In a world where social norms and traditions continually evolve, the question of whether mailing wedding announcements is good etiquette has become a topic of discussion.

Wedding announcements, often sent to inform friends and family of a recent marriage, have their roots in a time when formalities held a more prominent place in society. However, as wedding etiquette has transformed, so has this tradition.

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What’s a Wedding Announcement and Why Would We Send One?

If you’re new to wedding planning, you may have never even heard of a wedding announcement. Most couples think it’s the same thing as a wedding invitation, but they actually serve different purposes.

A wedding announcement is a way to share the news of a recently held wedding with friends, family, and acquaintances who may not have been part of the actual ceremony or were unable to attend. Unlike wedding invitations, which are sent before the event to invite guests, wedding announcements are sent after the wedding as a courteous way to inform people of the marital union.

Mailing a wedding announcement isn’t necessary, but there are a few situations where you may want to consider it.

1. Because You Eloped

Did you sneak away to secretly marry? Sending an elopement announcement is a really fun way to share your news with those you love most. Just imagine their surprise when they open the envelope!

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2. You Had a Micro-Wedding with a Small Guest List

Small wedding ceremonies have become popular recently, and we love this trend! Having an intimate ceremony can be so beautiful. If you’ve kept your guest list small, but want to share photos or simply declare your newly married status, send an announcement!

Are you holding a reception to celebrate? Combine your wedding announcement with a reception-only invitation.

3. You’re a Traditionalist

If you (or your family) are traditionalists, sending a wedding announcement may be the last thing you check off your wedding to-do list.

What to Say on a Wedding Announcement

You’ll want to include the following information on your announcement:

1. Your names
2. The date of your wedding
3. Optional: the location of your wedding

The way you word your wedding announcement is up to you!

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What Not to Say on a Wedding Announcement

There’s just one thing that should never be mentioned on your wedding announcement: any mention of gifts.

Including your gift registry or eluding to where gifts may be sent, is poor etiquette and should never be mentioned. Friends and family who want to send a wedding gift will do so.

xoxo – the Team at Ann’s