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Satin Ribbon is a great way to decorate and accessorize, adding a pop of color to the ceremony or reception. That pop of color can go a long way, which is why bargain brides should check out 100-yard satin ribbon rolls — the next best thing to wholesale ribbon!

Just think, 100 yards is 300 feet, which equals 3,600 inches of satin ribbon all on one convenient roll. You’d have to buy ten, 10-yard rolls at your local craft store, and that only works if they have 10 rolls of the color you’re looking for.


Let your imagination go wild! You can do great things with that much ribbon. Choose from 15 gorgeous colors available at Ann’s, and don’t forget to check out personalized ribbon and curling ribbon. Even more ribbon options are coming this fall!


Here are a few Google search terms to help unravel your creativity.

• Ribbon Centerpieces

• Decorate Tables with Ribbons

• Ribbon Wands

• Decorating with Ribbons

• Make it with Ribbons

• Roses with Ribbons


What are you doing with ribbon for your wedding?

Check out our recipe for a cheap DIY favor that is sure to fit your budget AND impress your guests! We’ve even created a how-to video to show you exactly how to put this adorable wedding favor together.

Each DIY Favor Includes:

• One Blank 2-Piece Favor Box (36¢ each per 25 ct.)

• One Personalized Label (25¢ each per 36 ct.)

• One Satin Ribbon Strip (16¢ per 21” strip/$26.99 per roll)

• One Cupcake Liner (Optional)

• A Tasty Treat!


Watch the video below to see how it all comes together!



You can use this same DIY recipe to create literally 100s of combinations and looks:

• The 2-Piece Favor Boxes are one of many options available at Ann’s. Our Favor Box selection includes a variety of shapes and colors, which allow you to create something fun and unique.


Personalized Labels come in a variety of different shapes, colors and designs, so you’re sure to find one that fits your wedding style beautifully. And they are ALL super affordable!

• The Satin Ribbon is a great purchase because you can use leftover ribbon for adding coordinating accents to bouquets, floral arrangements, centerpieces or bridal party gifts.

• Cupcake liners can be found at any grocery store or super market. For 5¢ or less per liner, you’ll be adding a pretty detail to your favors that protects both the treats and the favor box.

• The treat is completely up to you! Whether you choose something that coordinates with the wedding theme or a special treat made by a family member or friend, you can find something both tasty and affordable.