You’re engaged! Congratulations.

When the moment happens, it feels a little surreal, doesn’t it? Suddenly, your head is swirling with a bazillion different questions and thoughts…

OMG. When do we get married?!

Where do we get married?!

And who do we ask to be in our wedding party?

Ooooh, maybe we should elope.

No, no, no, let’s have a huge wedding! With a donut bar! And a mariachi band!

How much is too much to spend on flowers?

Woah, look at that ring.

Who do we tell first?!

First – take a deep breath. The answers to all those questions will come in time (also, a donut bar is always a good idea).

Let’s talk about that last question – who to tell! How to announce your engagement has become much more fun since the dawn of social media. And, much trickier! Of course, it’s all up to you, but we have some advice on how to announce your very exciting news to family, friends and beyond.

Decided on Forever – Engagement Announcement

First: Make a Few Phone Calls

Getting engaged is one of life’s sweetest moments, so enjoy some time together to take it all in. When you’re ready to share your newly engaged status with those you’re closest with, start by making phone calls.

Call or Facetime your parents, siblings, relatives and BFFs. These are going to be some of the most fun phone calls of your life! Get ready for high-pitched squealing and maybe a few happy tears too.

Then: Post Away!

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here: the “we’re engaged!” social media post. Have FUN with this! Snap a cute pic, write a heartfelt post and then bask in the hearts, likes and comments.

And Finally: Make it Paper-Official

Gone are the days of newspaper engagement announcements, but it’s still so fun to see your news in print. To make your engagement news extra-official, send engagement announcements in the mail.

Sure, it’s not a necessity, but just imagine your friends and family’s faces the moment they open the envelope and see your cute faces and exciting engagement news. I guarantee your announcement will become a permanent fixture on refrigerators and bring so much joy to your loved ones.

Sending an engagement announcement isn’t a huge expense either. Our cheap but chic designs are way less than a dollar each and we even have magnet engagement announcements – how cute is that?!

Me and You – Engagement Announcement Magnet

If you set your date right away, you can also skip the announcement and send out a Save the Date instead.

Congrats again, brides and grooms. Enjoy this time together and happy wedding planning!