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Charitable Donation Wedding Favors
Affordable wedding favors don’t have to come in the form of a gift or treat given to your wedding guests. If you would like to do something more personal and heartfelt, consider making a donation to your favorite charity instead of the traditional wedding favor. Donate whatever amount of money you’re comfortable with and have fun sharing the good deed with your wedding guests!

Charitable Donation Wedding Favors

We chose the Arbor Day Foundation as an example, and we created a Charitree. We had maple leaf favor tags printed with “A donation has been made in your honor to the Arbor Day Foundation!” We then gathered small logs and sawed slits to hold the favor tags. You could also create the silhouette of a tree out of paper or fabric, hang it on a wall and place the favor tags as leaves on the tree. Guests will grab a tag as a memento of your donation.

The Charitree sign was printed on ecru card stock and backed with spice and espresso card stocks. Sheets of card stock are available at your local hobby store. I used double-sided tape to hold the layers together.

Here is a breakdown of cost:

Donation: Amount is completely up to you.

Favor Tags: $47.98 per 100 tags

Card Stock for Sign: 25¢ – 50¢ per sheet of paper ($1.50 total)

Double-Sided Tape: $4.99 for ¾” width

That’s about 50¢ per favor, not including the donation. Not too shabby!

Bottle Cap Wedding Favor Display
Kristi and I spent the last few weeks thinking of cute wedding favors for under a dollar each. Although we came up with some fun ideas, our favorite idea was bottle cap magnets. Not only are bottle cap magnets cute and perfect for cheap wedding favors, the presentation of the bottle caps is ADORABLE.

Bottle Cap Favor Disp11lay

Everything we needed we purchased at our local hobby store. We did find someone selling a ton of bottle caps on Craig’s List, but there were far too many for our intended purpose. Here’s the breakdown of cost for making close to 100 bottle cap magnets.

Vintage Bottle Caps – $40 for 96

Round Magnets – $16 for 100

Hot Glue Gun – $2.99

Hot Glue Sticks – $4.99

Total Cost = $64

Cost per Magnet = 67¢ (Awesome!)

We purchased bottle caps from the hobby store, but you and your fiancé can easily collect enough bottle caps to make as many favors as you need. Perhaps you enjoy bottled root beer, craft beer, orange soda, grape soda, etc. You can choose your bottle caps based on taste, brand, color or even hobby. Just make sure to give yourself enough time before the wedding to gradually build your collection. Remember to ask friends and family to help you out.

Shanna Shopping at Hobby Lobby

The round magnets are sold in varying strengths. You may want a weaker magnet so it’s easier to remove from the board, or be sure to put a little extra glue on the magnet so it sticks out farther than the edge of the bottle cap. Our magnets were flush with the bottle cap, which made it tough to remove from the board.

Round Magnets

We had a magnet board perfect for this purpose but they are available in a variety of styles at our local hobby store for anywhere from $12 to $30. You could also check home improvement stores for metal sheets or antique stores for metal boards or cabinets that might even have a nice patina or weathered look.

Magnet Board

If you’re a crafter, you probably already have a hot glue gun. If you’re not, no worries. They are cheap and easy to use. Remember to clean the magnets with a wet towel and let them dry before gluing them to the bottle caps.

As for the sign, you can print out any wording you like and find an old frame for it. Our sign says, “Stick with me, and happy we’ll be. We hope the memory of our wedding day sticks with you. Take a magnet as a keepsake.”

Stick With Me Sign

There you have it! Cute wedding favors for under a dollar. Bottle cap magnets are easy to make and fun to display. If you have any other ideas for bottle cap crafts and décor, please share with us and your fellow bargainista brides.


candy buffet for 100 people - under $200
Challenge: Create a candy buffet suitable for 100 guests that costs under $200

Theme: Rustic/country charm

Colors: Bright shades of green and white

Challengers: Carynn & Jackie


Jackie (our photographer) and I started by scouring local thrift stores. In just two hours we found a variety of “milk glass” containers in all shapes, sizes and textures. We picked up a few utensils to use as serving pieces and spent a total of $34.85 on the glass containers, serving pieces and an old lace curtain that served as our tablecloth.


candy buffet containers


Next we went online and purchased candy in bulk from www.candywarehouse.com where you can shop by color, flavor, occasion, brand and candy type. We happen to LOVE the stripes in the candy sticks and marshmallow puffs. Since we were able to score a free shipping discount, our candy total for the buffet came to $95.65.


purchase bulk candy to save


We decided to throw together some DIY decorations to jazz up the buffet table. I created a “SWEETS” banner to hang behind the candy buffet. I printed the letters out, cut them down and adhered them to green patterned scrapbook paper. I punched out holes on the top two corners of each pennant and ran white ribbon through them to create the banner. Super easy, very cute and since I used ribbon and paper we already had, it was $0.00!


Finally, we needed treat bags for guests to put the candies in so we went with the White Favor Bags from Ann’s and personalized them with names and wedding date. 100 bags came to $49.98.


candy buffet setup


Our grand total was $180.48 for 100 people!


P.S. The glass containers will be great additions to your new home décor or for future parties after the wedding. Although you may need to borrow them out to other brides/friends who loved your idea!


Check back tomorrow to see our Bargain Tip: Restore silver for your wedding!

Simply Modern Wedding Look
Do you feel like your wedding invitations or wedding favors are a little boring? Can’t find that perfect finishing touch to help them coordinate with your wedding style? Worried about spending too much?

We totally understand! That’s why I put together this spread featuring one of my favorite Ann’s wedding invitations. I chose some wedding favors and decorations to coordinate as well as a variety of affordable embellishments in the hopes that you’ll find some inspiration for your own wedding.

Simply Modern Wedding Look

1. These personalized wedding napkins are printed in silver foil with names and wedding date. Wedding napkins are practical additions to any reception, but they also double as wedding reception decorations because they add such amazing color for an affordable price.

2. Ribbon, ribbon, ribbon. I can’t say how important it is to have a spool (or two, or three!) of curling ribbon in your wedding colors. You’ll find so many uses for it, such as accenting wedding favors, adding to bouquets or hanging paper lanterns.

3. Paper lanterns are inexpensive and they look amazing as wedding reception decorations for a variety of wedding styles. Use them indoors, outdoors, hanging from rafters or hanging from trees.

4. Solid colored, two-piece favor boxes with 3/8” satin ribbon in a complementary color are sure to impress your wedding guests. Especially when they open them to find a delicious treat like chocolate truffles or saltwater taffy.

5. Favor labels printed with your names add that perfect personalized touch to your wedding favors. We chose white with a colorful imprint for a splash of color on these small white treat boxes.

6. Clear favor boxes allow you to choose a treat that matches your wedding colors — leaving an impression on wedding guests is all in the details! Add a favor label for an easy, personalized accent.

7. Personalized white favor bags are unbelievably easy! All you have to do is choose your foil color and personalization (designs are available), fill with treats like cookies or dessert bars, add a satin ribbon accent and you’re done.

8. Clear favor bags are your best option when creating favors that fit your wedding theme and/or colors. Why? Because they become more than a wedding favor, they become a part of your wedding reception decorations. Add a favor label and 5/8” satin ribbon to complete the look.

9. Patterns are super hot right now! This bright and bold, Simply Mod Wedding Invitation features a one-of-a-kind pattern and you get to pick your own color combination. We chose Palm and Marigold. We also chose a modern typestyle for a clean look and a sparkling aqua rhinestone sticker to accent the couple’s names.

These are all great ideas, but the best ideas come from your own creativity. Play around, be bold, embellish!

Finding a wedding favor that’s both adorable and affordable can be challenging, which is why our house designer came up with some beautiful options using our cheapest wedding favor box and we want to share them with you!  You can create the perfect wedding favors and still have it fit into your wedding budget.  Enjoy!

1. Simply Autumn

Chocolate malt balls secured inside our Clear Favor Boxes with Flourish Favor Labels create a fabulously simple look for autumn.


2. Seaside Beauty

A mixture of seashells beneath shimmering aqua Satin Ribbon and secured with the Initials and Heart Favor Labels creates romantic, seaside appeal. (Check out QualitySeashells.com for great prices on shells).


3. Poised in Pink

Pink jelly beans add a fun, pretty touch to our Clear Favor Boxes with pink Satin Ribbon wrapped in a charming bow at the top.


4. Bold Elegance

Put your wedding colors on display by wrapping two colors of Satin Ribbon around our Clear Favor Boxes filled with candy to coordinate. We chose to add White Favor Cards to create affordable, personalized wedding favors.


5. Purple & Periwinkle

Purple and periwinkle is a lovely color combination. The candies filling this Clear Favor Box coordinate perfectly with the purple Satin Ribbon tied to our Butterfly Favor Tag. A great personalized wedding favor for spring or summer weddings.


6. Orange Brilliance

A vibrant, stylish summer look! Orange candies fill this Clear Favor Box with yellow Satin Ribbon wrapped around the outside and an orange mum secured to the top.


What could you create with the clear favor boxes?

Congratulations to our winners: Jen, Shannon and Sarah!

Let the pros at Ann’s create the perfect wedding favor for you and you could WIN $50 in FREE product! We are excited about this wedding favor challenge and hope you join the creative fun.

All you have to do is tell us your wedding theme, colors and your favor idea or what you’re looking for in a wedding favor. We’ll choose our 3 favorite ideas, create or search high and low for the perfect favors and then we’ll offer them on our website, www.annsbridalbargains.com!

You have until midnight on Wednesday, June 8, to post your ideas. We’ll post the 3 winning ideas on Friday, June 10 and contact them via email. Check back all week to see the great ideas brides are contributing.

Need a creative jump start? Check out these ideas!

1. Crazy for Cookies

Everyone loves a good cookie! Create a cookie kit for a super cute and tasty favor. Name them something fun and create favor labels that fit your wedding theme.


2. Bottled with Love

Bottled beverages make a refreshing wedding favor, especially for summer weddings and destination weddings. Add favor labels or DIY labels for a stylish, personal touch.


3. The Perfect “Pear”

If you’re the perfect pair, create the perfect “pear” favor to match! All you need is a few boxes of fruit, ribbon and favor tags! Simply sweet.


Now that you’ve been inspired, share your ideas. We’re ready to tackle any challenge, and we’re very excited to see what you have in mind!

Check out our recipe for a cheap DIY favor that is sure to fit your budget AND impress your guests! We’ve even created a how-to video to show you exactly how to put this adorable wedding favor together.

Each DIY Favor Includes:

• One Blank 2-Piece Favor Box (36¢ each per 25 ct.)

• One Personalized Label (25¢ each per 36 ct.)

• One Satin Ribbon Strip (16¢ per 21” strip/$26.99 per roll)

• One Cupcake Liner (Optional)

• A Tasty Treat!


Watch the video below to see how it all comes together!



You can use this same DIY recipe to create literally 100s of combinations and looks:

• The 2-Piece Favor Boxes are one of many options available at Ann’s. Our Favor Box selection includes a variety of shapes and colors, which allow you to create something fun and unique.


Personalized Labels come in a variety of different shapes, colors and designs, so you’re sure to find one that fits your wedding style beautifully. And they are ALL super affordable!

• The Satin Ribbon is a great purchase because you can use leftover ribbon for adding coordinating accents to bouquets, floral arrangements, centerpieces or bridal party gifts.

• Cupcake liners can be found at any grocery store or super market. For 5¢ or less per liner, you’ll be adding a pretty detail to your favors that protects both the treats and the favor box.

• The treat is completely up to you! Whether you choose something that coordinates with the wedding theme or a special treat made by a family member or friend, you can find something both tasty and affordable.

Whether you’re planning a wedding on the beach or a beach-themed wedding indoors, Ann’s has some stylish wedding invitations, centerpieces and favors to coordinate and keep you on budget!

Beach Wedding ideas


1. As far as destination wedding invitations go, our Ocean View invite couldn’t be more perfect! This discount wedding invitation even comes with a FREE, coordinating respond card.

2. Personalized Wedding Napkins will add a touch of cool, crisp color to your beach wedding reception. Warm hues are also available for brighter contrast.

3. The seashell is one of several beach-themed designs you can add to the Design Your Own Seal and Send wedding invitation. Also add the design to accessories, such as favor boxes and bags, for a completely coordinated look.

4. The pair of you next to a pair of tropical flowers is a great introduction to your big day. The Pair of Flowers Photo Invitation is available in several colors. Check out our other affordable photo invitations for more designs.

5. Wedding Reception Table Decorations can range from simple floral arrangements to romantic votive candles surrounded by sand and seashells. Whatever you choose, pick something that adds ambience to your wedding.

6/7. Curling Ribbon will help you add a colorful accent to everything from bridal party gifts to wedding reception decorations. Choose from several shimmering colors.

8. Flowers in the hair create a fresh, beach look you can’t pass up for your beach wedding. Choose a few blooms that coordinate with your wedding flowers and ask your stylist to work them into your wedding hairstyle.

9. Clear Favor Bags filled with your choice of candy, sealed with a pretty Favor Label and accented with Satin Ribbon will impress all of your beach-wedding guests! Throw a few seashells inside the bag for some added island style.

Get Married magazine



Plus, Ann’s Bridal Bargains products for beach theme weddings are featured in the newest Get Married magazine.  Get your FREE copy today at www.getmarried.com/register.

Planning a winter or holiday themed wedding? Have we got some wedding favors for you! (You’ll find what you need for these great favors on Ann’s and also one of our favorite partners, Invitations by Dawn.)


1. Like peppermints? Like sugar cookies? You’ll LOVE these!

Peppermint cookies are adorable, especially when you use clear cellophane bags to wrap them like individual candies. Just cut off the ends of the bags and tie each end with satin ribbon. Ann’s will be adding additional ribbon colors soon.  Check out The Picky Apple for an excellent recipe and display.


2. The Ornament Creation Station

Set up a table at your wedding reception with clear, fillable Christmas ornaments. Clear ornaments are often glass, so if you plan on children participating you may want to search for plastic ornaments. Set up bowls of decorations for filling the ornaments. Decorations might include: glitter (with funnels), fake snow, snowflake confetti, iridescent shredded paper, ribbon, beads, colored sand, etc.


3. Cookies and milk seem to do the trick (minus the milk, maybe).

Place a decorated sugar cookie in translucent envelopes tied closed with satin ribbon for a touch of color.


4. Wrap Clear Glass Votives with holiday ribbon or personalized Votive Wraps.

Or you can easily paint votives in holiday colors with glass paint from your local hobby store. Bold stripes of red and green will look beautiful, especially when lit with White Votive Candles.


5. Bring the charm of silver bells into your wedding!

Incorporate Silver or Gold Bell Place Card Holders into your decoration. Create small signs that say “Joy,” “Peace,” “Love,” and any other holiday words you find meaningful, to place in the holders and set them at each reception table. BONUS: guests get to ring the bell when they want to see you kiss!


6. Oh, favor tree! Oh, favor tree!

Place favor trees adorned with Christmas ornaments throughout your reception and encourage guests to take an ornament with them as they leave.


7. Send guests into the winter night with a little warmth!

Fill cellophane bags with a candle, personalized matches and some sparkling tinsel for them to enjoy later. Top the bags with favor cards printed with, “Thank you for joining us on this special day. Your love and support is truly heartwarming.”


8. What’s a winter wedding without a little glamour?

Add white feather accents or rhinestone accents to everything from bouquets and decorative floral arrangements to favor boxes and reception table centerpieces.


9. What a beauty!

Christmas ornaments are naturally a beautiful choice for winter wedding favors, but topping them off with Snowflake Favor Tags makes them absolutely perfect.


10. Clearly a great choice!

Fill Clear Favor Boxes with peppermint candy for a fun and festive treat. Try stacking them into a 3-Dimensional tree near the reception entrance. Place a scrap booked sign next to the tree that says “It was sweet of you to join us. Let us thank you with a treat that’s just as sweet as you.”


Other great favor box fillers include gumdrops for fabulous color or peanut brittle for a traditional Christmas treat. Top them off with Clear Thank You Favor Tags!