Have you been thinking about what kind of wedding invitation you’re going to order? If you’ve browsed invitations online, you know there are so many different themes and styles out there. Rustic designs to beach themes, you can create an invite that matches your wedding-day style perfectly.

But maybe, a specific theme just doesn’t float your boat. If you’re after a classic wedding invitation, adorned with design elements that’ll stand the test of time, you have lots of options. Designs that lean more traditional are actually trending, and we love seeing brides and grooms choosing these type of simple wedding invitations.

Featured Wedding Invitation:  Striking Couple

You can easily spend hundreds (even thousands!) of dollars on classic wedding invitations, but luckily, you don’t have to! Instead of splurging, save your budget for something else! Our favorite classic designs are yours for as low as a dollar each.

Here’s our best advice on how to create a classic wedding invitation for less:

1. Choose a Wedding Invitation with Just Fonts

The best classic invitation designs keep a focus on the wording, and do it in a beautifully simple way. If you’re choosing an invitation with just wording, be thoughtful about the fonts you choose.

Invitations with elegant script fonts paired with a classic serif is our favorite look.

Featured Wedding Invitation:  Deeply in Love


2. Pick Timeless Color Combinations

A classic wedding calls for a sophisticated color palette. The most classic wedding invitation color combination are:

  • Black and White
  • Navy Blue and Cream
  • Monochromatic White and Cream
  • White and Gold

But, you don’t have to go with one of these traditional palettes to create a wedding look that stands the test of time. Our most favorite modern-meets-classic wedding colors are:

  • Blush and Cream
  • Burgundy and Gold
  • Hunter Green and White
  • Taupe and Cream
Featured Wedding Invitation:  Modern Frame


3. Add a Hint of Gold

There’s simply nothing more classic than gold. Even if you’re not including a metallic hue in your main color combination, adding a touch of gold to your invitation will instantly elevate your look.

Now, if you’ve looked at foil-stamping, you know the price of your wedding invitations skyrockets. Instead, choose a gold wedding invitation that’s printed with gold ink for a way cheaper price.

Featured Wedding Invitation:  Gold Elegance


4. Send a Whole Wedding Invitation Suite

Your wedding invitation should feel like so much more than an invitation – it should be a whole vibe. Creating a wedding invitation suite, with enclosure cards for your RSVP and extra details, takes your invitation from plain Jane to classic and elegant.

What pieces should you include?

  • RSVP Card: To save money, choose an invitation set with free RSVP postcards.
  • Information Card: These cards let you share details about anything you’d like! From hotels blocks to travel tips to your wedding website. Conveying info like this to your guests is super important and these affordable cards make it easy.
Featured Wedding Invitation:  Sweet Romance

5. Add a Photo for a Modern Twist

Can’t choose between classic and modern? Pick a design that combines both looks! Our best advice is to add a photo to your wedding invitation. Using your favorite engagement photo is super fun and your guests will totally love seeing your faces on your invitation.

Featured Wedding Invitation:  Clearly in Love


Ready to create your classic wedding for less? If you have questions as your personalize your wedding invitations, we’re here to help! xoxo