Seal and Send Wedding Invitations

Seal and Send Wedding Invitations

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Seal and Send wedding invitations are a great choice for any couple, especially couples on a budget due to their fabulous price tag! Beyond the price, you're going to love how beautiful and unique these all-in-one invitations are compared to standard wedding invitations in the market today. You might have a few questions about seal and sends though, so let's answer some of the most common.

How do they work?
The seal and send is a longer card that folds up into a self-mailing wedding invitation. When you receive the invitations in the mail, they will be flat. You can see the invitation wording at the top, below that is space for reception wording and below that is a perforated line separating the response postcard. Guests will simply remove the response postcard, fill it out and drop it in the mail. No envelopes are needed for the seal and send itself or the response postcard.

Are they easier to mail?
Yes! that's one of the best things about seal and send wedding invitations. All you have to do is fold them, seal them and drop them in the mail. No licking envelopes! You can choose to use the free clear seals that come with all seal and send orders or you can aim for an extra elegant finishing touch and check out our selection of wedding envelope seals.

Why are they cheaper?
Seal and sends are very unique wedding invitations in that they are designed to use space more efficiently. The efficient use of space means printing is also more efficient, which is what allows us to pass on the savings to our customers and offer these wedding invitations at really great prices. Plus, our customers and their wedding guests love the pocket-style appeal of these invitations and the great range of trendy to traditional designs we offer.