Our perfect palette this week is a powerful partnership of pretty colors!

Main Color: Burgundy

Accent Color: Fern

Accent Color: Rose Gold

Neutral Color: Gray

We’ve had our eyes on the Burgundy Botanic Invitation with Free Response Postcard ever since we added it just a few short weeks ago. This invitation brings rich, saturated colors together and somehow achieves a light and airy feel with its stunning floral artwork. We matched the wedding invitation wording to the burgundy flower, which work together nicely. We thought about matching the wording to the eucalyptus leaves but the leaves stand out so beautifully here that we had to go with this combination of colors. You can visit our entire collection of floral wedding invitations if you’d like to see more artwork and color options.

Working it into your wedding:

The flowers steal the show on these wedding invitations but we’re not picturing a wedding full of flowers—that’s too expensive for any couple on a budget. We’re picturing a lot of greenery to reflect the fern color in this palette with pops of burgundy flowers, which means you only need a few bold flower arrangements strategically placed at the ceremony and reception. TIP: We recommend transporting flowers from the ceremony to be used as decoration at the reception and definitely use those bridesmaid bouquets as décor. Have a vase at the cake table, a few at the head table and a vase at the entrance. Your bridesmaids can place their bouquets in one of those vases and they’ll look beautiful all night long.

The rose gold accent color allows you to add a little sparkle wherever you want. This can also be replaced with a light pink if you’re more interested in a matte look. The bridal party attire is a wonderful place to feature rose gold or pink. Just imagine the contrast between the bridesmaids and the decorations. It would be stunning!

As always, we recommend choosing a neutral color as filler. Usually we recommend that items covering large surface areas, like table linens and chair coverings, be a neutral color. In this case, they would be gray. Neutrals are necessary for setting the stage and allowing the other colors to really shine. No neutral means these beautiful wedding colors could get a bit overwhelming.