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Floral Wedding Invitations

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No wedding is complete with flowers, right? Set the tone for a flower-filled wedding by sending a floral wedding invitation adorned with gorgeous blossoms and your own custom touches. Here at Ann’s Bridal Bargain, we have a huge selection of wedding invitations with flowers that aren’t just beautiful, but so affordable too.

What Are the Most Popular Floral Wedding Invitation Themes?

  • Watercolor Floral Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations with watercolor flowers feature soft, painterly blooms and tend to have a romantic and ethereal feel. If you’re a fan of more traditional flowers, such as roses or peonies, watercolor styles will likely catch your eye. With timeless design and elegant styling, watercolor adorned wedding invitations tell your guests they’re in for a day filled with romance.

Rustic Floral Wedding Invitations

Choosing a rustic theme for your wedding means you must invite with style that matches this style! There are many popular rustic flower wedding invitations that will add a natural, organic introduction to your day.

Are you wondering what flowers fit a rustic wedding theme? Some options to consider includes sunflowers, peonies, eucalyptus, and garden roses. Wedding invitations that feature greenery with flowers is a popular choice for rustic weddings too. Carry this look into your wedding day to add a natural touch that’s beautiful and affordable too!

Floral and Lace Wedding Invitations

Every country themed wedding needs a little lace, and it’s especially pretty when paired with flowers. This rustic charm look is perfect for a backyard wedding or wedding with a vintage glamour theme. Invite with a floral wedding invitation with lace detail. Romantic flowers like lush roses or hydrangeas are a perfect choice for this style.

For this casual but elegant wedding style, consider adding twinkling lights in too. From your invitation to ceremony to reception décor, the romantic glow will set the mood beautifully.

Elegant Floral Wedding Invitations

If your wedding is all about classic style, choosing an elegant wedding invitation with flowers is a no-brainer. No matter your color palette or the season you’re getting married in, this wedding theme can be achieved easily.

In the spring or summer time, consider inviting with a hydrangea wedding invitation, or spring blossoms like wisteria or peonies. Flowers in shade of blush pink, purple and blue are so pretty and sum up the season perfectly.

And any time of the year, you can forget the pretty pastels if they don’t speak to you! Dark florals are trending, and for good reason. A floral invitation with a black background creates a dramatic introduction to your wedding and signals to your guests that your style is chic, elegant and modern. Find dark florals for every season, including harvest-themed fall designs and white summer florals set against dark chalkboard textures.

Fall Floral Wedding Invitations

Fall is the most popular wedding season of all, and we adore a wedding that fuses fall flowers into the design. Our fall floral wedding invitations are incredibly popular and we know why – the jewel tone colors and lush blossoms are captivating.

Popular flowers to use on a fall wedding invitation include dahlias, whose big, bold flowers come in a range of colors, including burgundy, rust orange and apricot. Bold and bright sunflowers are a popular choice for fall weddings as well, and add the perfect rustic touch to your invites. Zinnias are also a fun and colorful choice for a fall wedding.

Boho Floral Wedding Invitations

One wedding theme that has emerged as a favorite is boho. Boho weddings are all about celebrating individual style, so couples often choose elements that reflect their personal tastes and interests, and that includes the type of flowers you choose.

Invite in bohemian style with a wedding invitation with wildflowers or a cute greenery wreath. Gold geometric frames have also become a fun element to add to boho florals that bring the look from hippie-chic to more modern.

What Colors Are Best for Floral Wedding Invitations?

  • Have you settled on a wedding color palette? Personalize your floral wedding invitation to match your colors.

    What are the most popular colors for florals wedding invites? White is forever classic and so popular! This look is so elegant and often used in bouquets and centerpieces, making it an obvious choice to use on your wedding invitations too.

    Pink flowers are romantic, of course and on trend too. They come in a range of shades from pale blush pink to deep hues like fuchsia and magenta. Pink flowers symbolize love, appreciation, and gratitude – a perfect nod to your values on your special day!

    Red flowers are bold and passionate, creating a true statement! They are often used to add a touch of drama to a wedding and create a really gorgeous first look when you choose a wedding invitation with red flowers. Since they symbolize love, passion, and desire, red blossoms are a good fit for weddings.

    Blue flowers are calming and serene, and they can add a touch of tranquility to a wedding. Symbolizing trust, loyalty, and wisdom, wedding invitations with blue flowers are simply delightful! Blue is one of our most popular wedding colors, and paired with flowers it’s just lovely.

    And finally, a forever favorite – purple! Wedding invitation with purple flowers are some of our most popular and the different shades will have your heart. Regal and sophisticated, they add a touch of sophistication to a wedding. Our favorite purple flowers are wisteria and roses in shades like plum, lavender and even mauve. 

  • Creating Your Cheap Floral Wedding Invitation

    You know that here at Ann’s Bridal Bargain, we’re all about cheap wedding invitations that don’t look cheap. We love creating wedding invitations that people are proud to send, for a price that barely makes a dent.

    To create a wedding invitation with flowers that comes in under your budget, you have lots of options:

    Floral Wedding Invitations with Free RSVP Cards

    Our most popular cheap wedding invitations come with a free respond postcards! Trust us - you’re going to love not paying extra for the response card. You’ll find lots of floral wedding invitation sets in this collection, and they’re beautiful and seriously cheap!

    Every color and theme under the sun is featured in this collection. From rustic florals to trend rust orange flowers to flowers printed in gold ink – we know you’ll find an invitation set that fits your style and spend less too!

    Floral Seal and Send Wedding Invitations

    Seal and Send wedding invitations are a type of wedding invitation that is designed to be easily assembled and mailed without the need for envelopes. And, they cost less than a dollar at Ann’s Bridal Bargains! We have tons of floral Seal and Send invitations in colors and floral wedding themes for everyone. These cheap floral invites include an RSVP card too, which is easily removed by guests and mailed back to you.

    Our floral seal and send invitations are a convenient and cost-effective option for couples who want to save time and money on their invitation process, but still desire a pretty and high-quality invitation.

    Reception-Only Wedding Invitations with Flowers

    If you’re hosting a reception-only wedding, invite with a floral themed invitation. You’ll save money on a reception-only invite and our designs with flowers are extra pretty!

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