In the midst of this hot and sunny summer, we’re going to get a little moody on you with this week’s perfect wedding color palette. You’re going to LOVE this uniquely beautiful combination of colors.

Main Color: Maroon

Primary Accent Color: Mauve

Secondary Accent Color: Rose Gold

Neutral Color: Black

One of the boldest trends we’ve been seeing this year is the dark and moody wedding invitation. They’re sensual and beautiful and incredibly attention grabbing! We added the Baroque Beauty Invitation with Free Response Postcard and it has gotten some love, partly because of its simply gorgeous floral design and also because of its rich color palette. We added rose gold for a bit of shimmer to create today’s Perfect Wedding Color Palette, and we’re so excited to share it with all of you. Check out the complete collection of romantic wedding invitations if Baroque Beauty isn’t quite your cup of tea.

Working it into your wedding:

Now honestly, any three out of four of these colors would be amazing for a wedding. Imagine removing the black for a pretty, whimsical style. Or remove the rose gold for a classic matte look with a smooth finish. We love all four colors because capturing that moody wedding look featured on the wedding invitation was essential.

You might think because flowers are so prominent on the invitation, that you’ll surely need plenty at the wedding. That’s not necessarily true, especially when you’re on a budget. Wildflowers would be a great way to capture the invite’s look and colors, plus they’ll be easy on your pocketbook if you’re getting married in the summer or early fall.

We chose maroon as the main color with mauve as the primary accent color because these two hues look so beautiful together! We highly recommend playing with these colors in your flowers and bridal party attire. The secondary accent color, rose gold, was added because everyone loves a little shimmer. Plus, a little shimmer goes a long way in a mysterious and romantic wedding look like this. Think about the little details like jewelry, handwriting on place cards and tea light candle holders on reception tables. Backdrops of shimmering rose gold fabric at the ceremony location or behind the head table would be amazing, especially if you go bold and use black linens at the reception. Check out custom wedding napkins in black with rose gold foil printing for an easy and affordable way to add style and personalization.

If you’re looking for similar wedding colors palettes but with a lighter feel, check out a recent Perfect Palette we posted: Burgundy, Fern, Gray and Rose Gold