Introducing this week’s perfect palette! Starring…

Dusty Rose as the main color.

Olive as the first accent color.

Gold as the second accent color.

Ivory as the neutral color.

Hello, floral!

We started with the Blush Floral Invitation with Free Response Postcard. The absolutely gorgeous garden flowers in pink and ivory lend a rich look and feel to the invite while accents of faux gold foil add unique interest to the artwork. The olive colored leaves hit the greenery trend beautifully. You’ll love how affordable these wedding invitations are and guests will think they’re absolutely beautiful! Plus, these invites come with free matching postcards! You can shop all floral wedding invitations to find your favorite design.

Working it into your wedding:

Start with your main color, dusty rose. Pinpoint where you want your favorite wedding color to really pop and decide how you plan to incorporate it. A lot of people choose to highlight their main wedding color in the floral arrangements but we think it would be incredibly unique and so beautiful if you played up the olive greenery aspect in a big way and then added bold elements of dusty rose. Perhaps large satin ribbon bows around each pot of greenery or as chair decorations.

Metallic gold will be stunning in this wedding palette. Immediately we think of old candelabras and votive holders. You can find all kinds at local thrift stores! Sprinkle them on the tables with a few larger pieces on the head table. Or go shiny and new by painting old vases or mason jars metallic gold. Consider creating a welcome sign out of an old barn window and paint the wooded frame gold. Step away from rustic and think about giving old pieces a glamorous look.

Ivory is a fabulous filler and chances are your venue or the rental shop you’re working with offer ivory linens for a great price. We say stick with that standard linen color for the sake of saving money and find interesting ways to incorporate the other three colors. Ivory could also be wonderful on the bridal party with dusty rose accents like vests for the men and shoes/head pieces for the women.