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Dress Up Your Invite: DIY Magnetic Polaroid Photos

Photos are a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding invitations. We love the photo invites couples have been sending but why not DIY your own photo wedding invitations with a bonus keepsake for your guests? We wanted to add the fun retro look of Polaroid photos to these Gold Lace Wedding Invitations. However, we don’t have a polaroid camera just lying around. Lucky for us, we found this tutorial: DIY How to Fake Polaroids. This tutorial uses Photo Shop but feel free to experiment with other ways of creating Polaroid-inspired photos.

Dress Up Your Invite: DIY Magnetic Polaroid Photos

Step 1: Gather Your Materials
• Polaroid-Inspired Photos
• Wedding Invitation Parts and Pieces
• Magnetic Stock – we bought these magnetic sheets on Amazon.
• Metal Ruler – or other straight edge for cutting.
• X-ACTO® Knife and Cutting Matte
• Permanent Marker
• Twine or Ribbon

Step 2: Trim the Photos
Trim the photos down to the standard Polaroid size using your knife, cutting matte and metal ruler to guide the knife. Feel free to leave a little more white space on the bottom and/or top depending on how much you want to write or what looks best with your wedding invitations.

Step 3: Prepare the Magnetic Stock
Once all of your photos are trimmed and ready, determine how many will fit on one sheet of magnetic stock. Then remove the paper backing from one sheet only to avoid accidents with sheets not being used.

Step 4: Apply the Photos
Place the photos carefully on the magnetic stock and gently smooth the photo from one edge to the other as you press down firmly against the stock’s adhesive. Don’t worry about the photos being evenly spaced or crooked. Just make sure they don’t overlap.

Step 5: Cut to Size
Trim the magnetic stock along the edges of the photos using your knife, cutting board and metal ruler just like in Step 2.

Step 6: Write a Message
Use your permanent marker to write whatever message you like at the bottom of each photo. Here are some ideas: XOXO, your names, the wedding date, So excited to see you! or a favorite quotation.

Step 7: Assemble
Place your wedding invitation (wording side up) on the table. Now place the reception card on top, then the response card and then the magnetic Polaroid photo. Now tie everything together with twine, string or ribbon. We used brown hemp twine found on Amazon.

You’ve just created some pretty adorable DIY photo wedding invitations! Get ready to get some major compliments from friends and family, and remember to keep one as a keepsake for your wedding album.

Whether you’re having a destination wedding on the beach in Mexico or have chosen a travel theme for your wedding celebration at home, maps are a wonderful way to dress up your wedding invitations!

Wedding Invite Maps

1. Surprise!
Sometimes you don’t have to do anything to the invitation itself to make an impact on guests. Print out maps or find old maps from your local thrift store and cut them down to create DIY envelope liners. We suggest using double-sided tape or spray adhesive to adhere the liners to your envelopes. This fun detail will surprise recipients while perfectly portraying your love for travel! We created envelopes liners to complement one of our favorite travel wedding invitations, the Boarding Pass Invitation.

2. Heartfelt Details
Get yourself a heart-shaped paper stamp and some old maps from your local thrift store. You’ll be able to quickly and easily create confetti to include in your wedding invitation ensembles. Just drop some hearts into the envelope with the invitation and a few will fall out when recipients open the invites. We paired the heart confetti with the One Heart Invitation because we’re not afraid to put a lot of heart into our invitation designs!

3. Watercolor Display
Accent bands are a wonderful way to dress up simple wedding invitations, and maps are an inexpensive yet incredibly unique resource for creating accents that fit your wedding style and theme. We stumbled upon a very cool site called that will turn any location into a watercolor map! Using this tool, we were able to create an accent band that fit beautifully beneath the names featured on the Elegant Script Invitation. We used glue dots to secure the band to the back of the invitation.

4. Wide Open Spaces
Last but certainly not least, we really enjoyed dressing up the Wild Ride Seal and Send Invitation with a full-size map on the back. Not only is the map useful for your wedding guests, it looks awesome and complements the motorcycle theme perfectly. Since we chose an ecru wedding invitation, we printed the map on ecru paper as well to create a seamless look from front to back. Again, we suggest using spray adhesive or double-sided tape to adhere the map to the backs of your invitations.

Get ready for another great addition to the Dress Up Your Invite series where we give affordable wedding invitations a DIY look with embellishments you can find at your local craft store. Today we’re focusing on gorgeous accents for your winter wedding invitations!

Dress Up Your Invite: Winter Accents

1. Hello, sparkle!
Stick-on rhinestones are available at most craft stores and you are going to LOVE how easily they add just the right touch of sparkle to any design. We especially love how they look on the Winter’s Wonder Wedding Invitation as a gorgeous design accent between your names.

2. All Wrapped Up
Making a great impression is all about the presentation, and ribbon can help dress up any invitation! The Let It Snow Wedding Invitation and response card look amazing when wrapped up with green sparkling chiffon ribbon. Choose the perfect color of ribbon for your invitation’s design and wrap it up like a gift for your wedding guests!

3. Sensational Snowflakes
Once again, we used the stick-on rhinestones to dress up one of our winter wedding invitations but this time we placed each rhinestone in the center of the snowflake framing the invitation wording. The Snowflake Sensation Wedding Invitation is a stunner but adding just a few faux rhinestones makes it truly sensational.

4. Pearls and Feathers
Who knew cheap wedding invitations could be so glamorous? The Shimmering Pearls Wedding Invitation features rows of shimmering foil dots framing your wording like pearls. We added a white chiffon ribbon with a white feather tied in the center to give it a luxurious look that’s unforgettable.

Give your wedding invitations the perfect finishing touch in no time at all with craft store embellishments! We’re showing you five different affordable wedding invitations all featuring a coordinating craft store embellishment.

Wedding Cards: Craft Store Embelishments

1. Wrapped in Twine
We used the Wooden Crest Separate and Send Wedding Invitation to get this cute country look! We separated the invitation, response card and reception card. We then stacked the enclosures on top of the invitation in the right order (read How to Assemble Separate and Send Invitations). Then we wrapped everything in twine and secured it to the back of the invitation using double-sided tape. You can also tie the twine to secure it but getting the twine tight enough can be tricky. We then added a stick-on burlap bow from the local craft store for a sweet little accent.

2. Linen Flowers
We thought these linen flowers with beaded accents would look fantastic on the Country Details Petite Wedding Invitation. We glued the flowers onto the invitation using a hot glue gun because it dries faster than conventional glue, and we arranged them into a group of three with each one overlapping the other for a lovely layered look. So simple, so cute!

3/5. Layered Flower
Layered invites are beautiful but they can be expensive! We recommend purchasing affordable wedding invitations and dressing them up with a layered accent. We found these adorable burlap and linen layered flowers at the local craft store. These stick-on flowers are super easy to use, and they look amazing. We placed them smack dab in the center of the chevron design on the Quirky Chevron Wedding Invitation and to the left of “Mr. & Mrs.” on the Country Couple Wedding Invitation.

4. Twine and Bow
Wrapping twine around your invitations is always a great way to add a bit of rustic flair. You’ll remember we used twine on the first invitation but this time we’re using a burlap ribbon. Again, you’ll want to secure the ribbon on the backside of the invitation by using double-sided tape or glue dots. We then added a stick-on burlap bow from the local craft store, which became the perfect finishing touch for these Worn Wood Petite Wedding Invitations.

We’ve dressed up some of our favorite fall wedding invitations with fabric autumn leaves. If you’re going after the look of DIY fall wedding invitations for little cost, fabric leaves are an inexpensive embellishment you can find at your local hobby store. You can also use fresh autumn leaves but remember that dry leaves will not hold up well in the mail.

autumn leaves wedding invitations

#1 Leaf & Twine

We doubled up on brown twine and wrapped it around our Rustic Details All in One Wedding Invitations. We wrapped the twine around the back and toward the front of the invite, then we placed the leaf upside down on the front and tied the twine around the stem of the leaf. You can tie the twine however you like; it doesn’t have to look like the knot shown (although we do like the twine tails).

#2 Leaf & Ribbon (two-sided)

To get the look of lace wedding invitations without relying on the invitation’s design, we wrapped cream lace around the Country Floral All in One Wedding Invitations and tied it in a knot on the front. Then we tucked a leaf inside the ribbon on the back of the invitation above the wording.

#3 Leaf & Ribbon (single-sided)

We used the same lace ribbon as in #2 and wrapped it around the Band of Lace All in One Wedding Invitations. We then placed a leaf, stem-side up, over the invitation’s photo and tied the lace into a bow around the leaf’s stem.

#4 Leaf & Twine (with knot)

We doubled up a piece of thick brown twine and wrapped it around the photo portion of these Sweet and Simple Wedding Invitations. We tied the twine in a knot on the front and cut the extra strings off flush with the knot. We then tucked a leaf behind the twine, which complements the photo beautifully!

#5 Leaf & Twine (wrapped stem)

The Lakeside All in One Wedding Invitations are gorgeous for fall but an autumn leaf adds a fun accent. We placed the leaf’s stem toward the middle of the twine and wrapped the twine around the stem a few times. We then tied a knot on the backside of the stem to prevent the twine from unraveling. We positioned the leaf where we wanted it then wrapped the twine around the back of the invite and tied it in a knot. We secured the leaf in place with a single glue dot toward the bottom.

Dress Up Your Invite: Paper Tags
Adding your own unique accents is a great way to dress up inexpensive wedding invitations but what if those accents could also be a useful addition to your ensemble? We’ve taken cute paper tags and used them to add a handcrafted look to several of our wedding invitations. We’ve also printed a few of them with useful information to supplement your wedding wording. Check out what we did!

Dress Up Your Invite: Paper Tags

1. Important Details
You might not want certain details to be a part of the actual wedding invitation wording, so why not create a fun and cute way to call these details out? We’ve used the Starfish and Burlap Invitation to demonstrate!

How we did it:

  • We printed paper tags on ecru card stock with the wording “Beach Formal Attire” and “Adults Only Reception.”
  • We punched a hole at one end of the tag and threaded natural jute cord through the tag and around the back of the invitation where we tied it in a knot.
  • We pushed the tag to one side so as not to interfere with important details.

2. Please Respond
So many couples are foregoing the response card and relying on website response services, so we created a small paper tag to be used with this Woodgrain and Lace Invitation in place of a response card.

How we did it:

  • We printed rectangular tags on aqua card stock to match the invite’s accent font color. It reads, “Kindly respond by March 10, 2016, using the following website: www.alyssajason/”
  • We punched one hole on each side of the tag and threaded brown twine through the tag and around the back of the invitation, then tied it in a knot.
  • We also added a single glue dot to the back of the paper tag to help secure it.

3. Well-Rounded
We’re suckers for a well-presented wedding invitation! This round tag and ribbon is a great way to secure this entire Vintage Victorian Invitation ensemble together while adding an elegant touch of personalization.

How we did it:

  • We personalized the round tags using one of the custom stamps sold by our friends at Invitations by Dawn. These stamps are super cute and fun to use on a variety of things throughout your wedding.
  • We punched a hole at the top of the tag for threading with black satin ribbon.
  • We threaded black satin ribbon through the tag’s hole (front to back), around the invitation ensemble and then back through the tag’s hole (back to front) so both ends of the ribbon were resting on the front of the ensemble.
  • Then we tied a cute little bow!

4. Tag, you’re it!
Sometimes all you want is a cute, handcrafted look to accompany your wedding invitations. We left the tag blank on this Country Couple Invitation but you could put a stamp on it, draw a design or write a note to your guests.

How we did it:

  • We purchased Kraft paper tags from the local hobby store.
  • We used natural jute cord to thread through the tag and around the invitation, securing the twine in a knot on the back.

5. Lovebirds
The Rustic Whimsy Invitation is really quite cute already but we couldn’t help but add a fun little accent to make it even cuter! You could use any stamp you want but we decided a lovebirds design was appropriate for the invite’s garden theme.

How we did it:

  • First we wrapped a green satin ribbon around the invitation and secured it on the back with two glue dots so it would lay flat.
  • Then we purchased round ecru tags from the local hobby store and customized them with a rubber lovebirds stamp.
  • We chose natural jute cord to thread through the tag and wrap around the invitation several times for a really crafty look.
  • Finally, we tied the twine in a knot on the back of the invitation.

6. Registry Info
According to “proper etiquette,” it’s not advised to place registry information on your wedding invitation. However, etiquette is quickly making way for convenience in today’s world. We’ve used the Wood Heart Invitation to show you a cute (and polite) way to add registry info to your wedding invitations!

How we did it:

  • We printed rectangular tags on white card stock in a color that matches the invitation’s main font color. The tag says, “The couple is registered at Bed Bath and Beyond and”
  • We punched a hole at the end of the paper tag and used a copper brad to attach it (strategically with the design) to the invitation. Brads can be found in the scrapbooking aisle of your local hobby store.

Dress Up Your Invite: Doilies
Brides often choose DIY wedding invitations because they want an invite that’s truly one of a kind, but all you really need to create an unforgettable invitation is one very unique detail. Believe it or not, paper doilies can be that perfect finishing touch!

Dress Up Your Invite: Doilies

Cheap paper doilies from your local hobby store make beautiful wedding invitation wraps. Paper doily wraps are an easy way to add romance and luxury to your wedding invitations, and they’re sure to impress your wedding guests.

What you’ll need:

  • Paper Doilies (in a size that complements your invitations)
  • Glue Dots (for securing the doily to the invitation)
  • Scissors (for trimming the doily if needed)
  • Ruler and X-acto Knife
  • Ribbon or Twine (for tying around the doily and invitation)

What you’ll do:
Of course you’ll need some beautiful wedding invitations to start with. Obviously we highly recommend the affordable options we offer here at Ann’s Bridal Bargains (you can’t beat the quality for the price!) but we won’t hold a grudge if you purchased invites elsewhere.

  1. To start, lay a paper doily out on the table and place an invitation on top of the doily.
  1. Use your ruler to make sure both sides of the doily are equal. Now use the dull side of your X-acto knife (a utility knife will also work) to score the doily where it meets the invitation on both sides.
  1. Now remove the invitation and apply at least two glue dots to the doily. One inch up from the center and one inch down from the center will work fine.
  1. Carefully place the invitation back on the doily so the edges line up perfectly with the scored lines.
  1. Now fold each side of the doily over the front of the invitation. The scored edges will help the doily hold its folds around the invite.
  1. Take your ribbon or twine and lay it flat on the table. Place your invitation wording side up on the center of the ribbon or twine.
  1. Now tie the ribbon or twine in a bow or a knot on the front of the invitation. This will help secure the doily closed while adding a pretty accent.

Congrats! You just made cheap wedding invitation wraps that look amazing. Get ready for some serious compliments after sending these beauties out to friends and family.

Dress Up Your Invite: Doilies

Since you like the look of doilies, we’re going to take a wild guess that you also like the look of lace. Be sure to check out the Dress Up Your Invite: Lace post from back in February.

Dress Up Your Invite: Ribbon
We often tell brides that the best way to keep costs down when planning a wedding is to keep things simple. The same goes for your invites. Simple wedding invitations are often less expensive but we recommend dressing them up with a little something special. One of our favorite ways to dress up an invitation is with ribbon!

Dress Up Your Wedding Invite: Ribbon

Ribbon is simple and inexpensive. It lends a handcrafted look without all the time and effort. Since ribbon is available in SO MANY styles and colors, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect one at your local hobby store to coordinate with your invitation’s design. We found the ribbon you see here at Hobby Lobby, which you can buy on sale from anywhere between $2 – $4 a bolt.

We decided to play with a black and gold color scheme. The gold-accented ribbon lends an incredibly luxurious element to each invitation, and you can see how versatile ribbon accents are. Whether you’re going for an ultra formal or ultra casual look, you’ll be able to find a beautiful ribbon to complement any style.

Of course, you’ll need to decide how to tie the ribbon, which will more than likely be determined by the type of ribbon you choose. Some ribbon is easier to tie in a simple bow and others are easier to tie in a French knot. Or maybe you’ll decide to lay the ribbon flat like the gold glitter ribbon shown here and tie it on the back of the invitation (we use glue dots to keep the ribbon in place).

Learn many more ways to use ribbon on your wedding invitations with these videos from Invitations by Dawn.

Dress Up Your Invite: Pressed Flowers
Adding a unique touch to your wedding invitations doesn’t mean you have to make the invitations yourself. We’re all about finding cheap wedding invitations and adding your own DIY accents, which is why we started this Dress Up Your Invite series. Ann’s offers affordable wedding invitations printed on quality paper and available in all kinds of designs and styles. Just pick your favorite and add a little something to make it special!

We’ve chosen the Pretty Pansies petite invitation. We were inspired by the design itself, so we decided to pick up some purple pansies from the local greenhouse and use pressed flowers with our wedding invites.

Dress Up Your Wedding Invite: Pressed Flowers

We thought about attaching the pansies to the invitation but we didn’t want to ruin the invitation with glue or adhesive of any kind. Plus, pansies are very delicate flowers and may not have held up well. Instead, we decided to place pansies inside the envelope along with the invitation. When recipients open the envelope, there will be a pretty little surprise waiting for them inside!

Are you a big fan of accenting your wedding invitations with flowers? Check out the Dress Up Your Invite: Burlap Flowers for an incredibly charming way to represent your country rustic style.

Dress Up Your Invite: Burlap Flowers
Have you been thinking about DIY wedding invitations? Any couple wanting to save money will consider taking wedding invitations into their own hands but we have another option that’s much easier and still very affordable.

Dress up your invite!

Dress Up Your Invite: Burlap Flowers

You can add a variety of DIY accents to professionally printed wedding invitations. We’ve chosen some rustic wedding invitations and dressed them up with super cute burlap flowers. All you need are glue dots and burlap flowers from your local craft store. It doesn’t get easier than that! The result is a super cute, DIY look without the time and hassle of actually doing it all yourself. Plus, with such a great selection of discount wedding invitations here at Ann’s, you’re certain to save money.

Dress Up Your Invite: Burlap Flowers

Is this cheating? Probably. If it saves us time AND money, we’re okay with it. Check out more Dress Up Your Invite posts for more easy DIY wedding invitation ideas. We’ve used lace, feathers and ribbon.

Featured Designs: Rustic Whimsy – Invitation with Free Response Postcard, Country Couple – Invitation with Free Response Postcard, Worn Wood – Petite Invitation, Typography on Kraft – Invitation, Woodgrain and Lace – Petite Invitation