins: Etsy, Bridesmaid Robes: Robes by Silk and More, Cupcake Wraps: Wedding Star, Tablescape: Patty Nash Photography via Belle the Magazine Bouquet: Amanda McKinnon Photography via Inside Weddings


So classic, so beautiful, so perfect for the two of you. The Vintage Garden wedding look is one you can achieve without spending a lot of money, and we’re here to give you a few ideas to help you get started.

Get this look! Vintage Garden

A Pretty Location
A garden wedding does not have to be in a garden but if you can find that kind of venue, we say go for it. Some public parks have beautiful floral gardens to admire and that will save you the cost of purchasing lots of fresh flowers to dress up the space. Outdoors in general is a great idea. The reception table shown here under a pergola-style structure is perfect and you can add some simple floral touches that are reasonably priced.

The Right Invite
Garden wedding invitations are plentiful, which means you have a world of designs to choose from. Ann’s Bridal Bargains offers a lot of floral designs and we offer fantastic prices, which means you can spend less on invites and more on other wedding details (like an adorable display cake with a few flowers crowning the top). We went with the Antique Rose Invitations, which also come with free response postcards.

Delightful Details
Garden wedding details don’t necessarily have to involve flowers, especially fresh flowers since they can be so expensive. We suggest finding some fun ways to dress up the venue that don’t dip too far into your budget. The custom wedding napkins shown here are a great option. They add a nice personalized touch to the reception without much hassle or cost. The wood wedding sign has a nice vintage feel and is another great addition to this look. The bridesmaids in blush gowns with simple bouquets fit in nicely, and the vintage rose headpiece for the bride is a gorgeous accent to her attire.

Photo Credits: Reception: Sposto Photography via Style Me Pretty, Cake: Maria Lamb Photography via Chic Vintage Brides, Wood Sign: First Mate Photography Co via Style Me Pretty, Bridesmaids: Jordan Voth via Junebug Weddings, Hair: via Stylish Wedd


Autumn is such a beautiful time of year to get married, and every couple having a fall wedding needs the perfect fall wedding invitations to introduce their style and personalities. Here are our top 10 most affordable fall wedding invitations featuring designs you’re going to love!

Top 10 Affordable Fall Wedding Invitations

1. Forever Fall Seal and Send Invitation
Surprise your guests with wedding invitations that celebrate your love for the season! Autumn leaves drift elegantly beside your wording on these seal and send wedding invitations.

2. Birch Beauty Invitation with Online Reply
A birch background in charming watercolor is perfect for your nature-inspired wedding. The monogram heart on the front and the infinity symbol inside appears as if burned into the birch. (BONUS: these invitations feature space for your online reply info so you don’t have to spend money on additional response cards.)

3. Tied in Knots Invitation
The rustic charm of wood is given a gentle touch of design with a delicate floral frame wrapped around your wording. You’ll love this rustic yet delicate and pretty invite!

4. Woodland Feathers All in One Invitation
Feathers are one of nature’s most beautiful treasures, and we’ve gathered a few to present your wedding details in natural style. Woodland feathers wrap around your wording while a woodgrain background lays a rustic foundation.

5. Fall Florals Seal and Send Invitation
Uniquely beautiful and perfect for a one-of-a-kind autumn wedding, these seal and send wedding invitations feature a gorgeous watercolor floral arrangement framing your wording.

6. Autumn Breeze Separate and Send Invitation
A cool autumn breeze is beautifully illustrated on these fall wedding invitations perfect for your autumn wedding. (BONUS: Sep and Sends feature all three stationery pieces you need—the invitations, response cards and reception cards—for one low price!

7. Leaf Menagerie Invitation with Free Response Postcard
The frame of leaves swirling around your wording on these fun and refreshing wedding invitations strikes up memories of summer hikes and autumn days.

8. Rustic Details All In One Invitation
A pretty twist on rustic style means these fall invitations are naturally perfect for the two of you. A charming illustration of sawed wood sections is accented with autumn leaves and wheat.

9. Modern Leaves Seal and Send Invitation
A unique fall wedding invitation that incorporates the season’s naturally beautiful colors with your modern sense of style. (BONUS: Seal and Sends offer everything you need in one self-mailing invitation and they don’t require envelopes!)

10. Floral Fancy Seal and Send Invitation
Naturally pretty and eye-catching! Wildflowers look sweet and simple against a natural woodgrain background on these seal and send invitations. Faux gold foil adds a bit of modern flair.

An agate is a semi-precious gemstone with crystal formations similar to those found in geodes. An agate is characterized by incredibly vibrant colors and distinct layers. We simply HAD to create a wedding look inspired by this magical stone.

Style Story: Agate

Rock the Look
An agate-inspired wedding wouldn’t be nearly as special without at least a few genuine agates displayed throughout the ceremony and reception. The table number card shown with an agate anchor is a perfect example of how to use agates as décor in a simple yet impactful way. Of course, you don’t have to stick to real agates. The wedding cake featured is decorated to look like an agate and look how beautiful it turned out!

Watercolor Works
Watercolor is an inexpensive way to mimic the look of agates. It allows you to feature rich, gorgeous color in a natural and casual way. We chose the Watercolor Whimsy Wedding Invitation to introduce our agate wedding look, and it turned out perfectly! Best of all, these invitations come with free response postcards. Check out the colors available and choose something that coordinates with your agate wedding colors.

Just Beautiful
Now it’s time to incorporate your agate wedding colors throughout the wedding. We love the idea of cascading flowers along the reception tables in varying shades of the same color. The bridesmaid dresses are also a great place for showcasing your choice of colors. Again, we love the varying shades of purple shown here because it coordinates so well with the agate wedding look. Throw in some personalized details like custom wedding napkins and you’ll blow your wedding guests away!

Photo Credits: Green Blossom Photography via Burnetts Boards, Cake: Ali & Garrett via Wedding Chicks, Centerpiece/Favor: Green Blossom Photography via Wilkie Blog, Bridesmaids: Amy & Jordan Photography via Fab You Bliss, Reception Table/Flowers: Sarah Maren Photographers via Style Me Pretty


Autumn weddings are incredibly charming and beautiful, not to mention there are lots of great ways to keep your special day affordable.

How to Do…an Autumn Wedding

Focus on your favorite autumn colors.
Choose two or three of your favorite autumn colors. One neutral like brown, cream or harvest gold is a great place to start. Then choose one or two accent colors that really show off your love for fall. You’ve got some great options like burgundy red, rusty orange and bold yellow. Make sure these colors are represented in your fall wedding invitations.

Tap into nature.
Nature provides a true bounty of decoration possibilities in the fall. Everything from colorful flowers to seasonal favorites like pumpkins and gourds can be used to create a beautiful autumn ambiance. More natural elements like harvest wheat, fallen leaves and bare branches are plentiful and perfect for creating affordable decorations. Just keep your eyes open and be ready to hunt and gather.

Take it outdoors.
You don’t have to do both the ceremony and reception outdoors but one or the other really sets the tone for a fall celebration. You could choose to have your ceremony outside at the family farm with fields in the background or let guests roam the grounds outside of your reception venue. Outdoor venues are often less expensive if not free, and celebrating outside will let guests enjoy the season as much as you do.

Keep it cozy and warm.
Bonfires are a great way to provide a fun activity and warmth for your guests. Package some s’more kits and whittle some roasting sticks for a delicious late-night treat. Consider providing a basket of blankets outside for anyone who wants to cozy up by the fire or just sit and relax. Getting cozy outdoors is a part of enjoying the fall weather so let your guests live it up!

Check out a few of our favorite “Get this look!” style stories for fall weddings: Carved Heart Romance, Woodland Ferns, Boho Feathers, Autumn Harvest

Photo Credits: Reception: ARJ Photography, Couple with Bouquet: Peaches & Mint by Pia Clodi via 10 stunning Wedding Color Palettes, S’more Bar: Jessica Fairchild Photography via Rustic Wedding Chic

Are you planning a rustic-style wedding but still want a little glitz and glam? A Rustic Glam wedding is perfect for you and it’s totally possible even if you’re working on a budget. Here’s how you do it…

How to do…a Rustic Glam Wedding

Location, location, location.
A well-done wedding theme starts with the location. We suggest finding a rustic wedding venue and adding your own glamorous touches. You could certainly find a more glamorous or elegant wedding venue and add rustic touches. We just love how an old barn backdrop creates such stark contrast with bright and shiny details. Besides, rustic locations are probably going to be more affordable.

Glam up, girls!
If you choose to focus on only a few major elements in your wedding for adding a glamorous touch, you simply have to put the bridesmaids into this category. Make sure they are wearing something gorgeous and eye-catching with stunning jewelry and maybe even a few other luxurious accents like the faux fur scarves shown here. The attire doesn’t have to be expensive, it just needs to look expensive. We’re guessing you’re pretty good at scouting out those kinds of deals.

Keep the food casual.
Go for a buffet-style meal and give your guests lots of choices. Not thinking a full meal? That’s a great plan for saving money. You can do hors d’ oeuvre stations, which allow guests to roam the venue and mingle with everyone all night long. This style of eating lends a super friendly atmosphere, which will fit in perfectly at your rustic glam wedding.

Light up the venue.
Choosing to add lights to the venue will obviously depend on the venue you find but we have to say that white lights are still super classy and they will give whatever venue you choose a lovely glow in the evening. This will up the glamour factor significantly while still complementing the rustic surroundings. You can use white Christmas lights, candles or up-lighting to achieve your desired look.

Surprise guests with your invitation.
We like the idea of choosing elegant wedding invitations for introducing your rustic glam event. Normally we would say to find an invitation that fits your theme, and you can. We’ve got plenty of rustic wedding invitations for you to choose from but with a Rustic Glam wedding, it’s kind of fun to surprise guests once they get to the location. A simple but elegant invitation will give them all the details and get them excited but when they arrive at your venue, they’ll be surprised and delighted!

Photo Credits: Reception: via Deer Pearl Flowers, Centerpiece: JESSICA FREY PHOTOGRAPHY via The Knot, Bride/Bridesmaids: Brinton Studios via Luxe Mountain Weddings

Just imagine the waves on the sand, the breeze in your hair and all of your closest peeps surrounding you as you say your vows against a gorgeous sunset over the ocean…absolutely perfect. Here’s a little inspiration to help you plan your romantic evening by the ocean.

Get this look! Beach Sunset

Color Is Key
Color is key for creating the perfect beach sunset wedding theme. Lucky for you there are lots of colors to choose from. We’ve focused our sunset look around aqua with some hints of yellow and pink. You can delve into a brighter palette if you like but we were very smitten with the Watercolor Sunset Invitation, which inspired the look and feel of this style story. Notice how this invitation is actually a self-mailer (no envelopes needed!) and it has room for online rsvp information and reception details. This is a beautiful find for a great price and it fits the sunset beach theme perfectly but take a look at the entire collection of destination wedding invitations to find exactly what you want.

Incredibly Romantic
A wedding at sunset is romantic no matter where you are but being on the beach adds a whole new level of beauty. The surroundings are already gorgeous, which means you need very little decoration. Some brightly colored flowers, fun wedding favors, throw in some sparklers for a little excitement, and you’ve got a fabulous seaside soirée. Add a personal touch to the reception tables with custom wedding napkins with a tropical design, and guests are sure to be impressed with your attention to detail.

Just Relax
What’s the point of a beach wedding besides getting married? Relaxing! Chances are you’ve chosen a beach location because you wanted something a little more relaxed and casual than the traditional wedding celebration. We completely understand. So let a little r & r become a part of your wedding theme. String some white lights to set the mood, keep the decorations simple and natural, and choose key focal points like the wedding cake for drawing people in. Guests will be mingling, laughing and relaxing in no time.

Photo Credits: Reception: TEC PETAJA via Town and Country Magazine, Bride/Groom: Dear Wesleyann via Every Last Detail, Sea Glass Favors: Barrie Fisher Photographers + David Seaver via WellWed Hamptons, Cake: Kay English via Project Wedding, Sparklers: Bethany Small Photography via Style Me Pretty