wedding party shielding the bride from rain

Although rain may put a damper on your wedding plans, a rainy wedding day is often considered a sign of good luck for the couple. Rain symbolizes blessings, cleansing, unity and a fresh start. It even symbolizes fertility in some cultures. So instead of worrying about the possibility of rain on your wedding day, embrace it with these outdoor wedding ideas perfect for a rainy day!



bride checking for rain


1. The number one rule for planning an outdoor wedding is to have an alternate location reserved in case of bad weather. If you don’t mind the idea of a little rain on your wedding day (or even kind of like the idea), you can reserve the alternate location in case of severe weather. On your invitations, instead of saying “In case of rain” you would say “in case of severe weather.”



Rainy Day Wedding Tent


2. If embracing the rainy possibilities, rent a tent as protection from the elements or make sure your wedding location has a large gazebo, pavilion or shelter.


umbrella wedding favors for a rainy day

image from SusanNajarianArt

3. Take advantage of the photo op with wedding umbrellas as favors for your guests. Just imagine how romantic a photo of your ceremony would be with guests holding their charming umbrella wedding favors.


Blankets to Keep Guests Warm


photo from Style Me Pretty, photography from Carla Ten Eyck

4. If it’s a chilly day, have a basket of wraps or small blankets for guests to warm up with. You could provide shawls for the ladies and throw blankets for the gentlemen.


Hot cocoa drinks

image from: Kate Couples, Wedding Photographer

5. Provide some inner warmth with warm drinks like hot chocolate for the kids and hot buttered rum for the adults. Have a bonfire or setup outdoor heaters for guests to gather around, which also promoted mingling and great conversation.


We hope these outdoor wedding ideas will help keep you prepared for whatever weather comes your way. And remember, a rainy day means you’re beginning your marriage on a lucky note!