Cheap Gold Wedding Invitations

Cheap Gold Wedding Invitations

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Do you want to invite to your wedding in elegant and sophisticated style? Choose a gold wedding invitation to make the first introduction of your day totally gorgeous! Better yet – don’t break your wedding budget either. Our inexpensive gold wedding invitations look at beautiful as those fancy brands, but cost less than a dollar each.

Why do gold invitations cost so much? Most are pressed with gold foil, which makes the cost of your invites skyrocket. We use gold ink instead, making our prices way more affordable. With prices this low, you hardly even need to find gold wedding invitations on sale; ours are naturally less expensive!

Don’t forget to add gold details to your wedding reception too! Our gold wedding napkins feature real foil-stamping and are crazy-affordable.

The Most Popular Gold Color Combinations for Weddings

  • A Classic Color Combo: White and Gold

    A wedding with this traditional color combination has got to invite in style! Choose a white and gold wedding invitation with simple but elegant styling. Our favorite invites in these hues include traditional gold frames and swooping lettering in gold print.

    Bold Colors: Red and Gold

    A red and gold wedding means one thing – romance! Remember, you can change so many colors on our invitations, making it easy to create a red and gold wedding invitation that’s beautiful and full of your own custom style.

    So Sophisticated: Blue and Gold

    If neutrals aren’t your thing, but you still want a traditional look, invite with a blue and gold wedding invitation. We have shades of blue ranging from navy blue to dusty blue, and everything in-between. This duo can also be used to create a classic nautical themed wedding.

    Simple and Elegant: Black and Gold

    It’s easy to find black and gold wedding invitations that break your budget. Luckily, ours won’t! Whether you choose a black and gold seal and send wedding invite or a traditional style, our designs are always so much more affordable.

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