Fall is coming and it’s amazing how every year we can’t help but get excited! Even though it’s sad to see summer winding down, there is something about fall weddings we all just love. So here is one of several Perfect Wedding Color Palettes we put together for this beautiful season.

Primary Color: Copper
Primary Color: Pine
Primary Color: Brick
Accent Color: Gold

If you follow this color palette series, you’ll recognize that we laid out the color palette a little differently this time. We typically have a main color followed by two accent colors and a neutral. However, there is no one star of the show when it comes to autumn colors in nature. So we took our inspiration from the Rustic Fall Wedding Invitations featuring an abundance of leaves in pretty fall colors and a lovely wood grain background. Plus, you get free response postcards with these invites. All around, these are a great choice from our collection of fall wedding invitations and the color palette is spot on.

Working it into your wedding:

Copper, brick and pine represent some of Autumn’s most abundant and beautiful colors. We suggest treating these colors as nature treats them — without preference. An even mix of these colors throughout your wedding will result in something visually appealing and naturally relaxing. We added the metallic gold accent color to bring in an element of sparkle.

Flowers in colors like copper and brick with plenty of greenery would look amazing on reception tables and in bouquets. Any one of these colors will work beautifully for the bridal party attire. If you choose copper bridesmaid dresses, tone them down with greenery-heavy bouquets and dark red flowers. If you feel like you’re missing a particular hue, things like aisle runners and table linens can add a bold pop of one color.

If your wedding is outside, you can rely on your natural surroundings to bring the color if you really time it right! The invitation we chose is quite perfect for introducing a wedding in a more natural setting. Also, remember that you can lean heavily on other natural elements like wood grains and seasonal produce like squashes and pumpkins. We highly recommend bringing in nature’s finest bounty to incorporate all of fall’s colors.