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Q&A: Ship Time

Q&A: Ship Time

Our customers are often surprised at how quickly their personalized wedding invitations come in the mail, and we do our best to keep production time to a minimum to ensure faster delivery.

The production time for most invitations and printed materials is 2 days, and then it can take up to 7 days for the package to ship through standard ground shipping. We do offer shipping upgrades if you’d like to receive your package faster. Visit our Shipping Information page for a more detailed look at the various shipping options with pricing information.

How do I assemble my wedding invitations?

Oh, joy! Your wedding invitations either have or will be arriving in the mail soon and you’re ready to get those babies in the mail! But wait, how exactly do all the different pieces go together? Is there a proper way of assembling wedding invitations?

We put together a diagram above to help show you how to assemble most wedding invitations. If you purchased seal and send wedding invitations, there is a different process for assembly. Visit How to Assemble Seal and Sends to learn more.

Can I use envelopes with my seal and sends

You certainly can use envelopes with your seal and send wedding invitations. Just because these invitations fold up into self-mailing invites doesn’t mean you have to send them that way. We have had couples choose to send these invitations in envelopes for a couple of reasons:

  1. They want a more traditional look and feel.
  2. They’re worried about the invitation being damaged in the mail.

We send three clear seals for every seal and send, which are used to secure the invitation closed for smooth processing in the mail. Unfortunately, some seal and sends still arrive damaged. If you want to ensure your invitations are pristine when they get to the recipient, envelopes are a great way to go.

If you choose to go this route, you will need a 6½” x 4¾” envelope. You may have trouble finding this size of envelope at an office supply store or hobby store. We don’t offer these envelopes on the site but you can call customer service at 1-800-821-7011 to order them. You can also head over to Invitations by Dawn to browse their envelopes, which are available in a variety of different sizes including 6½” x 4¾”.

Why did I receive more invitations and envelopes the I ordered?

We always recommend that couples order more wedding invitations and envelopes than they need just in case they miss someone on the guest list or an invitation is damaged somehow.

We have chosen to build this step into our packaging process as well. When you receive your wedding invitation ensemble, which includes invites, envelopes, response cards, reception cards, etc., you’ll find there are a few extras of each item. However, we don’t necessarily send the same amount of extras per item. You might be left with more invitations than enclosures but the important part is you have enough of everything – even when mistakes happen!

When it comes time to assemble your wedding invitations, we recommend watching this video from our friends at Invitations by Dawn. They do a great job of showing couples how to unpack and assemble a typical wedding invitation ensemble.


No, you don’t have to use professional photos to order photo save the dates or photo wedding invitations. Many personal cameras and smart phones have the ability to take decent quality photos. Although professional photography ensures that you will get excellent quality and shouldn’t have any trouble printing your photos, it is still possible to get great results with your own devices.

When taking your own photos or using existing photos on wedding stationery, it’s possible you will run into issues with low resolution. If you’re getting an error when trying to upload an image, that error is due to inadequate resolution. It’s important to note that the resolution of your image is determined by the size of the image. If your image turns up an error, it didn’t pass the size and/or resolution requirements we suggest to print your photo at maximum quality. To understand the relationship between size and resolution, we recommend reading Image Resolution Explained found at

The resolution and size of your image can be found with photo software like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. If you don’t have access to photo software, find your image file on a desktop computer and view the file info. If the size shows up in pixels, divide each number by 300 and that will give you the inches. For example, a 3200 x 2400 pixel image can be divided by 300 to get 10.7” x 8”. The size of photo you need for a save the date or wedding invitation depends on the design but you’re pretty safe with any image larger than 4” x 6”. Check out this forum at Photo Stack Exchange for more info on using formulas.

You can take your chances with a low-resolution image but we don’t recommend it for something as important as save the dates and wedding invitations. However, we completely understand not wanting to spend the money on professional photography. Try a few of your own photos to see if they upload safely. If not, find a friend with a good camera to ensure you get some great shots worthy of printing on your wedding stationery.

What’s the difference between elopement announcements and wedding announcements?

There isn’t much difference between elopement announcements and wedding announcements. The biggest difference would be mentioning location. Couples often elope to a fun destination and want to share where they were married on their elopement announcements. If the couple eloped to the local county courthouse, they might choose to forego mentioning location and just use wording that celebrates the marriage on wedding announcements.

You can order discount wedding invitations and change the wording to reflect an elopement and/or announcement. Our friends at Invitations by Dawn have some great wording ideas for both. Read Elopement Announcement Wording and Wedding Announcement Wording.

Can I turn my save the date into a magnet?

Couples are always looking for ways to simplify wedding planning while staying on budget and on trend. Save the date magnets are a great choice for today’s couples and convenient for their wedding guests.

Whether you can turn your save the date into a magnet depends on where you’re shopping. Here at Ann’s Bridal Bargains, we offer a magnet option on many of our save the dates. Just look for the paper options available with the save the date you’re interested in and you’ll see whether it’s available as a magnet.

As you shop, you’ll notice that two-sided save the dates are not available as magnets. Our two-sided save the dates are primarily save the date postcards, which provide their own benefits of being very simple and requiring less postage. However, almost all of our one-sided save the dates do offer a magnet option. Our selection of one-sided designs includes lots of stylish photo save the dates, trendy typography, beautiful watercolor and so much more. Find your favorite!

What are wedding favors?

The custom of giving wedding favors to guests has been a wedding tradition across cultures for centuries, and today they are more popular than ever! However, if you’re planning a wedding with a tight budget, you’re probably wondering “what are wedding favors, and are they really that important?”

Wedding favors are given by the couple to their guests to show gratitude and appreciation for sharing in this special day. Wedding favors are typically small gifts, and they’re usually the same for every guest. Sweet treats are probably the most common wedding favor given today, whether it’s truffles cutely packaged in colorful favor boxes or a more traditional choice like Jordan almonds beautifully wrapped in white organza. Couples may also choose to give hobby-inspired favors like personalized golf balls or cookie cutters.

Wedding favors are popular but they are not required. However, guests do enjoy getting a little something when attending a wedding. Ann’s Bridal Bargains has a nice selection of budget-friendly wedding favors you can browse. Otherwise, get creative! Perhaps your favor is freshly popped popcorn before dinner begins or personalized butter mints at each table. Wedding favors do not have to be extravagant or expensive, just heartfelt.

Q&A: Samples

Printed Sample: Wedding Invitation Online

Yes! You can get samples of any of our wedding invitations for 99¢ per sample. In fact, we recommend it so you can be confident in your purchase — we may offer cheap wedding invitations, but the quality and style is anything but cheap!

We also recommend couples sign up for emails early on in the wedding planning process to take advantage of FREE sample offers, discounts and promotions. Things like save the dates, wedding invitations, ceremony programs and place cards are all important items you’ll want to purchase during those 12 months leading up to the wedding.

Samples will help you see and feel the quality of the paper as well as admire the color and detail of the design. It’s important to note that invitation samples are not personalized and will not feature your wording. The sample will match what is shown in the image. We are working on ways to offer personalized samples but we’re not there quite yet!

The night before your wedding is almost as fun as the wedding itself. All your closest friends and family, gathered together to rehearse and celebrate the two of you – what could be better?!

As couples as shopping for rehearsal dinner invitations, we sometimes get asked about another name for this night-before-the-wedding tradition…

Q: What is a Rehearsal Dinner vs. a Groom’s Dinner?

The difference between a rehearsal dinner and groom’s dinner is simply who is hosting.

Traditionally, the bride’s parents pay for the majority of the actual wedding, and the groom’s parents would host a celebratory meal the night before (a.k.a. the groom’s dinner).

However, many families aren’t adhering to these traditional financial roles any longer. More and more couples are paying for their own wedding costs or families are contributing in a variety of different ways. This means anyone can host the celebratory meal before the wedding, which is then referred to as a rehearsal dinner.

The host of the rehearsal dinner takes care of planning the dinner, including finding a location, paying for food, beverage and decorations and often leading any toasts or speeches that may occur.

The host will also take care of sending rehearsal dinner invitations to the appropriate people. Don’t skip this important step! Who you invite to your rehearsal or groom’s dinner is really up to you. But, be sure to include all members of your wedding party (don’t forget the officiant) as well as any special out of town guests that you want extra time with.

Enjoy your time celebrating before the big day! xoxo