All couples should be able to afford quality wedding invitations with today’s top designs, and that’s exactly what we offer. Not only do we offer great designs, great paper and great print quality, we offer trendsetting designs with inspired color palettes.

Check out a few of our newest wedding invitations! We pulled the color palette for each one to show you how Ann’s Bridal Bargains makes cheap wedding invitations both beautiful and inspiring. 

Purple Wedding Color Palette
Inspired by the Victorian Floral Invitation with light purple garden flowers and rich greenery accents. A few floral silhouettes decorate the cream colored background.

What does this wedding color say about you?
You’re adventurous! Yes, today’s floral trends are beautiful but you’d prefer it in a color that’s not so mainstream and purple is the perfect choice.

What makes purple wedding invitations so perfect?
Using purple heavily on your wedding invitations might feel a little over-saturated but wedding invitations with some purple can be absolutely beautiful. Finding complementary colors to break up your color scheme is exactly what you need, which is part of why we were so inspired by this invitation design. Pulling jade, raisin, lilac and cream turned into a naturally beautiful yet still elegant wedding color palette.


Fall Wedding Color Palette
Inspired by the Rustic Fall Invitation because there is a plethora of fall wedding invitations out there but we have never seen one as simple as this that stays true to the incredible beauty of autumn.

What does this wedding color say about you?
You love fall, obviously! More than that, you love being outdoors and enjoying the gifts that nature so freely gives and fall seems like such a celebration of striking colors, bountiful harvests and refreshing weather. How could you choose any other time of year to get married?

What makes this fall palette so perfect?
A fall palette means your pulling in more than one or two of your favorite autumn colors, which reflects the season perfectly and it gives you a lot of creative freedom. These fall wedding invitations feature terra cotta orange, merlot red, pine green and espresso brown. The great thing about an autumn wedding is that you can use all of these colors in tandem throughout your wedding and the result is going to be beautiful.


Navy and Pink Wedding Color Palette
Inspired by the Florals and Flourishes Invitation with its dramatic floral artwork on a dark navy background. The pink and red garden roses are incredibly romantic with faux gold flourishes and touches of greenery adding a vintage element.

What do these wedding colors say about you?
You must be a romantic! If you’re drawn to the lush garden look of this sensual artwork and the rich, saturated colors, you simply have to be a romantic at heart. We can only imagine how gorgeous your wedding will be!

What makes navy and pink wedding invitations so perfect?
No matter what wedding invitations you choose, these two colors together are so pretty that you really can’t go wrong with an invitation. The amazing thing about this color palette is that the dark nature of navy lets pink really steal the show but then you also have that rich burgundy color adding a little more drama and a pop of gold for a little bling. Just imagine what you can do with these wedding colors!


White and Green Wedding Color Palette
Inspired by the Painted Garden Invitation, and what a refreshing piece of fine stationery it is! The white flowers and light greenery frame your wording in trendsetting style and classic elegance.

What do these wedding colors say about you?
You thrive on simplicity but value chic style! The natural beauty of these wedding colors is understated yet breathtaking, and that means you’re about to host an unforgettable wedding celebration.

What makes white and green wedding invitations so perfect?
White and green look amazing together, and the best part is they can be used for any season. We see these invitations as perfect for a winter wedding but they could also be quite the introduction for spring weddings or even a minimalist summer garden wedding. Interpret the colors however you like but be sure to enjoy that pop of faux gold mixed in with greens and cream. You can have a lot of fun adding some gold accents to your special day.


Blush and Gold Wedding Color Palette
Inspired by the Blush Floral Invitation, which is a bright and beautiful representation of a few of today’s hottest trends: extravagant florals and gold accents. You will adore the oversized flowers taking center stage in this artwork and the faded greenery filler against a soft cream background

What do these wedding colors say about you?
You have a sophisticated sense of style with a talent for making something plain into something pretty. Your wedding is an opportunity to really let your natural talents shine and shine they will especially with wedding colors as pretty as these.

What makes blush and gold wedding invitations so perfect?
Blush is basically light pink, right? Pairing light pink and gold is like every girl’s dream! Do wedding colors get prettier?! Add a little olive green and then the classic color of mauve, and this color palette is to die for. It’s got everything you could want from sweet and natural to slightly sassy. Although we love this wedding invitation, we would be remiss not to point out our incredible selection of gold wedding invitations. You’ll have lots of fun shopping this collection.


Drawing inspiration from your wedding invitations is an excellent way to create a coordinated look throughout your wedding from the very beginning through the ceremony and reception all the way to the thank you cards. Not to mention it makes your life a little bit easier by giving you a solid, designer-approved starting point. Need more color inspiration? Check out our Perfect Wedding Color Palette series in our Colors & Themes blog category.