We get a lot of questions about who pays for what in a wedding? The truth is, pretty much anything goes these days. Many couples are choosing to foot the bill all on their own. However, family is welcome to pitch in wherever they would like. The couple should talk with both sets of parents as early in the wedding planning process as possible about the wedding budget and any possible financial contributions.

If parents are contributing, they can either choose how much they want to put toward the wedding or they can choose what parts of the wedding they would like to pay for. The first option is easier for adhering to a specific wedding budget but some people prefer to pay for certain things like the wedding cake or the bride’s gown.

Although wedding costs can be divided in any number of ways, it’s still nice to have an idea of who traditionally pays for what. The wedding budget breakdown below is an easy and well-organized list of financial responsibilities. This is simply a guide for the couple. It’s a great place to start when making decisions about planning your wedding on a budget.