Are you trying to decide on what colors to use for your wedding? It’s an overwhelmingly huge decision! If you find yourself drawn to wedding color palettes that use jewel-tones, but aren’t sold are using such dark colors, we have some inspiration for you! In this sample palette, we took plum, navy and gold and then added a splash of the color we can’t get enough of: mauve!

The result is a wedding color palette that just might leave you inspired to build your whole day around these four perfect shades:

Main Color: Mauve
Accent Color: Plum
Accent Color: Navy
Sparkle: Gold

Start With: A Mauve Wedding Invitation

Mauve has made a roaring comeback, and we are SO here for it. This rich shade of pink meets purple is an excellent choice as the staring color in your wedding. We have so many cheap wedding invitations that can be customized in mauve, but for this look, we chose the new Better Together invite.

With palette that’s totally custom and that super-sweet phrase, you can’t go wrong with this beauty. We kept the price affordable too, by featuring the quote “better together” in printed gold instead of foil-stamping. Smart, right?

How to Use Mauve in Your Wedding

Some call is dusty pink, but we call it mauve. Use this rich shade of pink as your main wedding color. Some ideas:

  • Bridesmaids: Your besties are going to look gorgeous in mauve bridesmaid dresses. A light and flowy fabric like chiffon will keep the shade from looking too heavy.
  • Flowers: Mix shades of pink and purple to create the illusion of mauve flower bouquets.
  • Cake and Dessert: If you’re doing a cake, adorn it in mauve florals or icing. Another adorable choice: mauve-color macrons. Yum-o!

Adding in Navy and Plum Tones

Adding navy and plum tones will take the look of your wedding from all-pink to super-luxe! Our favorite ways to add in navy blue and plum purple accents are:

  • Jewelry: Mix and match navy and plum jewels! Earrings to necklaces to bracelets; jewelry is the perfect way to showcase these jewel tones.
  • The Groom: Tuck navy blue and plum pocket squares into the guy’s suit jackets.
  • Linens: Choose one color – either navy or plum – to use on your reception tables. Floor length linens will add a touch of drama and warmth to any reception space.

Get Your Gold On

Every wedding need a hint of metallic and you simply cannot go wrong with classic gold.

  • Ceremony Backdrop: a trendy gold geometric background would be a fabulous backdrop for your vows.
  • Shoes: The bride must wear gold wedding shoes!
  • Napkins: Affordable gold foil napkins serve a purpose and do double-duty as décor.


Best wishes, brides and grooms! xoxo