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Personal Touches | Ann's Bridal Bargains
Adding personality into a wedding is important. It’s your wedding- it should feel that way. There are a variety of ways you can add pieces of your style into your big day. From smaller pieces like your save the dates, songs that play at certain points of the ceremony and your reception decorations to larger pieces like your wedding dress, your venue and the food that is served— get creative. The most important thing is that the end result makes you happy and reflects you and your spouse.

To see a wedding with a great personal touch, let’s look to Brittany and Shane. These two added a unique and meaningful element of themselves into their wedding day. For their photos, they danced in the street-much like they had on one of their first dates.

Personal Touches | Ann's Bridal Bargains

As if that wasn’t sweet enough, check out these pictures from their wedding ceremony. Awww. Such love is shared between these two- it couldn’t be more obvious.

Personal Touches | Ann's Bridal Bargains

Personal Touches | Ann's Bridal Bargains

Personal Touches | Ann's Bridal Bargains

Personal Touches | Ann's Bridal Bargains

Thank you to Craig Hodge Photography for these beautiful images. 

Any bride will tell you that your wedding day flies by faster than any other… and any wedding photographer will agree! From uncontrollable lighting to chaotic schedules, wedding day photography can pose a few challenges — which begs the question, do all wedding photos have to be from the wedding day?

We came across this styled photo shoot from Terra Cooper Photography, and thought it was a great option for couples that want to get the perfect shots. Jennica and Bryan were able to capture some amazing “wedding photos” long after their wedding day had passed. This post-wedding shoot was awesome because the couple and photographer had all the time in the world to get beautiful photos rather than hurry to hungry guests at the reception. Jennica and Bryan were also able to pick any location(s) and time of day, which allowed them to get the gorgeous lighting you see here.

Save money on your post-wedding shoot by doing hair and makeup at home with a little help from friends or family. Additionally, asking a photographer friend to experiment with lighting techniques on you is a great way to nix paying more for photography!

No matter how it’s done, scheduling a styled shoot for after your wedding (or before if you’re okay with your man seeing your dress early) is a great way to help ease some stress on your wedding day and capture photographs you’ll cherish forever.

Thanks to Terra Cooper Photography for the gorgeous photos!

Wedding Style Photo Techniques Wedding Style Photo Techniques

Real Wedding Photos
Terry & Kristi's Real Wedding - Part 1

Photos Courtesy of Kendra Elizabeth Photography

Yep, that’s me, Kristi the Bargain Finder.  My husband and I got married on June 16th, 2012.  It’s not very often I get to show pictures of my wedding on a blog for everyone to see, so I jumped at the chance. I hope you enjoy our story, and maybe get some inspiration from it, too. Come back Tuesday and Wednesday to see Part 2 and Part 3, and feel free to leave comments with questions if you have any.

Our Love Story

Terry and I met in May of 2004 at a softball game.  I love the game of softball.  Every Friday night I played in a co-ed softball league.  I had my own team that I played on, but because I loved it so much I would often find other teams who were short players and play in their games, too.  When my friend asked me to sub on her team, I played third base and he was the pitcher. My friend introduced me to him after the game and that’s where it all started.  Something about his gorgeous blue eyes made me wonder if he was the one. Turns out he was, and we started dating around Christmas that same year (Christmas Eve, to be exact). It took him four years to propose and another three for us to get married.

Combining Our Families

Terry and I both have a child from a different relationship. His daughter was 14 when we started dating and my son was one. Terry became a father to my son, and treats him like his own child, which is one of the many reasons I love him so much. Terry’s daughter lived with her mother most of the time, but would spend some weekends and holidays with us. I have to admit it was a bit strange in the beginning, for both of us, because I am only 13 years older than she is. Caroline is a great kid, and during the eight years her father and I were dating, Caroline and I created a relationship that was comfortable for us. She respects me as her stepmother and I respect her as an adult (she’s 21 now). When we finally started planning our wedding, Caroline jumped at the chance to help – we only had four months to plan our entire wedding – she drove 124 miles, from college to our house, almost every weekend to help us plan. We couldn’t have pulled it off without her help.

Come back tomorrow to see more pictures of our wedding – I’ll talk about how we chose our colors, chose a theme and how we were able to hire a decorator while still staying within our budget. Part 3 will be posted on Wednesday. I’ll talk more about how the venues and vendors we chose helped us keep the cost of our wedding within our budget of $15,000.


Photos Courtesy of Kendra Elizabeth Photography.