You’ve probably been to weddings where a little boy and girl strut down the aisle and everybody releases a big “awww” – I know I have! While kids can be cute and all, some couples are opting to leave these pint-sized attendants out of the big day, and for numerous reasons. Wedding traditions are all well and good, but you and your fiance should ultimately do what’s right for you, including forgoing a few extra bridal party members. As you sort through your wedding planning checklist, check out reasons why many brides and grooms stick to a kid-free ceremony.

No kids allowed
Budget-conscious couples have to cut back on certain wedding features, and many choose to hold adults-only celebrations. A plate of food at a reception is expensive, so reducing your number of guests makes sense for saving money. Kids are a common group of people to leave out because many young ones won’t remember the wedding years down the road anyway. So if you’re having a kids-free day, you can also leave out a flower girl and ring bearer – having them participate when no other children are allowed might also offend some parents, unless they’re your own kids.

No little ones in your life
Other couples simply don’t know any young children to fill the flower girl and ring bearer roles. While both positions have a history steeped in tradition, modern weddings typically include kids as a way for the bride and groom to enjoy the young ones in their family. If you don’t know many children, you don’t really need the roles they’d fill. That being said, it’s perfectly acceptable for you to have one and not the other. The flower girl has a basket and the ring bearer has a pillow to carry anyway – they don’t need each other.

How to plan around their absence
While the flower girl doesn’t really do much (no, you don’t actually need to step on a path of petals), the ring bearer does. You need your wedding bands to seal the deal! Fortunately, you have this super great guy in your bridal party who not only helps the groom with just about everything, but will totally do you a solid: the best man. Ask him to hold on to the rings until you need them during the ceremony. He can keep them tucked safely in his jacket pocket, which won’t prevent him from walking down the aisle in style – by which I mean with the maid of honor on his arm.