A bridal shower is one of the sweetest events leading up to the bride’s wedding day. It’s a fun day to shower the bride with gifts, attention, conversation and love. But what do you do when the bride doesn’t want all the attention and gifts and traditional celebrations?

Here are a few traditions we think are okay to skip if it suits the personality and wishes of the bride!

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Q: Do I need to open my gifts in front of everyone?

This part of a bridal shower can be fun for some, but terrifying for others. If it’s just not your thing, we think its fine to skip!

The amount of time it takes the bride to tear into each gift, while anxiously waiting for Grandma Phyllis’ reaction to the china pattern she bought, can be awkward for all. Instead of having the bride open bridal shower gifts in front of everyone, we have two ideas:

  1. Ask the guests to bring their gifts unwrapped and put them on display
  2. Request that bridal shower gifts are shipped directly to the bride’s home address

Q: Do I need to have a special theme?

Our affordable bridal shower invitations will give you lots of theme ideas and party ideas. But, if having a bridal tea party is not your idea of fun, that’s okay!

There are so many options for simple bridal shower invitations that can coordinate with your favorite colors. If you want a shower with a little style, but not a particular theme, focus in on flowers. Our floral bridal shower invitations are super affordable and gorgeous too!

Q: Does the wedding party need to host the shower?

Traditionally, your bridesmaids host your bridal shower for you.

These days, we think anyone can host a shower for the bride! Family members, coworkers, friends, neighbors, or even yourself. The more the merrier if the bride is up for it. If you’re stumped on how to word your bridal shower invitation, we can help with that too.

Q: Can I only invite female family and friends to my bridal shower?

Over the past decades, the bridal shower has been a celebration for the bride and her female family and friends to attend.

Nowadays, lots of brides are planning couple’s showers and having their fiancé right there beside them to soak in all the fun and enjoyment! It can make the event more relaxed and expand your guest list to include everyone important to you to celebrate your upcoming nuptials.


Happy planning, brides and grooms! xoxo