Challenge: Create a candy buffet suitable for 100 guests that costs under $200

Theme: Rustic/country charm

Colors: Bright shades of green and white

Challengers: Carynn & Jackie


Jackie (our photographer) and I started by scouring local thrift stores. In just two hours we found a variety of “milk glass” containers in all shapes, sizes and textures. We picked up a few utensils to use as serving pieces and spent a total of $34.85 on the glass containers, serving pieces and an old lace curtain that served as our tablecloth.


candy buffet containers


Next we went online and purchased candy in bulk from where you can shop by color, flavor, occasion, brand and candy type. We happen to LOVE the stripes in the candy sticks and marshmallow puffs. Since we were able to score a free shipping discount, our candy total for the buffet came to $95.65.


purchase bulk candy to save


We decided to throw together some DIY decorations to jazz up the buffet table. I created a “SWEETS” banner to hang behind the candy buffet. I printed the letters out, cut them down and adhered them to green patterned scrapbook paper. I punched out holes on the top two corners of each pennant and ran white ribbon through them to create the banner. Super easy, very cute and since I used ribbon and paper we already had, it was $0.00!


Finally, we needed treat bags for guests to put the candies in so we went with the White Favor Bags from Ann’s and personalized them with names and wedding date. 100 bags came to $49.98.


candy buffet setup


Our grand total was $180.48 for 100 people!


P.S. The glass containers will be great additions to your new home décor or for future parties after the wedding. Although you may need to borrow them out to other brides/friends who loved your idea!


Check back tomorrow to see our Bargain Tip: Restore silver for your wedding!