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Use Ribbon to DIY
Finding affordable wedding decorations can be difficult, but bulk ribbon is a money-saving trick we use ALL the time. You can prettify pretty much anything with a little ribbon.

Bulk Ribbon Rolls

Ann’s offers colorful satin ribbon in two sizes: 3/8” and 5/8”. Both sizes are sold in rolls of 100 yards. What does that mean for you? 100 yards of ribbon equals:

• 240, 2-inch favor boxes when knotted and wrapped around the box. We use 15-inch ribbon lengths.
• 180, 2-inch favor boxes when tied in a bow and wrapped around the box. We use 20-inch ribbon lengths.
• 100 dinning chairs, wrapped around the back. We use 36-inch ribbon lengths.
• 37, 8-foot tables as table runners from end to end.
• 30, 10-foot tables as table runners from end to end.

Try some of these great ideas for using ribbon.

Use Ribbon to DIY

You can buy ribbon at your local craft store, but be careful. Not all craft stores sell large rolls of bulk ribbon, which means you may need to order it in advance or hit up a couple different stores. Getting it from different stores means you might not get an exact color match.

Two ideas with rave reviews. Have some fun with these festive treats!

Witch’s Hat

You’ll need…

Chocolate waffle cones

Chocolate circle cookies

Chocolate frosting

Fall-colored candies

Spread frosting around the rim of the cone and center the cone on top of the cookie. Put more frosting around the base of the cone where it meets the cookie and decorate with bright, fall-colored candies. You can fill the hat with candy corn, caramel popcorn or mini marshmallows.


Fun ways to display your treats!

Get creative in the way you display food on your tables. We’ve put caramel puff corn in handmade paper cones and displayed them in a wooden box filled with sunflower seeds. You could also use candy corn, peanuts or popcorn kernels to get the same affect. This is a great wedding appetizer idea for fall weddings, as well. It’s affordable, creative and stylish.


Come back every day this week for more Fall Frenzy and DIY Halloween tips!  Spice up your favor ideas and check out our favor boxes and bags, ribbons, seals and more to create your treat display.

Satin Ribbon is a great way to decorate and accessorize, adding a pop of color to the ceremony or reception. That pop of color can go a long way, which is why bargain brides should check out 100-yard satin ribbon rolls — the next best thing to wholesale ribbon!

Just think, 100 yards is 300 feet, which equals 3,600 inches of satin ribbon all on one convenient roll. You’d have to buy ten, 10-yard rolls at your local craft store, and that only works if they have 10 rolls of the color you’re looking for.


Let your imagination go wild! You can do great things with that much ribbon. Choose from 15 gorgeous colors available at Ann’s, and don’t forget to check out personalized ribbon and curling ribbon. Even more ribbon options are coming this fall!


Here are a few Google search terms to help unravel your creativity.

• Ribbon Centerpieces

• Decorate Tables with Ribbons

• Ribbon Wands

• Decorating with Ribbons

• Make it with Ribbons

• Roses with Ribbons


What are you doing with ribbon for your wedding?

Wedding Ribbon Rolls
Invites a little pale? Décor a little dull? All you need is satin ribbon from Ann’s! Our bulk satin ribbon is available in lots of different colors for a great price. Add it to any number of things throughout your wedding for a soft, romantic touch.

Wedding Ribbon Rolls

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Accent your wedding invitations with ribbon. Choose an inexpensive wedding invitation, like our All in White invitation, and spice it up with colorful ribbon.

Tie ribbon around your wedding favors. Satin ribbon adds the perfect finishing touch to any wedding favor.

Add ribbon to bridal party gifts. A beautifully wrapped gift with all the trimmings means you took the time to make it truly special.

Incorporate ribbon into table centerpieces. If your centerpieces are looking a little dull, colorful ribbon is sure to add a little pizzazz!

Wrap ribbon around stems of bouquets. Satin ribbon complements flowers beautifully. Consider adding it to all of your floral arrangements.