Primary Color: White Sage
Secondary Color: Artichoke
Accent Color: Gold
Neutral: Ivory

The wedding invitation that inspired this striking wedding palette is the Painted Garden Invitation with Free Response Postcard and if you haven’t seen this beauty yet, you should check it out. Perfect for a spring wedding, summer wedding or even a winter wedding! You’ll notice that sage and artichoke grace the elegant watercolor leaves while ivory flowers bloom in the corners. Faux gold foil is not featured in this invite but we added it to the palette to give you a little something glamorous to work with if you so choose. The accent wording on this invitation is featured in the darker artichoke green for emphasis and the wedding details are featured in the lighter sage green. We like the dimension this adds to the overall wedding invitation.

Working it into your wedding:

When working with two hues of the same color, you can create a really beautiful sense of dimension in your décor. You’ll notice on the invitation that the light green and dark green work perfectly together, lending an almost realistic finish to the floral artwork. So we say let these colors play together throughout your ceremony and reception. We love the idea of sage green tablecloths with rich, dark greenery as centerpieces and in the bouquets. Of course, you can throw in some ivory, off-white or cream-colored flowers to recreate the look of the invitation but ivory as a neutral color means you can use it anywhere. It would make a gorgeous color for the bridal party attire. Imagine that with bouquets of dark greenery…stunning! Now throw in some touches of sparkling gold. Incorporating candlelight with gold votive holders or gold mercury glass vases would be absolutely incredible. So dreamy, so romantic.