The best bridal showers are the ones that surprise not just the bride but all of her guests! That’s why we’ve pulled together 5 unique bridal shower themes inspired by five of our favorite bridal shower invitations.

Before we get started, did you know our bridal shower invites are only 69¢ each? That might sound like we pedal in cheap bridal shower invitations and the truth is, we do! But you’ll be amazed by the paper and print quality of every invitation we offer. The five highlighted below are prime examples!

  1. Bridal Shower Brunch

Inspired by the Bridal Brunch Bridal Shower Invitation

The color and style of these bridal shower invitations make them a cut above the rest, no doubt! Can you imagine how excited everyone will be when they receive this beauty in the mail? The bright and beautiful full-color floral artwork is on trend and so is the theme.

Why a brunch bridal shower?

We can think of one very good reason…breakfast food! Ask people to bring egg bakes, or provide all the components for a build-your-own breakfast plate with eggs, bacon, ham, French toast and so much more. You could do a Bloody Mary Bar alongside the brunch buffet. Throw on a little acoustic music to set the mood, decorate a gorgeous buffet table with a beautiful backdrop. Seriously, best theme ever.


  1. Rustic Bridal Shower:

Inspired by the Ever After Bridal Shower Invitation

Just the right look if your bride is all about that country chic vibe. The dark wood panel background lends a very rustic feel while the white floral garland around the party details lends a sweet and elegant element of design. Guests are sure to be curious about the rustic bridal shower in their future.

Why a rustic bridal shower?

The “rustic” wedding trend encompasses a few different styles like country chic, woodland whimsy and an outdoors lifestyle. This means you can cater the party look and feel to fit whatever your bride or couple loves. Plan a shower that honors their hobbies like biking or hiking. You could plan the party at a local park they love to frequent. Or maybe the party is themed around their relaxed country lifestyle and you throw the shower at the family farm or ranch. Rustic bridal showers are all about incorporating what the bride loves, and it’s so easy to do.


  1. Gold + Greenery Bridal Shower:

Inspired by the Glam Greens Bridal Shower Invitation

Today’s greenery trend is captured beautifully on these bright white bridal shower invitations with hanging branches and faux gold foil accents. This is top-tier style but the price is the lowest you’ll find for such great quality. We love that “Shower the Bride” appears in faux gold foil to match the accents cascading from above.

Why a gold + greenery bridal shower?

What bride doesn’t want a touch glam even if she’s a more natural girl at heart? On the invitation, faux gold foil mimics the look of real foil but it’s digitally printed to be way more affordable. Greenery is a super affordable way to decorate the shower and you can find an incredibly unique variety of gold décor pieces at thrift stores and on clearance shelves to add that glamorous gold element.


  1. Sunflower Bridal Shower

Inspired by the Sunflower Charm Bridal Shower Invitation

Sunflowers are undeniably cheerful and beautiful! The distressed artwork on these sunflower bridal shower invitations is so perfect; it portrays a rustic country vibe but still illuminates the brilliance of this larger than life flower. The bride and all of the party guests will be impressed to say the least.

Why a sunflower bridal shower?

Because some people just LOVE sunflowers, and if that’s you’re bride you likely know this about her already. Plus, you’re one lucky person because a sunflowers bridal shower theme is so simple! Your décor and color palette are already determined. Now you get to go shopping for all the right things to make this party special. Pair that with a casual spread of delicious food and desserts, plus a pretty country location and you’ve got a party nobody is going to want to leave!


  1. Brunch and Bubbly Bridal Shower

Inspired by the Brunch and Bubbly Bridal Shower Invitation

Nothing announces a fabulous bridal shower theme quite like the eye-catching look of faux gold foil! Gorgeous watercolor roses become the icing on the cake in this invitation’s stunning design, which is sure to inspire an unforgettable bridal shower.

Why a brunch and bubbly bridal shower?

We already explained the food-centric benefits of a brunch bridal shower so the only difference here is adding a few adult beverages, which is almost always a welcome addition to the party! Mimosas are a fabulous choice but you should definitely get creative with some fun beverage options like Bellinis or maybe a little Irish coffee for the coffee lovers.