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We looooove a great wedding theme. Choosing a particular theme is super helpful because it provides you with a set of style guidelines that come in incredibly helpful when planning all those wedding-day details. By styling everything from your wedding invitation to centerpieces to signature cocktails, your whole day will feel totally pulled together.

Overwhelmed? Don’t be! Start by browsing wedding invitations to discover what themes you’re most drawn to. It’s a natural place to begin since your invite is the introduction to your entire day.

These are our most popular themes for this wedding season. Each feels fresh, but also has staying power, which is why we love them most!

Featured Invitation: Budding Beauty

1. Greenery Paired with Gold

Greenery has been floating around the wedding scene for a few years now. The spin we love this wedding season, is greenery paired with gold details. This versatile trend can be used in practically any setting too. We love it used in a sweet outdoor affair, but it is also adaptable for indoor weddings.

Invite with a greenery-themed invitation, then use greenery details and gold metallic accents to bring it all together. Think dainty golden hair combs, a greenery adorned arch and simple centerpieces made of silver dollar eucalyptus, lamb’s ear and myrtle.

2. Spring Garden

Using flowers in your wedding seems obvious, but creating a wedding-day theme straight out of a garden brings floral-style to a whole new level.

When setting a garden theme, choose big, soft, gorgeous floral blooms and fabrics that complement this vibe. Our watercolor-style floral wedding invitations are a great starting point to get inspired. Think peonies, Juliet roses and giant dahlias. Dress your bridesmaids in light and flowing gowns and dress the tables in floor-length linens.

Of course, add flowers everywhere. Go with big bouquets, a flowering backdrop at your ceremony and lavish floral centerpieces. If you’re on a budget, no worries. Purchase bulk roses from a club store like Costco and enlist your besties to create simple bouquets.

3. Rustic Romance

The rustic wedding trend has been around for so many years, it’s definitely more than a trend. We’ve seen lots of different spin-offs on rustic styles such as woodland.

The theme that’s peeking this season puts a romantic touch on rustic style. Using woodgrain paired with sweet sayings and florals is the best way to pull off this look.

Using wood is easy – choose wood chairs and decorate tables with wooden rounds. Add flowers and greenery in your wedding colors for a perfect mix of rustic meets elegant style.

4. Country Sunflowers

Decorating your wedding around one type of flower is a trend we see each year. From calla lilies to daisies, we’ve seen the trends come and go.

This season, sunflowers are taking center stage. Ideal for country-themed wedding, sunflowers are such a sweet and happy bloom! And the best part is, they’re affordable. You can easily create your own sunflower bouquets and float single sunflower blooms water for chic and simple centerpieces.

5. Autumn Jewel Tones

Fall wedding are crazy-popular, but a classic autumn theme isn’t for everyone.

Instead, focus on a creating a theme around a jewel-toned color palette. These rich colors are trending big time. Think deep navy, hunter green, deep teal, gold and even dark fuchsia. Choose your favorite shade as a focal point (we love dark green!), then sprinkle in additional colors for contrast. Don’t forget to add a hint of gold to create instant sparkle.

6. Black and Floral

Typically, floral wedding themes have leaned soft and feminine. And even though pastels are pretty, we are soooo ready for the latest trend in floral themes – black floral! This dark and moody wedding style pairs flowers with bold black to create a daring look.

To pull of this look, go over-the-top with black. Dress the bridal party and receptions tables in black. The flowers you choose – in any color – will pop against dark shade beautifully!

7. Chic Minimalist  

If you’re thinking that a minimalist-themed wedding sounds boring, think again. This modern style may appear simple, but it takes some thoughtful planning to pull off this trending theme.

This sophisticated style is achieved by creating pairing modern font pairing with a simple color palette – usually black and white. Start with your invitation and play around with fonts until you find a combination you love. Use the same fonts in custom touches on everything from your ceremony programs to table cards.

Happy planning, brides and grooms!  xoxo

You’re engaged! Congratulations.

When the moment happens, it feels a little surreal, doesn’t it? Suddenly, your head is swirling with a bazillion different questions and thoughts…

OMG. When do we get married?!

Where do we get married?!

And who do we ask to be in our wedding party?

Ooooh, maybe we should elope.

No, no, no, let’s have a huge wedding! With a donut bar! And a mariachi band!

How much is too much to spend on flowers?

Woah, look at that ring.

Who do we tell first?!

First – take a deep breath. The answers to all those questions will come in time (also, a donut bar is always a good idea).

Let’s talk about that last question – who to tell! How to announce your engagement has become much more fun since the dawn of social media. And, much trickier! Of course, it’s all up to you, but we have some advice on how to announce your very exciting news to family, friends and beyond.

First: Make a Few Phone Calls

Getting engaged is one of life’s sweetest moments, so enjoy some time together to take it all in. When you’re ready to share your newly engaged status with those you’re closest with, start by making phone calls.

Call or Facetime your parents, siblings, relatives and BFFs. These are going to be some of the most fun phone calls of your life! Get ready for high-pitched squealing and maybe a few happy tears too.

Then: Post Away!

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here: the “we’re engaged!” social media post. Have FUN with this! Snap a cute pic, write a heartfelt post and then bask in the hearts, likes and comments.

And Finally: Make it Paper-Official

Gone are the days of newspaper engagement announcements, but it’s still so fun to see your news in print. To make your engagement news extra-official, send engagement announcements in the mail.

Sure, it’s not a necessity, but just imagine your friends and family’s faces the moment they open the envelope and see your cute faces and exciting engagement news. I guarantee your announcement will become a permanent fixture on refrigerators and bring so much joy to your loved ones.

Sending an engagement announcement isn’t a huge expense either. Our cheap but chic designs are way less than a dollar each and we even have magnet engagement announcements – how cute is that?!

If you set your date right away, you can also skip the announcement and send out a Save the Date instead.

Congrats again, brides and grooms. Enjoy this time together and happy wedding planning!


What a time to plan a wedding, right? Covid-19 has thrown a wrench is so many couple’s wedding plans. Ceremonies and celebrations that were scheduled during the height of lockdown were completely up-ended. And 2021 weddings are sure to look different than a “normal” wedding season.

From coast to coast (and continent to continent), couples are faced with a choice: cancel, postpone, alter or forge ahead as planned.

If you’re getting married during Covid-19, you’re not alone. I’m here with a few tips to help keep you sane while navigating this wild world of pandemic wedding planning.

1. Go Ahead and DO the Planning!

If you’re engaged and ready to start planning your wedding, then do! If a 2021 wedding is your dream, then plan for that. And if you’re planning beyond 2021, congratulations – you have a little extra time.

First things first. Set your date and book your vendors. Be sure to read your contracts carefully and have frank conversations about the “what ifs”.

Before booking, ask you vendors:

  • What is your cancelation policy?
  • Do you have any special Covid-19 related policies that will affect what we can and cannot do?
  • What are your Covid-19 safety policies?
  • What’s the deposit? When is the rest due? What happens to my deposit if I or you have to cancel?
  • What happens to my deposit if your business closes?

Deep breath. I know that’s a lot and some of those questions are rather anxiety-inducing. My motto during Covid wedding planning is hope for the best, but plan for the worst.


2. Have a Plan B. Or, Several.

The advantage that you have over couples who had to postpone their wedding in the spring and summer of 2020 is that you know what could happen.

Even though you may want to, do not bury you head in the sand. Prepare for a worst-case scenario – let’s say a national lockdown or Covid outbreak in your wedding party (eek!) – as well as not-terrible-but-also-not-great scenarios, and then make contingency plans around them.

Possible scenarios might look something like this:

  • Covid Improvement: If the world begins to feel “normal” again, do our plans change at all?
  • Covid Remains Steady: If we see no improvement, does that change anything for us?
  • Covid Risk Increases: If there’s a community Covid outbreak, do we need to change anything?
  • Covid Risk Hits Close to Home: If we have an outbreak in our family or wedding party, what do we do?

What do Plan B, C and D look like? That’s up to you. For some couples, it might mean postponing their wedding to another date, or even another year. For others, it might be holding a minimony with just your closest loved ones and celebrating with a reception at a later date. And for some couples, it might mean canceling your huge wedding altogether and eloping instead!


3. Create a Timeline

Make yourself a decision-making timeline. This will help you feel in control and may help your middle-of-the-night racing thoughts ease up a bit.

It might look something like this:

  • 12 Weeks Before Wedding: Do a gut-check. Has anything drastically changed? Right now, is there anything preventing you from having the wedding you’ve planned?
  • 8 Weeks Before Wedding: Gut-check #2!
  • 6 Weeks Before Wedding: Gut-check #3. Check in with your vendors. Communicate any changes to your guests.
  • 4 Weeks Before Wedding: If you’re thinking about a Plan B, now’s the time to make the decision.
  • 2 Weeks Before Wedding: Final big check-in. You’re almost there!


4. Communicate With Your Guests

Along with your timeline, put together a plan for communicating any changes to your wedding guests.

  • A Change of Plans: If something fairly minor has changed – such as your wedding venue – and your wedding invitations have already gone out, communicate the change on your wedding website. It’s also a good idea to enlist your friends and family to spread the word through phone calls, emails and text messages.
  • Wedding Postponement: If you’ve decided to postpone your wedding and reception to a later date, get the word out as soon as you’re able to. Again, your wedding website and word of mouth is a good option. Once you have your new date, send an official Change the Date card to each of your guests.
  • Wedding Cancelation and Small Ceremony: Canceling your planned wedding and opting for a small ceremony is something we’ve seen so many couples do this year. If you’re canceling, make a phone call to each of your guests and let them know. They’re sure to be bummed to miss out on the fun, so send a wedding announcement and share your news once you’re officially married!
  • Wedding Cancelation with a Reception Later: Lots of couples are holding a small ceremony and planning a wedding reception at a later, to-be-determined date. If this is you, send your wedding announcement and explain this to your guests. Once you have your reception date set, send a save the date followed up by a wedding reception invitation.


5. Be Flexible

And finally my best advice of all – be flexible. I have a feeling that if you’re planning a wedding during a global pandemic, you already possess this skill. In the end, you will be married! And, you’ll have a great story to tell!


Happy planning, brides and grooms!  xoxo

Main Color: Black
Accent Color: Ruby
Accent Color: Olive
Sparkle: Rose Gold

The seasons are changing! The cool crisp in the air has our thoughts turning away from light and bright wedding palettes and instead toward dark, rich and moody combinations. This palette is delightfully unexpected. Think you can’t pull it off? Think again!

A Whoa-Worthy Invitation

This dark wedding palette was inspired by the brand-new Lavish Rose Wedding Invitation. This chic-but-cheap beauty is a part of our collection of invites that come with free rsvp cards, which we promise you will totally love (and so will your budget). It pulls together a black wedding palette with elegance – we’re talking dark burgundy watercolor roses and greenery tangled together with rose gold details. And they’re all set off by that deep black background. It’s such a gorgeous and dramatic introduction to your wedding.

Dark, Moody and Magnificent

Pulling off a dark wedding color palette isn’t as hard as you might think; it just takes a bit more creativity. It’s easy to find white and cream wedding-day details; finding black wedding accessories isn’t quite as simple but it’ll be worth the hunt.

Black is the star of the show here and ruby, along with olive, are the gorgeous accents. Let them play off each other to create a look that’s romantic. You’ll want to be careful to balance the colors so look doesn’t go from lush and pretty to goth-inspired.

First, think about where you want to use black. We love using black linens – they’re affordable and will add tons of personality with minimal effort. Rent black chair covers for the ceremony, and table linens at the reception. Instant ambience! The guys should most definitely wear black suits and your maids will look stunning in black satin dresses.

Next, focus on your accent colors: ruby and olive. Let’s talk flowers first. Have you seen black magic roses? Jot that down and bring it to your florist. These super dark red roses are so delectable. The coloring is absolutely beautiful and the petals are thick and velvety. Pair them with olive-colored greens like eucalyptus for balance. Be sure to avoid greens that are too bright or your wedding will go from dark and gorgeous to all “happy holidays!” in a flash.

You can also incorporate the ruby into your jewelry, hair pieces and of course – lips!

Finally – let’s glam this wedding up! We chose rose gold, instead of the normal gold or silver hue to add sparkling pop of metallic. This slightly more copper shade of gold pairs really well with the ruby coloring and creates some extra interest to your palette. Use it subtly in details like your shoes, jewelry and cake.

Best wishes creating your dream day!


We get it – no one wants to spend tons of money on wedding invitations. There are far more exciting things to devote your wedding budget dollars to (donut bar, anyone?!).

So sure, you could DIY your way into a pretty inexpensive wedding invitation. But, all those supplies add up. There’s paper, printing, envelopes and don’t forget your time (that’s valuable!).

Instead of making your own cheap wedding invitations, let us do it for you. Our prices are cheaper than DIY. They include free RSVP Cards. They’re created by a crazy-talented team of designers. And, each one is customized by you, and then professionally printed by us.


That’s right – the secret to making cheap wedding invitations is to let us do it for you.

Here’s how it’s done:

Browse Every Style and Theme

Start by looking through all our pretty designs and narrow down your particular wedding day style or theme. We’re best known for our fabulously cheap rustic wedding invitations. Other favorite themes include greenery designs, styles that include photos and seasonal favorites for fall and winter weddings.

Find the Format You Love

We have two types of wedding invitations that will save you money.

Seal and Send Invitations: this all-in-one style includes a removable RSVP postcard. The entire piece folds up, is sealed and sent. No envelope needed!

Invitations with Free Response Postcards: the best deal in wedding inviting! This style is double-sided, letting you add your reception details on the backside. And RSVP postcards are included in the crazy-low price too. Extra matching pieces are available, including thank you cards.

Personalize It to Perfection

All our invitations are edited online in our easy-to-use tool. You can update colors and fonts to create a look that matches your wedding day and take your time to make sure it’s perfect. Need help? We have a team of experts standing by on chat or over the phone to help you as you go.

Get an Extra Deal!

We have bonus sales every day so you can get extra discounts.

Have fun creating your wedding invitations and saving money too!

xoxo – the Team at Ann’s



Main Color: Fuchsia
Accent Color: Blush
Accent Color: Rose Gold
Neutral: Black

We found the wedding colors you’re going to be totally obsessed with! This palette was inspired by our Striking Floral Wedding Invitation (bonus: it comes with FREE response postcards too!). This invite is bold and beautiful with blossoms in fuchsia, blush and rose gold all set against a striking black background. This invitation makes a statement from the moment your guests slip it from the envelope.

Working it into your wedding:

Go bold or go home! Decorate your wedding with bold florals mixed with soft blush and rose gold metallic. Use mercury glass on your reception tables next to floral centerpieces. Find black cloth tablecloths to really make a statement in your venue space. Play with this color palette on your bridesmaids. You can choose dresses with a mismatched look – think shades of pinks. Or, have your girls wear all blush and save the pop of bold color for their bridesmaid bouquets. Giant fuchsia peonies or dahlias would look gorgeous! Your groomie and his guys will be a part of the striking showcase with sharp, classic black suits. Don’t forget their boutonnieres – it’s an easy way to slip a little pink into their wedding-day look.

Everyone knows you – the bride – is the star of this day. First, find the perfect pink lip color to take your beauty look up a notch! Go darker than your usual pout choice, but make sure it’s a color you love, and that it also complements your skin tone. If you choose a bold lip, keep your eyes and cheeks soft and subtly romantic. Paint your nails a perfect, pale pink. That close-up, ring photo will be stunning! Finally, consider choosing rose gold jewelry to give your wedding look a modern, rosy vibe. You’ll glow!

It’s your wedding day! Happy planning!

Have you found yourself in the unfortunate position of having to postpone your wedding? Wedding dates are moved for many different reasons – from a family illness to an unforeseen conflict with your dream venue and even yes, a global pandemic (we’re looking at you coronavirus).

Moving your wedding date isn’t an easy task, but our newest collection of affordable Change the Date Cards make breaking the news a whole lot cuter!

Whether you’ve already sent a Save the Date, or even your Wedding Invitations, these sweet announcements let you officially change your wedding date in style ranging from elegant to super funny. Our top picks are…

#1: Save Our New Date Magnet

Customize this cutie with your photo then update the color combination to match your wedding colors. This magnet will be happily displayed on refrigerators near and far!

#2: Plot Twist Change the Date Card

A postponed wedding is a shakeup you could have lived without, right? Instead of wallowing in hassle of rescheduling your big day, announce the update with this funny little card. The phrase “plot twist” scrawled across a sweet picture of the two of you is sure to give everyone a good laugh.

#3: Delayed Change the Date Card

If you’re pushing your wedding day out a few weeks, a few months of even an entire year, this rustic-style design lets you drop your delay with a custom look.

#4: Watercolor Greens Change the Date Magnet

Create a custom message from the heart on this magnetic card.  With room for an explanation about your postponement, this card delivers your news in elegant style.

#5: Married Later Change the Date Card

Announce your postponement with a side of humor. This sweet card features the phrase “we’re getting married…later”. With options to change your colors and fonts, the options to make this card one-of-a-kind are endless.


Main Color: Mulberry
Accent Color: Blush
Accent Color: Moss
Neutral Color: Gold

This romantic yet classic pink wedding palette is inspired by our modern-meets-classic Geo Rose wedding invitation. This design features beautiful watercolor roses and a striking geometric gold frame. The combination of mulberry and rose, plus a touch of greenery are the perfect colors for any summer or spring wedding. This invitation is truly special because it incorporates a little bit of sparkle with the hint of gold. No worries about this beauty breaking your budget – the gold is printed (not foil) giving you the gold look you want for a way lower price than expensive foil-stamping.

Working it into your wedding:

Pretty pinks with earthy tones, and of course that pop of gold, is a fabulous color combination choice for any wedding. Let’s talk about working it into your wedding day.

First, incorporate this beautiful rose color by having your bridesmaids wear silky dresses in blush pink or mulberry rose (or a mismatched look with both!).

Of course, let’s not forget about incorporating fresh roses. Order several bundles of bulk mulberry colored roses and snip off all but an inch or so of the stem so you’re left with handfuls of rose heads. With a needle and invisible thread, string them together to create a live-rose garland. You can use this floral garland by stringing it from chair to chair down the aisle or even create a curtain effect behind your ceremony alter. Be sure to make your garlands the day before your wedding and store them in a cooler to keep those blooms fresh.

To balance the pink tones, let’s add some greenery. Along with the roses, you can also order bulk greenery from a superstore like Costco. Create super cheap fresh floral arrangements for your alter and ceremony entrance by adding greenery like eucalyptus and myrtle into dollar-store vases. Bonus: skip the expensive cake topper and instead, pluck sprigs of greenery to add to your cake.

Lastly, to pull together the look, you’ll want to use those modern, sparkling geometric shapes. The perfect way to do this is by placing a gold geometric centerpiece sphere on your guest tables with some roses and greenery in the center. Hit up your local Hobby Lobby to snag these on the cheap! To take these centerpieces up a notch, incorporate some fairy lights into the sphere and watch them glow!

The prettiest palettes are created by nature and this beautiful combination doesn’t disappoint.

Main Color: Goldenrod
Accent Color: Burgundy
Accent Color: Mocha
Neutral Color: Gold

A Sunny Introduction
The inspiration for this pretty palette is our Painted Sunflowers Seal and Send Invitation. This watercolor floral design is a favorite for rustic-themed weddings. The nature-inspired color combination feels as warm and sunshiny as summer day.

Paint Your Day
Creating a wedding-day look that blends this palette together is simple! Let’s start with that pretty shade of yellow. Using goldenrod as your main color is a bold move and we love it!

You might be inclined to dress your bridesmaids in yellow but we’d prefer that instead, you let sunflowers be the star. Sunflowers are such an ideal flower to use in weddings. They’re sturdy and can hold up to heat without wilting. The blooms are big which means you need fewer of them to make a statement. To top it off, they are so affordable, particularly in late summer to late autumn.

Use sunflowers in everything from your bridesmaid’s bouquets to reception centerpieces. We love a sunflower-lined ceremony aisle too. Decorating your cake with sunflower blooms is so simple too! Drench your day in these sunny blooms; you won’t regret it!

Next up – burgundy. Now this is a color your bridesmaids will love! Dress them in burgundy gowns. This on-trend hue is beautiful and those sunflower bouquets will pop against them. The guys can wear matching burgundy ties for a cute and coordinated look.

Our other accent color is mocha. The center of your sunflowers will tie this color in. Another natural way to bring out this color is through using wood grain details. Using wooden chairs at your ceremony and undressed tables at your reception will lend a rustic feel to your day. If that’s not an option, stack slices of tree trunks in the middle of your reception tables and top them with a vase of sunflowers.

Lastly, add a bit of sparkle! A brassy gold is the perfect way to add interest to your palette. Think of this neutral color as an accessory to your wedding day. It’s an important addition, but don’t go overboard. Choose gold jewelry. Create gold foil-stamped cocktail napkins. You can even use gold flatware.

We’re officially obsessed with this wedding color palette:

Peach as the main color.
Olive as an accent color.
As well as cream and gold as neutral colors.

The perfect peony invitation:
We started with the Peach Peony Wedding Invitation, which is brand-new and absolutely oozing with details so pretty, it looks like it was freshly picked out of a spring garden. The peach and olive combination is the perfect starting point for this gorgeous palette but every palette needs a neutral as well as a little sparkle. That’s where cream and gold come in.

Working it into your wedding:
Let’s start with your main and accent colors. Peach is the shining star, so use it liberally, but don’t wash everything in this blushy tone. We recommend dressing your bridesmaids in shades of peach, including peach-toned flowers in your floral arrangements and then choosing some additional small details to add this pretty hue to. If you’re choosing an up-do, tuck in a peach colored hair piece. Make sure to add a pop of peach to your groom as well. A soft pink necktie or peach boutonnière are all it takes to tie it all together.

Olive is easy to infuse into your day – think greenery! This affordable accent can be used everywhere from your bridal bouquets to ceremony aisle to centerpieces. Our tip – bring an example of the olive hue you prefer to your florist. Floral greenery can range in color from dark hunter to bright lime and your florist is sure to appreciate some guidance so they can nail your look.

Next up: cream. Sure, it might seem a little dull, but do not discount this neutral as unimportant. In fact, much of your day should be washed in a creamy white tone to keep the look light and romantic. Of course, the bride should dress in cream! Be sure to add creamy colors flowers into your bouquets and floral arrangements. They pop against the peach blossoms and olive greenery and create a look that’s rich and romantic. While you might be inclined to choose peach table linens, we suggest cream instead. It’ll give you reception an ethereal vibe that feels so romantic and luxe (not to mention, the rental charge is usually less!).

Now let’s have a little fun. We love a little sparkle and metallic gold is our favorite way to infuse it to your day. Don’t go overboard here; a little goes a long way. Add gold into your jewelry, shoes, bouquet wrapping and don’t’ forget your gold foil-stamped napkins (ours cost pennies a piece!).  Cap your day with gold-sparklers for a send-off you’ll remember for eternity.