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You’ve set a wedding date. Again! Yay!

If you had a wedding planning in 2020 or even early 2021, you have our condolences. What an entirely crazy situation, right?

While some couples decided to elope, others have rescheduled their wedding one, two or even three times. What a headache! We’re so happy to report though, that summer and fall weddings are on! If you finally feel confident enough to announce your new date, let’s do it!

Let’s start with an uncomfortable, but common problem…

How to Un-Invite Guests to Your Postponed Wedding

If your wedding has been pushed out a year (or more!), it’s possible your guest list has changed. And, that’s okay! There are a couple ways to handle this, depending on the situation.

If someone was on your initial guest list, and you’ve completely fallen out of contact with them (perhaps you moved and are no longer close with former co-workers), you can honestly let it slide without a notification.

However, if a former guest is still a part of your life, do the kind thing and let them know about the change. A quick text or email will do the trick! Not sure what to say? Here are some examples of how to tell someone they aren’t inviting to you wedding anymore:

Hi Heather – we’re working toward finally setting a new wedding date, but I want to let you know that our plans have changed quite a bit and we’re having to cut our guest list down to just our closest family and friends. As you can imagine, this has led to all sorts of awkward conversations…including this one! 😉 Thank you for your friendship and understanding and we navigate through this weird time. Hope all is well with you!

Hi Brandon – wanted to give you a heads up that we’re FINALLY moving forward with our wedding this summer, but that our guest list has changed quite a bit since our first round of invitations went out. We want to be upfront about this and hope we can count on you sending good vibes our way for a wedding that actually happens this time! Sending love and hoping all is well with you and your family!

Announce Your New Date with a Change the Date Card

Change the date cards used to be quite uncommon…but not anymore! If you had to cancel your wedding and have a new date set, send a change the date card to your guests. Our fun and super-cheap cards let you share your new date and even write a personal note to your guests.

You can keep it simple with just a photo and new date. But if you have extra information to share, choose a style that has room for extra text. Inform your guests about any changes to your original wedding location and update to your hotel blocks.

Send a New Save the Date

Whether you mailed a Save the Date for your first wedding date or decided to skip it, sending one for your new date is great idea! Our newest save the dates cards for postponed weddings are SO much fun too!

We typically advise couples to send your save the dates 6-9 months before your wedding day. But, Covid has changed this rule. If your wedding is rescheduled for even 4 months from now, go ahead and send a save the date, then deliver your wedding invites closer to your wedding date.

Likewise, if you’ve set a date that’s more than 12+ months out, you can sure send your Save the Date now! 2022 is set to be jam-packed with weddings, so getting your date on your guests’ calendars is a fantastic idea.

Product Featured: True Love – Save the Date

With Your Wedding Invitation!

Ready to send your wedding invitations? YAY! We normally tell couples to send their wedding invites 4-8 weeks out from the wedding date, but you can sure send them earlier if you have all your information.

Remember to set a reasonable “rsvp by” date so your guests can take their time with their decision, especially if coming to your wedding means traveling.

Best wishes as you finally set your wedding date and plan your dream day! xoxo


What a time to plan a wedding, right? Covid-19 has thrown a wrench is so many couple’s wedding plans. Ceremonies and celebrations that were scheduled during the height of lockdown were completely up-ended. And 2021 weddings are sure to look different than a “normal” wedding season.

From coast to coast (and continent to continent), couples are faced with a choice: cancel, postpone, alter or forge ahead as planned.

If you’re getting married during Covid-19, you’re not alone. I’m here with a few tips to help keep you sane while navigating this wild world of pandemic wedding planning.

1. Go Ahead and DO the Planning!

If you’re engaged and ready to start planning your wedding, then do! If a 2021 wedding is your dream, then plan for that. And if you’re planning beyond 2021, congratulations – you have a little extra time.

First things first. Set your date and book your vendors. Be sure to read your contracts carefully and have frank conversations about the “what ifs”.

Before booking, ask you vendors:

  • What is your cancelation policy?
  • Do you have any special Covid-19 related policies that will affect what we can and cannot do?
  • What are your Covid-19 safety policies?
  • What’s the deposit? When is the rest due? What happens to my deposit if I or you have to cancel?
  • What happens to my deposit if your business closes?

Deep breath. I know that’s a lot and some of those questions are rather anxiety-inducing. My motto during Covid wedding planning is hope for the best, but plan for the worst.


2. Have a Plan B. Or, Several.

The advantage that you have over couples who had to postpone their wedding in the spring and summer of 2020 is that you know what could happen.

Even though you may want to, do not bury you head in the sand. Prepare for a worst-case scenario – let’s say a national lockdown or Covid outbreak in your wedding party (eek!) – as well as not-terrible-but-also-not-great scenarios, and then make contingency plans around them.

Possible scenarios might look something like this:

  • Covid Improvement: If the world begins to feel “normal” again, do our plans change at all?
  • Covid Remains Steady: If we see no improvement, does that change anything for us?
  • Covid Risk Increases: If there’s a community Covid outbreak, do we need to change anything?
  • Covid Risk Hits Close to Home: If we have an outbreak in our family or wedding party, what do we do?

What do Plan B, C and D look like? That’s up to you. For some couples, it might mean postponing their wedding to another date, or even another year. For others, it might be holding a minimony with just your closest loved ones and celebrating with a reception at a later date. And for some couples, it might mean canceling your huge wedding altogether and eloping instead!


3. Create a Timeline

Make yourself a decision-making timeline. This will help you feel in control and may help your middle-of-the-night racing thoughts ease up a bit.

It might look something like this:

  • 12 Weeks Before Wedding: Do a gut-check. Has anything drastically changed? Right now, is there anything preventing you from having the wedding you’ve planned?
  • 8 Weeks Before Wedding: Gut-check #2!
  • 6 Weeks Before Wedding: Gut-check #3. Check in with your vendors. Communicate any changes to your guests.
  • 4 Weeks Before Wedding: If you’re thinking about a Plan B, now’s the time to make the decision.
  • 2 Weeks Before Wedding: Final big check-in. You’re almost there!


4. Communicate With Your Guests

Along with your timeline, put together a plan for communicating any changes to your wedding guests.

  • A Change of Plans: If something fairly minor has changed – such as your wedding venue – and your wedding invitations have already gone out, communicate the change on your wedding website. It’s also a good idea to enlist your friends and family to spread the word through phone calls, emails and text messages.
  • Wedding Postponement: If you’ve decided to postpone your wedding and reception to a later date, get the word out as soon as you’re able to. Again, your wedding website and word of mouth is a good option. Once you have your new date, send an official Change the Date card to each of your guests.
  • Wedding Cancelation and Small Ceremony: Canceling your planned wedding and opting for a small ceremony is something we’ve seen so many couples do this year. If you’re canceling, make a phone call to each of your guests and let them know. They’re sure to be bummed to miss out on the fun, so send a wedding announcement and share your news once you’re officially married!
  • Wedding Cancelation with a Reception Later: Lots of couples are holding a small ceremony and planning a wedding reception at a later, to-be-determined date. If this is you, send your wedding announcement and explain this to your guests. Once you have your reception date set, send a save the date followed up by a wedding reception invitation.


5. Be Flexible

And finally my best advice of all – be flexible. I have a feeling that if you’re planning a wedding during a global pandemic, you already possess this skill. In the end, you will be married! And, you’ll have a great story to tell!


Happy planning, brides and grooms!  xoxo

Your wedding stationery is one of those items on your list that’s easy to ignore. After all, how expensive can paper really be? The answer – REALLY expensive.

If you’ve browsed wedding invitation websites, or even made at appointment at your local stationery shop, you may have come away with sticker shock. Wedding invitations can easily run you $5 or more each – and that doesn’t include postage.

Take a deep breath. We’ve got a little advice on hacks that add up to big time deals on your wedding invitations and more.


1. Get Your RSVP Cards for Free

When you’re looking at wedding invites, it’s easy to be lured by a low price on the invitation itself. But then, you add up all the extras like your response cards and extra information cards and suddenly, your invite has more than doubled in price.

Avoid the bait and switch by ordering a wedding invitation set that has RSVP cards included. Our sets are just 99¢ and include your response card at no extra charge.


2. Keep Postage Cheap

Assembling your wedding invitations, only to realize that they are so heavy that your postage may double is a terrible feeling. We’ve heard heartbreaking stories of brides creating gorgeous DIY invitations to save money, only to have them cost over a dollar each to mail (goodbye savings!). Wedding invitation postage drama is real, you guys!

Our best advice: take one invite suite to the post office and weigh it to get an exact postage price before you assemble all of your invitations. Our chic and cheap invite suites are designed to be mailed with just one standard stamp, saving you a huge headache, and lots of cash.

And don’t forget: you need to add postage to your rsvp cards before you send them to your guests. To save money here, use response postcards instead of cards with envelopes. Postcard stamps are 30% cheaper, which adds up big time.



3. Gather Your RSVPs Online

If you want to save on the expense of sending physical RSVP cards, gather yours online instead. Be sure your word your online rsvp just right and don’t forget about accommodating your not-so-tech-savvy guests with a phone number instead.

Using an online RSVP service might mean that you don’t have a use for your response card from your invitation set. Instead of tossing them in the trash, get creative. We’ve seen couples personalize them as thank you postcards or information cards.

4. Add Your Own Ribbon or Twine

We’ve love a good wedding invitation hack and this is our favorite. If you’re drooling over heavily embellished invitations from boutique wedding invitation website, but can’t stomach the price, this one’s for you.

Don’t even think about making your own wedding invitations. If feels like a money-saver, but usually winds up being a headache that hardly saves you anything. However, once you have your cheap wedding invitations in-hand, head to the craft store for some DIY embellishments.

Our favorite DIY touch on a rustic wedding invite is twine; it’s so cheap and adds a lot of personality. If you’re going for an elegant look, add a satin or raw silk ribbon.


5. Send a Holiday Card Save the Date

Here’s a tip you’ve probably never heard before. Send your save the date cards over the holiday season and it can double as your holiday card. We have a whole collection of Christmas save the dates that are full of festive style, but you could customize any save the date to feel holiday-ish with the right photo and colors.


Your wedding guests will totally love these, and your holiday card budget will too!

Happy planning, brides and grooms!  xoxo


In the age of all things digital, it’s easy to think that inviting to your wedding digitally is the way to go. It feels like a good way to save money and streamline a part of your wedding that might otherwise feel overwhelming.

But – we ask you to pause and consider the headaches social media can wreck on your wedding planning.

Q: Can We Post Our Save the Date on Facebook?

We get it – once you set your wedding date, you want to scream it from the rooftops (or, your Facebook status). So yes, if that’s your style, then please go ahead and share, post and tweet your wedding date. However, when it comes to actually inviting your friends and family to save the date to attend your wedding, keep it off social media.

Here’s why:

Assumptions Will Be Made

If you post a general “save the date” message, your entire list of contacts may assume they are invited. This can lead to awkward messages from “friends” who will not be invited, gushing about how they cannot wait to witness you say “I do!”.

You’ll Get ALL the Questions

When friends and family get a digital Save the Date, instead of a physical one in the mail, it makes it much easier for them to inundate you with questions and comments. “Should we book a hotel?!”, “That date doesn’t work for Uncle Dave, could you move it?” and our favorite “Who is invited? Can I bring the kids?”

When these same people get a physical save the date card, they’re much less likely to fire off unnecessary comments and questions. As long as you share all the important information, including your wedding website, your guests are more likely to happily pin your cute card to the refrigerator and mark your date on their calendar.

Q: Can We Skip a Physical Invitation?

The short answer: No.

Tradition Matters

In an ever-changing world, it feels good to hang onto long-standing traditions. You wouldn’t replace your wedding gown with any old dress. And you wouldn’t forgo your wedding vows because they seem old fashioned. Your wedding invitation is your guest’s first look at your wedding day style and it belongs in their hands, not on a screen.

The #1 reason most couples want to send digital wedding invitations is to save money. And sure, it IS a cheap way to invite. But don’t think that you need to spend hundreds of dollars to get wedding invitations you love. Ours are cheap but chic and include free response cards and cost less than a dollar a piece.

Gathering RSVPs is Easier

This might sound counter intuitive, but gathering your rsvps through the mail is way easier than doing it online. A physical rsvp card is hard to ignore. An email sitting in a flood of other emails asking guests to please, please, please rsvp is very easy to ignore. Plus, it’s just really fun to get those reply cards in your mailbox!

Q: Could We Send Thank You Messages?

We love Facebook messenger but it is not the place to thank Aunt Bea for the crystal vase. Of course you can send a note thanking your guests for coming to the wedding but please don’t forget to send a real, handwritten thank you card to each and every attendee.

Q: What About Announcing Our Marriage Afterward?

After you’re officially married, go ahead – plaster your news all over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and yes, make your Tik Tok showing off those rings.

You can also announce it more officially, with an affordable paper wedding announcement. They are a really fun way to share your wedding photos and your new titles with your loved ones.

Happy wedding planning! xoxo


Have you found yourself in the unfortunate position of having to postpone your wedding? Wedding dates are moved for many different reasons – from a family illness to an unforeseen conflict with your dream venue and even yes, a global pandemic (we’re looking at you coronavirus).

Moving your wedding date isn’t an easy task, but our newest collection of affordable Change the Date Cards make breaking the news a whole lot cuter!

Whether you’ve already sent a Save the Date, or even your Wedding Invitations, these sweet announcements let you officially change your wedding date in style ranging from elegant to super funny. Our top picks are…

#1: Save Our New Date Magnet

Customize this cutie with your photo then update the color combination to match your wedding colors. This magnet will be happily displayed on refrigerators near and far!

#2: Plot Twist Change the Date Card

A postponed wedding is a shakeup you could have lived without, right? Instead of wallowing in hassle of rescheduling your big day, announce the update with this funny little card. The phrase “plot twist” scrawled across a sweet picture of the two of you is sure to give everyone a good laugh.

#3: Delayed Change the Date Card

If you’re pushing your wedding day out a few weeks, a few months of even an entire year, this rustic-style design lets you drop your delay with a custom look.

#4: Watercolor Greens Change the Date Magnet

Create a custom message from the heart on this magnetic card.  With room for an explanation about your postponement, this card delivers your news in elegant style.

#5: Married Later Change the Date Card

Announce your postponement with a side of humor. This sweet card features the phrase “we’re getting married…later”. With options to change your colors and fonts, the options to make this card one-of-a-kind are endless.


Talk about a plot twist. The Coronavirus has impacted weddings around the globe and today, we’re here with the answers to a question no couple ever wants to ask: How do we postpone our wedding?

Take a deep breath. You two can do this.

Announce the Postponement

Once you’ve decided to postpone your wedding – even if you don’t have a new date set yet – be sure to let your guests know. Assuming your wedding is coming up quick, an email, text or phone call to each guest is the easiest way to do this. You can always post on social media as well.

Let your guests know that you’re postponing your wedding and will be sending out new Save the Dates or Wedding Invitations as soon as a new date is set. If you’re not sure how to word this tough news, we have some suggestions:

Short and Sweet:
We’re heartbroken to share the news that we have decided to postpone our wedding. We will be sending a new wedding date to our guests as soon as it’s set.

With Concern:
Dearest family and friends – because your safety and health are our first priority, we’ve decided to postpone our wedding. When we have more clarity on the impact of the coronavirus, we will reschedule and send new invitations. Thank you so much for your love and well wishes during the difficult time for everyone. Stay safe!

Well…we didn’t see that coming! We are disappointed to announce that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are postponing our wedding. On the bright side, we have several more months to create even more DIY wedding decorations. YAY! Stayed tuned for a new date and details!

We are saddened to inform you that our wedding is postponed. While is hurts to share this news, we feel so blessed by the messages of love we have received from our wedding guests. Your support and outpouring of love has made this tough time so much more bearable. We’ll be in touch with a new date and details as soon as we’re able. We love you all!

Next: Call Your Venue

Your venue will likely be the deciding factor in what your new wedding date is. Most venues are being very accommodating. Remember, it’s an incredibly stressful time for them as well and they want your wedding on the books just as much as you do.

First, discuss what future dates are open. There are a few things to think about when considering when to rebook:

  1. Time of Year
    The more flexibility you have, the better. If you had an April wedding but are willing to rebook in November, great! If you had your heart set on April and you’re okay with a year (or longer) postponement, fabulous!
  2. Location
    Check with your wedding venue on their postponement and cancelation policy. Some are loosening their rules, while others are sticking to contracts. Understand your rights and work with your venue’s wedding coordinator to make a new plan that works for both of you.
  3. Time of Day
    If there’s a certain date you want, but your venue is booked, think about holding your ceremony and reception earlier in the day. A morning ceremony followed by a brunch reception is more fun than you might think! Bonus: you’ll have all day and night for extra photos, celebrating and even a little quiet time with your new spouse.
  4. Day of the Week
    Some wedding venues book their Saturday dates out years in advance. Consider moving your wedding day to a Friday, Sunday or even a Thursday. You might save a bundle and your guests will most definitely understand.

And Then: Contact Your Other Vendors

While you’re working on setting a new date, contact your other vendors to let them know you’re working on rescheduling. Understand your contracts and do your best to work together make a new date work.

Vendors like wedding photographers and caterers often have professional relationships with folks in their industry. In this difficult time, they’ll need to rely on and support each other more than ever. So – if you have a vendor that isn’t available on your rescheduled date, ask them for a referral to someone in their network. They might be more willing to hand back your deposit knowing that your new vendor may return the favor when they find themselves in the same situation.

Keep in mind that whether you’re working with your venue, hair stylist, photographer or florist, the earlier you decide to postpone, the easier it will be to reschedule a date that works for everyone.

And Lastly: Official Communication

 Once your new date is set, breathe a huge sigh of relief. You’ve accomplished what felt like the impossible. Now…time to have a little fun and announce that new date! We have a few fun, crazy-affordable options for you to choose from:

  1. Send a Change the Date Card
    These fun designs are so new they’re not even available yet! Don’t worry – they’ll be here in days, so hang tight. These new Change the Date cards let you announce your coronavirus-postponement with a clever message that’ll bring a bit of joy to each wedding guest. With both photo and non-photo styles available, you’re sure to find one that suits the two of you perfectly.


  1. Send a new Save the Date
    Our 69¢ and 89¢ Save the Date Cards and Magnets win rave reviews from brides and grooms because of their fab quality and super low price. The best part though, is that most designs can be totally edited. Add your own custom message to announce your new date plus any other details you care to share.


  1. Send a new Wedding Invitation
    If your new date is less than three months away, skip the save the date or change the date card and send a new wedding invitation instead. Remember, our wedding invitations are all 99¢ or less which means sending new invites isn’t going to break your budget.

Sending all our love and happy wishes to brides and grooms everywhere!

xoxo –the Team at Ann’s



There are many questions that arise while creating your wedding invitations. From, “how do I say we don’t want kids to come?!” to “what if we’re only having a reception?” you’re sure to stumble across a few moments that’ll stop you in your tracks and have you contemplating how to politely communicate key pieces of information to your wedding guests.

There is one question we hear more than any other – “Can we include our wedding registry information on our invitations?” The answer to this question is always (always, always, always), no.

But, why? Whyyyyy? This is the most common response we hear from brides and grooms and hey, we get it. After all, your guests will want to provide a gift to the happy couple, right? So why wouldn’t you want to give them the information they need so they can get a gift you actually want?

The reason is simple: you aren’t inviting to your wedding for the gifts. Don’t make your guests question for a moment that you might be.

Guests who want give a gift will find their way to your registry. And, you can help them get there through these appropriate means.

  1. Your Wedding Website
    Your wedding website should be full of extra information for your wedding guests such as travel information, hotel blocks and yes, your wedding registry. Add a section with links to your registry and include a sweet message that makes it clear that you’re not after a gift grab. For instance:Our Registry
    While your generosity is so appreciated, please know that your support and love are the best gift we could wish for!Registry Information
    Your friendship and love is the best gift of all.
  2. Your Bridal Shower
    Unlike your wedding, the intention of your bridal shower is to, well, SHOWER the bride with gifts! It’s absolutely appropriate for the host to list your registry information on your bridal shower invitations. The scoop on where you’re registered will naturally spread from your shower guests to your wedding guests, trust us!
  3. Word of Mouth
    Never underestimate the power of chatter. Traditionally, this was the only way to communicate registry information. Trust in the power of people to find the info they need. Also, trust in the power of group texts.


xoxo –the Team at Ann’s


Here at Ann’s Bridal Bargains, we pride ourselves on selling the most affordable wedding invitations on the web. The majority of our designs are digitally printed; an affordable alternative to more costly printing processes. But guys, we have a confession. We LOVE the look of foil-stamped wedding invitations. Foil-stamping uses shiny metallic foil in shades like gold and silver to press a design or even wording, right into your wedding invitation. The result is totally gorgeous and also totally expensive! Adding foil-stamping to your wedding invitation can easily double price, which is why we — the queens of cheap-but-chic wedding invitations — don’t go there. But do not fret! Our fabulous designers are always thinking of ways replicate the look of those expensive details for a price that’ll make your budget sing!

Two words: Faux Foil! Yes, faux = fake, but in the best way ever! Our wedding invitation designers are pure magic and can replicate the look of shiny foil, but for that tiny price of just 99¢ per invitation suite. We call these faux foil wedding invitations but you and your guests will just call them beautiful! Here our top 5 favorites…

Love is Patient
This faith-based wedding invitation pairs the verse from 1 Corinthians 13 with faux gold foil foliage. The results is so gorgeous, you won’t miss real foil stamping.


Gold Facets
A modern wedding deserves an edgy wedding invitation and this faux gold foil design, featuring a geometric design, will have your guests responding with an enthusiastic “yes, we with attend”!



Gilded Garden
The dainty faux foil on this floral wedding invitation has a light-as-air feel perfect for a spring or summer wedding. We love the gold paired with pink, but you can change the background color on this one to match your palette!


Florals and Flourishes
There’s no question why this elegant floral invitation is a favorite! The jewel-toned palette and faux gold foil flourishes feel so luxurious, your guests are going to think you spend a whole lot more than 99¢ on it!


We Do
Simple is sometimes best, don’t you think? But simple doesn’t have to mean boring. This incredibly classic and stylish wedding invitation features the phrase “we do” in pretty faux foil that looks like it was written with gold calligraphy ink. The background can be customized to suit your color preference. Dream away!


There you have it. Our favorite faux foil wedding invitations for a price so low, you’ll never miss the real thing! Check out our entire assortment right here and discover a design you love for an unbelievable price.


Invites Shown:
Love is Patient, Gold Facets, Gilded Garden, Floral and Flourishes, We Do

The best bridal showers are the ones that surprise not just the bride but all of her guests! That’s why we’ve pulled together 5 unique bridal shower themes inspired by five of our favorite bridal shower invitations.

Before we get started, did you know our bridal shower invites are only 69¢ each? That might sound like we pedal in cheap bridal shower invitations and the truth is, we do! But you’ll be amazed by the paper and print quality of every invitation we offer. The five highlighted below are prime examples!

  1. Bridal Shower Brunch

Inspired by the Bridal Brunch Bridal Shower Invitation

The color and style of these bridal shower invitations make them a cut above the rest, no doubt! Can you imagine how excited everyone will be when they receive this beauty in the mail? The bright and beautiful full-color floral artwork is on trend and so is the theme.

Why a brunch bridal shower?

We can think of one very good reason…breakfast food! Ask people to bring egg bakes, or provide all the components for a build-your-own breakfast plate with eggs, bacon, ham, French toast and so much more. You could do a Bloody Mary Bar alongside the brunch buffet. Throw on a little acoustic music to set the mood, decorate a gorgeous buffet table with a beautiful backdrop. Seriously, best theme ever.


  1. Rustic Bridal Shower:

Inspired by the Ever After Bridal Shower Invitation

Just the right look if your bride is all about that country chic vibe. The dark wood panel background lends a very rustic feel while the white floral garland around the party details lends a sweet and elegant element of design. Guests are sure to be curious about the rustic bridal shower in their future.

Why a rustic bridal shower?

The “rustic” wedding trend encompasses a few different styles like country chic, woodland whimsy and an outdoors lifestyle. This means you can cater the party look and feel to fit whatever your bride or couple loves. Plan a shower that honors their hobbies like biking or hiking. You could plan the party at a local park they love to frequent. Or maybe the party is themed around their relaxed country lifestyle and you throw the shower at the family farm or ranch. Rustic bridal showers are all about incorporating what the bride loves, and it’s so easy to do.


  1. Gold + Greenery Bridal Shower:

Inspired by the Glam Greens Bridal Shower Invitation

Today’s greenery trend is captured beautifully on these bright white bridal shower invitations with hanging branches and faux gold foil accents. This is top-tier style but the price is the lowest you’ll find for such great quality. We love that “Shower the Bride” appears in faux gold foil to match the accents cascading from above.

Why a gold + greenery bridal shower?

What bride doesn’t want a touch glam even if she’s a more natural girl at heart? On the invitation, faux gold foil mimics the look of real foil but it’s digitally printed to be way more affordable. Greenery is a super affordable way to decorate the shower and you can find an incredibly unique variety of gold décor pieces at thrift stores and on clearance shelves to add that glamorous gold element.


  1. Sunflower Bridal Shower

Inspired by the Sunflower Charm Bridal Shower Invitation

Sunflowers are undeniably cheerful and beautiful! The distressed artwork on these sunflower bridal shower invitations is so perfect; it portrays a rustic country vibe but still illuminates the brilliance of this larger than life flower. The bride and all of the party guests will be impressed to say the least.

Why a sunflower bridal shower?

Because some people just LOVE sunflowers, and if that’s you’re bride you likely know this about her already. Plus, you’re one lucky person because a sunflowers bridal shower theme is so simple! Your décor and color palette are already determined. Now you get to go shopping for all the right things to make this party special. Pair that with a casual spread of delicious food and desserts, plus a pretty country location and you’ve got a party nobody is going to want to leave!


  1. Brunch and Bubbly Bridal Shower

Inspired by the Brunch and Bubbly Bridal Shower Invitation

Nothing announces a fabulous bridal shower theme quite like the eye-catching look of faux gold foil! Gorgeous watercolor roses become the icing on the cake in this invitation’s stunning design, which is sure to inspire an unforgettable bridal shower.

Why a brunch and bubbly bridal shower?

We already explained the food-centric benefits of a brunch bridal shower so the only difference here is adding a few adult beverages, which is almost always a welcome addition to the party! Mimosas are a fabulous choice but you should definitely get creative with some fun beverage options like Bellinis or maybe a little Irish coffee for the coffee lovers.

It’s the most debated, agonized over and controversial topic in wedding planning. Do you invite kids to your wedding or ask your guests to make it a date night? For most, it feels like an easy decision no matter which side you land on. But often, there are unexpected circumstances that might lead you to cut the kids off your guest list. We asked five brides who had kid-free celebrations about their decision and how they ensured their guests understood it was an adults-only wedding.

Kate’s Reason: Our Venue Was Teeny Tiny
Kate and her husband Rich were married last October in a quaint B&B in rural Minnesota. It was a picturesque setting: a sweet garden ceremony followed by cocktails and an intimate dinner. It was their dream location but it came at a cost. “After we made our guest list, it was clear that our venue simply couldn’t accommodate all the children. For a moment, we considered changing our location, but quickly decided we weren’t willing to sacrifice our wedding-day vision”, says Kate. “Since our head count was fairly low – just 54 guests – it was easy to make a few phone calls to explain our decision to affected family members and friends. Everyone was very gracious and totally understood.”

Hannah’s Reason: The Kids Would Out-Number Adults
Hannah and her wife Sara had a laugh-out-loud moment when they made a startling realization about their guest list. “I met my wife when we were 39 and 41 so our friends were in that phase of life when it’s all about the kids”, says Hannah. “Don’t get me wrong, I love them all dearly, but our invited friends had a collective 56 children ranging from newborn to twelve year old. When we counted them all up we looked at each other absolutely bewildered.” Hannah and Sara decided to only invite a few children who were close family members. The tricky part was communicating the please-leave-the-kids-at-home message to their other guests. In the end, they decided to take a direct approach. “We added a small enclosure card and slipped it in with the invitations that were being sent to our guests with children. We carefully crafted the message so it felt fun. It said, ‘while we love your littles, we ask that you please make it a date night! A list of local babysitters is available on our wedding website.’”

Maria’s Reason: We Wanted to P-A-R-T-Y
Maria and Tony knew exactly what they wanted their wedding day to be all about: FUN. “There was never any question that we would not be inviting kids to our wedding. We knew what we wanted our day to be like, and that did not include children crowding the dance floor”, says Maria. She continues, “I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, but the biggest line item on our budget was the open bar! We wanted to party!” Maria chose to use her response cards to make her adults-only wedding plan clear to her guests. “It was simple. On our response cards we added the word ‘adults’ to the ‘will attend’ line. So it read ‘_ adults will attend.’ Maria also added a note on their wedding website and let the news spread word of mouth. It worked like a charm! Not a single child was brought to their wedding.

Ella’s Reason: TBH, I Just Didn’t Want Kids at My Wedding, Okay?
The thing is…you don’t owe your guests a reason for not inviting kids to your wedding. Ella debated about whether or not she wanted a kid-free wedding for months. “My mother-in-law was adamant that we invite children. She didn’t want family members to feel like they had to make a choice about whether or not to attend our wedding based solely on childcare,” says Ella. “We love children dearly, but when I pictured our wedding day, it simply didn’t include them.” Ella continues, “when we ordered our wedding invitations, I added a small line of text at the bottom of the invitation that read ‘adults only ceremony and reception’ which was impossible to miss. I didn’t want to beat around the bush or feel like I needed to offer a reason or apology. After all, it was our day!”

Meredith’s Reason: I Had a Slim Budget!
Meredith and Bradley had a huge wedding on a small budget. “Our guest list topped 250 people and yes, that was without kids! We both have large families and are social butterflies. We knew we wanted a big wedding, but it was also important that we stay on budget so we had to make a difficult decision” says Meredith. She quickly discovered the expense of having children attend your reception can be monumental. “Our reception venue had kid-friendly meals, but they were $20 a head. Cutting kids off our guest list saved us over $1,000 and honestly, I didn’t miss having them there. Don’t tell their parents!” Meredith communicated her choice in two places. “We added text that said ‘adults only, please’ on our response cards. We also addressed the inner envelopes to the invited guests only. Since we did invite a few older teens, this was the perfect way to clarify who was invited and who was not.”

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