Postage is usually an afterthought when it comes to ordering your wedding invitations but this cost can add up! We’ve put together some great tips for saving on postage before and after you purchase your wedding invites.

How to Save on Postage BEFORE You Purchase Wedding Invitations

Choose a Rectangular Wedding Invitation

You might be tempted to purchase square wedding invitations because they’re unique or pocket wedding invitations because they’re pretty.  Be aware that both will cost extra to mail.

Square envelopes require more postage. Pocket wedding invitations tend to be heavy so a single stamp won’t cut it. To be on the safe side, order a rectangular WEDDING INVITATION that won’t cost extra to mail.

Use an Online RSVP Service

Did you know its proper etiquette to add a stamp to all your RSVP card envelopes? Whoa – that adds up quick! If you have 100 invitations to mail, you’re spending $50 on respond card postage alone.

Instead of having guests mail back their respond card, use and online RSVP service through a wedding planning website like The Knot. But, you don’t necessarily have to exclusively use an online RSVP service. You can also include a phone number or email address for people to reply to. The idea though is to eliminate the need for an RSVP card and that pesky postage stamp.

Use Response Postcards

You’ll notice that most of the rsvp cards on our website are actually postcards. That’s because they are a cost-effective approach to the traditional RSVP. You don’t pay extra for RSVPs and you pay less for stamps because the postcard postage rate is lower than the standard postage rate.

Browse the designs in our collection of wedding invitation sets to find invites that come with free RSVP postcards. Win!


How to Save on Postage AFTER You Purchase Wedding Invitations

Don’t Guesstimate

Know how much you need and purchase only what you need with maybe a few extras. Check out the USPS stamps page to see how much stamps are right now and the many awesome designs available!

Wedding postage tip: if you like a current design, buy it now. There’s no guarantee that design will be available when you want it.

Think Ahead! Buy Stamps Early

Buy stamps before they increase in price. To find out when the next postage increase will be, visit Forever Stamp Value. You can even sign up to get notified by email when the next price increase will occur.

Spread Out the Cost

If you’re sending 300 wedding invitations with 300 standard response cards, you will be spending $300 on postage at a rate of 50¢ per stamp. The good news is you can buy however many stamps you want whenever you want. Consider purchasing your stamps in smaller batches spread out over a period of time.

Weigh Your Invitation Ensemble at the Post Office

Bring one complete wedding invitation in the envelope with all enclosures and have the post office clerk weigh it so you know exactly how much postage you need.

If the ensemble weighs more than one ounce (which is equal to one stamp), check to see if your invitations include inner and outer envelopes. You could eliminate the inner envelope to reduce the weight.


That’s it! Happy mailing brides and grooms!


The team at Ann’s