If you’re planning a Bachelorette Party for your bestie, choosing a great theme is a must.

From glamping to a simple girl’s night out, choosing a cute theme for her big celebration is just too much fun! On this mood board, we’ve put together a styled look for a posh beach Bachelorette party.

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Start With: A Beach Bachelorette Party Invitation

Don’t skimp on the invitation. Your friends will totally love receiving a real Bachelorette Party invitation in the mail and this beach-themed style is absolutely adorable. Not to mention, the crazy-cheap price tag is super affordable.

Perfect for a weekend getaway or local beach party, this cute invite features a pink polka-dot bikini and trendy straw hat. Add your custom invite details and you’re set.

Choose an Incredible Location

Jetting away on a destination Bachelorette is fun, but can get expensive. Instead, save money and book a beach-themed party at one of these local spots that don’t require airfare:

  • Country Club: If one of the attendees of the Bachelorette party is a country club member, inquire about using their access to the pool, club room and more…all for free or a small fee.
  • Rent a Local House with a Pool: You don’t have to go on vacation to rent a house for the weekend. Check your local listings and find a house with lots of room for your best gals to spend the night and a fabulous pool.
  • A Boutique Hotel: Staying at a local boutique hotel is such a fun splurge! Find a hotel that has a rooftop pool and other fun amenities like a spa and bar. Better yet if you can find a hotel on that’s seaside!

Set a Swimsuit Dress Code

Forget little black dresses. A beach-themed Bachelorette bash calls for a different kind of dress code.

Create Insta-famous Bachelorette party photos by asking all the girls to wear pink swimsuits. Just imagine the bride and all her best gals dressed in suits ranging from blush to fuchsia.


Photo Credits: Pool Floatie: Etsy, Beach Hat: Etsy, Beach Photo: Ashley Morse Photography, Wine Tumbler: The White Invite, Tablescape: Studio DIY