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Main Color: Mulberry
Accent Color: Blush
Accent Color: Moss
Neutral Color: Gold

This romantic yet classic pink wedding palette is inspired by our modern-meets-classic Geo Rose wedding invitation. This design features beautiful watercolor roses and a striking geometric gold frame. The combination of mulberry and rose, plus a touch of greenery are the perfect colors for any summer or spring wedding. This invitation is truly special because it incorporates a little bit of sparkle with the hint of gold. No worries about this beauty breaking your budget – the gold is printed (not foil) giving you the gold look you want for a way lower price than expensive foil-stamping.

Working it into your wedding:

Pretty pinks with earthy tones, and of course that pop of gold, is a fabulous color combination choice for any wedding. Let’s talk about working it into your wedding day.

First, incorporate this beautiful rose color by having your bridesmaids wear silky dresses in blush pink or mulberry rose (or a mismatched look with both!).

Of course, let’s not forget about incorporating fresh roses. Order several bundles of bulk mulberry colored roses and snip off all but an inch or so of the stem so you’re left with handfuls of rose heads. With a needle and invisible thread, string them together to create a live-rose garland. You can use this floral garland by stringing it from chair to chair down the aisle or even create a curtain effect behind your ceremony alter. Be sure to make your garlands the day before your wedding and store them in a cooler to keep those blooms fresh.

To balance the pink tones, let’s add some greenery. Along with the roses, you can also order bulk greenery from a superstore like Costco. Create super cheap fresh floral arrangements for your alter and ceremony entrance by adding greenery like eucalyptus and myrtle into dollar-store vases. Bonus: skip the expensive cake topper and instead, pluck sprigs of greenery to add to your cake.

Lastly, to pull together the look, you’ll want to use those modern, sparkling geometric shapes. The perfect way to do this is by placing a gold geometric centerpiece sphere on your guest tables with some roses and greenery in the center. Hit up your local Hobby Lobby to snag these on the cheap! To take these centerpieces up a notch, incorporate some fairy lights into the sphere and watch them glow!

How to create a perfect bridal shower theme: mix one part nature and one part glittery, gleaming, glamorous gold! Pulling together a beautiful shower theme doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive and this style proves it.

The Theme: this bridal shower theme is as simple as it sounds – greens and gold! By “greens”, we mean lush, live greenery. This trend is all over weddings and we, the budget-wedding experts, love its simplicity and super-affordable price tag. But…every bride needs a little sparkle, right? That’s why we’ve mixed in a bit of gold. Wham, bam, glam! She’ll love it.

The Style: a bridal shower with a nature-based theme can go down a number of different style avenues. Rustic. Romantic. Vintage. But to create style that looks like the one we’ve featured here think Minimalist. To create a minimalist look, keep the styling super simple. Your mantra should be: less is more.

The Budget Savers:

Idea #1 – Don’t think you can afford to send real invitations out? Think again! The greenery bridal shower invitation featured in our mood board is just 69¢ (yes, no matter how many you need!).

Idea #2 – Run to your nearest Trader Joe’s and scoop up all the fresh eucalyptus you can handle. This gem of a grocery store is the best source for cheap greenery at a fabulous price. Use floral wire to string them into a floral garland, place cut stems in a vase or pluck leaves and use them as toppers on cake or cupcakes.

Idea #3 – Embroidery hoop DIY! Create hanging decorations that fit your minimalist style with two simple supplies. Purchase embroidery hoops at your local craft store, then hot glue those cheap eucalyptus branches on for a simple look that can be used long after the bridal shower is over. Bonus points if you spray paint the hoops gold to match your theme.z


Photo Credits:
Foil Stamped Napkin: Ann’s Bridal Bargains, Confetti: Etsy, Eucalyptus Hoops: Ling’s Moment, Backdrop: Nicole Amanda, Cake Topper: Etsy, Photo Prop: Etsy.

The prettiest palettes are created by nature and this beautiful combination doesn’t disappoint.

Main Color: Goldenrod
Accent Color: Burgundy
Accent Color: Mocha
Neutral Color: Gold

A Sunny Introduction
The inspiration for this pretty palette is our Painted Sunflowers Seal and Send Invitation. This watercolor floral design is a favorite for rustic-themed weddings. The nature-inspired color combination feels as warm and sunshiny as summer day.

Paint Your Day
Creating a wedding-day look that blends this palette together is simple! Let’s start with that pretty shade of yellow. Using goldenrod as your main color is a bold move and we love it!

You might be inclined to dress your bridesmaids in yellow but we’d prefer that instead, you let sunflowers be the star. Sunflowers are such an ideal flower to use in weddings. They’re sturdy and can hold up to heat without wilting. The blooms are big which means you need fewer of them to make a statement. To top it off, they are so affordable, particularly in late summer to late autumn.

Use sunflowers in everything from your bridesmaid’s bouquets to reception centerpieces. We love a sunflower-lined ceremony aisle too. Decorating your cake with sunflower blooms is so simple too! Drench your day in these sunny blooms; you won’t regret it!

Next up – burgundy. Now this is a color your bridesmaids will love! Dress them in burgundy gowns. This on-trend hue is beautiful and those sunflower bouquets will pop against them. The guys can wear matching burgundy ties for a cute and coordinated look.

Our other accent color is mocha. The center of your sunflowers will tie this color in. Another natural way to bring out this color is through using wood grain details. Using wooden chairs at your ceremony and undressed tables at your reception will lend a rustic feel to your day. If that’s not an option, stack slices of tree trunks in the middle of your reception tables and top them with a vase of sunflowers.

Lastly, add a bit of sparkle! A brassy gold is the perfect way to add interest to your palette. Think of this neutral color as an accessory to your wedding day. It’s an important addition, but don’t go overboard. Choose gold jewelry. Create gold foil-stamped cocktail napkins. You can even use gold flatware.

A black and white palette is the epitome of classic wedding styling. It’s traditional, but can lean modern. It’s classic but has an edge to it. It’s beautiful and feels…expensive. Don’t sweat it though – we, the affordable-wedding experts, are here to show you how to pull off this look without breaking your wedding budget.

A Classic Intro
Your invitation introduces your wedding style to your guests and sets the tone for your entire celebration. Kind of a big deal, right? A big deal doesn’t have to mean a big price tag though. Our famous 99¢ invitation suites include elegant styles that look like they cost way more than a buck a piece. The black and white invitation featured on this mood board features the classic phrase “from this day forward” and even has a spot for you to share a photo of the two of you. It can be customized in any color palette but you just can’t go wrong with this black and white version.

Simple Styling
There’s a valuable benefit of a black and white wedding you may not have considered but will absolutely love: less stress. Take the task of choosing bridesmaid dresses. Instead of searching for just the right shade of purple in all the right silhouettes for your bridesmaids you can simply say, “buy a black dress you love”. Your groom can purchase a suit he’ll wear over and over again. You don’t have to worry your florist will use peach roses instead of blush. The list goes on and on…

Party Perfection
When the ceremony is over, it’s time to party! If you think styling your bridesmaids was simple, creating a beautiful reception space is going be a breeze and be easy on your budget. Instead of spending extra on colorful table linens, go with basic black or white. Your venue should have either on standby and won’t charge an extra fee for ordering a special color. Create a simple but memorable detail by providing custom cocktail napkins for your bar (bonus – they’re just 25¢). These cheap little napkins will litter tabletops and add a pop of personalized detail for just pennies a piece. Complete your look by scattering glass votive holders everywhere. This affordable touch will amp up the romance on the cheap!


Photo Credits:  Bride and groom: Rachel Photographs via Green Wedding Shoes, Table: Nick Plus Danee via June Bug Weddings, Bridesmaids: Brandon Scott Photography, Wedding Cake: Miso Bakes, Oreo Cupcakes: Jan Garcia Photography via Style Me Pretty

We’re officially obsessed with this wedding color palette:

Peach as the main color.
Olive as an accent color.
As well as cream and gold as neutral colors.

The perfect peony invitation:
We started with the Peach Peony Wedding Invitation, which is brand-new and absolutely oozing with details so pretty, it looks like it was freshly picked out of a spring garden. The peach and olive combination is the perfect starting point for this gorgeous palette but every palette needs a neutral as well as a little sparkle. That’s where cream and gold come in.

Working it into your wedding:
Let’s start with your main and accent colors. Peach is the shining star, so use it liberally, but don’t wash everything in this blushy tone. We recommend dressing your bridesmaids in shades of peach, including peach-toned flowers in your floral arrangements and then choosing some additional small details to add this pretty hue to. If you’re choosing an up-do, tuck in a peach colored hair piece. Make sure to add a pop of peach to your groom as well. A soft pink necktie or peach boutonnière are all it takes to tie it all together.

Olive is easy to infuse into your day – think greenery! This affordable accent can be used everywhere from your bridal bouquets to ceremony aisle to centerpieces. Our tip – bring an example of the olive hue you prefer to your florist. Floral greenery can range in color from dark hunter to bright lime and your florist is sure to appreciate some guidance so they can nail your look.

Next up: cream. Sure, it might seem a little dull, but do not discount this neutral as unimportant. In fact, much of your day should be washed in a creamy white tone to keep the look light and romantic. Of course, the bride should dress in cream! Be sure to add creamy colors flowers into your bouquets and floral arrangements. They pop against the peach blossoms and olive greenery and create a look that’s rich and romantic. While you might be inclined to choose peach table linens, we suggest cream instead. It’ll give you reception an ethereal vibe that feels so romantic and luxe (not to mention, the rental charge is usually less!).

Now let’s have a little fun. We love a little sparkle and metallic gold is our favorite way to infuse it to your day. Don’t go overboard here; a little goes a long way. Add gold into your jewelry, shoes, bouquet wrapping and don’t’ forget your gold foil-stamped napkins (ours cost pennies a piece!).  Cap your day with gold-sparklers for a send-off you’ll remember for eternity.

Our team at Ann’s Bridal Bargains is currently obsessed with greenery and gold weddings and we know our couples love it too! This combo is a perfect blend of natural and glam elements. Pair this style it with soft watercolors and metallic textures and your little heart will skip a beat!

Invite Glamorously
Don’t let the word glamorous scare you. Our Eternity wedding invitation is the perfect choice for our greenery-loving brides and it’s affordable too! Each invitation comes with a free response postcard! Your budget is going to do a happy dance! The watercolor painted eucalyptus and printed gold detail give you the look of expensive invitations but cost under a buck a piece.

Gorgeous Greenery
Greenery is a wedding trend that can be used in any season and theme. First, find a type of greenery you love. The look we chose to pair with our invitation is silver dollar eucalyptus. It features soft edges and broad leaves, giving you a lot of bang for your buck. Seeded eucalyptus and baby blue eucalyptus are also great choices (and, they smell great!). Use greenery in your bridal party’s bouquets, reception centerpieces, ceremony and on your wedding cake. It gives any element of your wedding a soft, floral touch but doesn’t overwhelm with large blooms and colors.

Glam is in the Details
Next, subtly add metallic gold details. We’re in love with gold, beads and sequins on bridesmaids. Bonus points if you can pull of a mismatched look (isn’t it gorgeous?!). When it comes to décor, think mercury glass. This is a popular way to add metallic and we are loving it paired with soft white florals and our favorite greenery stems! For your reception, we love this foil-stamped beverage napkin. A shining gold wreath, personalized with your initials and wedding date will be a finishing touch at your reception bar.

Photo Credits: Bride: Nastja Kovacec via Ruffled Blog, Cake: Photography by Angela Tucker via Ruffled Blog, Bridesmaids: Tessa June Photography, Ceremony Arch: Anni Maria Photography via Nouba, Centerpieces: Etsy

Main Color: Ballet Pink
Accent Color: Apricot
Accent Color: Orchid
Neutral: Cypress

Are you ready to fall in love with this romantic wedding color? Warning: you will! This palette was inspired by our new Woodland Rose Seal and Send Invitation. Not sure what a Seal and Send Invitation is? It’s your new BFF! Seal and send wedding invitations are self-mailing invitations, meaning there is no need for invitation envelopes. Even your R.S.V.P card is included. You’ll adore this easy-to-send invitation, but what will really capture your heart is the gorgeous palette full of woodland meet romance tones.

Working it into your wedding:

Pairing sweet pastels like ballet pink and orchid with earthy hues like apricot and cypress creates a palette that feels so warm and natural – you’re wedding day will just exude romance! To pull your look together, use natural wood elements, like slices of tree branches, and stack them along your aisle and on reception tables. Nestle ivory candles in vintage jelly jars into the base of the wood slices and tuck floral blooms in shades of pink, orchid and apricot around the edges.

Remember to consider which color your bridesmaids should wear to tie your look together: light pink, luminous yellow, soft purple or a mixture of them all. Complement their dresses with floral bouquets full of lush roses and trailing greenery. Don’t forget to give your groom and groomsmen a matching boutonniere in a muted, rosy color too. Tie the stems in twine to infuse a rustic element and your cypress hue into the guys’ attire.

Next, accessorize yourself with hints of colors too! Fresh pastel roses will be gorgeous tucked into a low up-do. Lastly, consider your bridal makeup…after all, you’re the star of your wedding day! Soft pink and sparkling taupe eye shadow along with rosy peach cheeks and a natural lip will create a look that feels natural and so romantic.

Main Color: Cobalt
Accent Color: Mauve
Accent Color: Lemongrass
Neutral: Gold

The sweet color combination of cobalt blue and mauve pink makes our heart skip a beat…it’s just so pretty! One of our very favorite floral wedding invitations, Painted Blooms, inspired this enchanting palette. Garden blossoms in blue and pink surround your wedding invitation details on this crazy-affordable invitation. The greenery accents in shades of lemongrass and sage are what make this look feel alive and lush. Can’t you almost smell the sweet scent?! To complete this look, use gold as your neutral. It’ll add a little shimmer and shine – a must for all weddings!

Working it into your wedding:
Cobalt blue and a pinky-mauve can be infused into your wedding day in so many beautiful ways! Our favorite would be to have your groom and his groomsmen suit up in cobalt blue. It’s bold and classic at the same time and so much more fun than a standard navy suit. Next, dress your maids in soft pink mauve. Choose a flowing fabric like chiffon to create a look that’s light as air. Of course, flowers are the key to pulling the whole look together. Using garden and spray roses in complementary shades of pink alongside brilliant blue delphinium will tie your entire day together! Don’t forget to add in greenery as well. It will break up the pink and blue, creating a look that feels like it’s been plucked straight from the garden. Now, spread those flowers as far as the eye can see! Tie stems to the end of your pews or ceremony chairs. Splurge a bit and create a floral arch to recite your vows under. Trust us, it’ll be worth it! In your reception space, float single roses and delphiniums blooms in globe vases. You won’t believe how affordable and beautiful this look is! For a final touch, add gold accents throughout your reception. Gold or brass flatware, linens and foil-stamped napkins will give you just enough shimmer for your day to glow.

Main Color: Blush
Accent Color: Jade
Accent Color: Sage
Neutral: Goldenrod

The wedding invitation design that inspired this pretty palette is the Love Believes Invitation with Free Response Postcard. The star of this gorgeous invite is the faith-inspired message from 1 Corinthians 13 the soft and sweet color combination will also capture your heart. This invitation started with those blush watercolor roses and we love the way it evolved to feature a full floral wreath around the bible verse and your invitation wording. The mellow sage and vibrant jade leaves unexpectedly complement each other and weave in a natural element. The icing on the cake is the goldenrod colored accent flowers. They brighten the entire palette and add whimsical wonder to this enchanting design.

Working it into your wedding:
We chose blush as our main color in this color inspiration. Blush pink is a wonderful choice as your go-to color; it’s romantic and paints your day in a delicate shade that looks good on everyone! Use shades of blush to outfit your bridesmaids and talk your guys into wearing blush neckties. When it comes to décor, take a cue from your invitation and sprinkle flowers everywhere! Think it sounds expensive? Think again! Buy bulk roses and greenery from an online wholesaler like Blooms by the Box and enlist a few friends to create simple bouquets and floral arrangements. Our picks to replicate the invitation design are Nena Light Pink Roses, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Israeli Ruscus and yellow Estelle filler. Purchase cheap glass vases from the dollar store and voilà, you’re day will be blooming with beautiful style!

What do florals, greenery, watercolor and shades of blue have in common? They’re all incredibly on-trend details to include in your wedding and also undeniably classic. Our newly-designed blue hydrangea wedding invitation combines all of these popular trends into one beautiful and affordable design. Finding your “something blue” will be easy when you plan an eye-catching wedding like this!

Hello Hydrangeas!
Hydrangeas are a great choice for your spring or summer wedding. They’re affordable and the large size makes your bouquets and centerpieces look full and lush! Hydrangeas come in a variety of colors, but we’re really feeling the dusty blue featured in this style board. Pair these beautiful blooms with varieties of greenery, such as eucalyptus and ruscus, for a fresh-picked look.

Bridesmaids in Blue
If you’ve been a bridesmaid, you know what it’s like to wait and hope that the bride chooses a dress color that you actually like. Trust us – your maids will breathe a collective sigh of relief when you reveal that your pick is dusty shade of blue. This pretty shade looks gorgeous on everyone and those hydrangeas and greens will pop as your girls strut down the aisle.

Simple Details
The key to making this theme look effortless is to not go overboard with fussy decorations and details. Remember, one or two hydrangea blooms in scattered mason jars or low vases is all you need to decorate your reception venue. Dress the tables with white linens and basic white dinnerware; it’s affordable and simple look that will stand the test of time. Our favorite tip is to stock the bar with personalized wedding napkins stamped with our periwinkle foil. They’re an inexpensive detail but you’ll hear compliments on them all night long!