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Watercolor Blooms in Fuchsia
Choosing an invitation may be difficult if you’re not sure how to tie your whole wedding together with flowers, centerpieces and color. We pulled three of our new seal and send wedding invitation designs and we’ve offered wedding bouquet ideas and centerpiece/ décor ideas to match.

Budget Tip: I love fresh flowers but depending on the time of year and the availability of your flower, silk flowers are a beautiful and affordable option. You can do a silk flower bouquet or mix them in with real flowers to simply cut down costs. When buying silks, make sure the silk petals don’t fray.

This seal and send invitation has shades of wine, gold, orange and green. Create bouquets with pops of these colors and include succulents, a trendy way to add unique texture and color. Centerpieces don’t have to be extravagant or all match. Mix long tables and square tables and change up your centerpieces using the same flowers and colors.

Floral Menagerie in Marigold

Floral Menagerie in Marigold

This seal and send has the same floral pattern, but changing the colors to warm shades of gold, orange, brown and dark olive gives it an entirely different feel. Check with your florist to see if they have sunrise orange, rust or autumn gold calla lilies available. Calla stems can be expensive so compare the price of fresh versus fake. Pomanders are beautiful as decorations for the aisle or as something unique for the flower girl to carry. Pomanders are easy to DIY using a Styrofoam ball, hot glue, ribbon and silk or fresh flower heads. We recommend a full, dense flower like a mum or carnation.

Watercolor Blooms in Fuchsia

Watercolor Blooms in Fuchsia

I love this seal and send with its soft shades of pink florals! Using shades of pink opens up so many options from flowers to bridesmaid dresses. Simple, inexpensive glass cylinder centerpieces wrapped with lace and ribbon can be filled with fresh roses and tulips. You could mix in wedding whites using Queen Anne’s Lace flowers, ranunculus, peonies and spray roses.

Want to save a little more on your flowers? Find a flower wholesaler and purchase buckets of flowers and arrange them yourself. Find vases or fun containers at your local thrift shop or dollar/discount store.

Read What’s the deal on Seal and Sends to see why seal and send wedding invitations are a great value!

15 Common Mistakes Made on Wedding Invitations
15 Common Mistakes Made on Wedding Invitations
Ann’s Bridal Bargains has been printing wedding invitations for decades. You can bet we see a lot of mistakes. Here are the most common mistakes you should watch out for when ordering, addressing and mailing your wedding invitations.

1. Misspelled words.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to have someone else (even two or three people) proofread your wedding invitation wording. Also pay close attention to names and addresses. You do not want to spell a guest’s name wrong. If they’re important enough to invite to the wedding, they’re important enough to double-check that you spelled their names correctly.

2. Incorrect wording or grammar.

Ann’s Bridal Bargains has a variety of invitation verses for you to choose from, which will help guide you through creating proper wording for your wedding invitation. However, you may still have some grammar or spelling questions. Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends and family or feel free to call our friendly customer representatives. Also, read “Invitation Wording Etiquette” for a better understanding of how to word your wedding invitation.

3. Missing time and/or date.

It’s easy to overlook the important details after staring at your wedding invitation wording for so long. Another reason to have other people proofread your wording.

4. Missing ceremony and reception location.

Make sure to have all addresses determined and on hand when personalizing your invitation. Addresses are easy to overlook but they are extremely important.

5. Wrong name/address on response envelopes.

Decide who is accepting the responsibility of receiving response cards and maintaining the guest list. This could be the bride, mother of the bride or a sister. Whoever it is, put that person’s address on the response card envelope.

6. Missing name on the response envelopes.

The name and address of the person in charge of responses needs to be on all response card envelopes. Otherwise, guests will not know who to send the responses to.

7. Different typestyles and ink colors on enclosure cards.

When personalizing your wedding invitation, you get your choice of typestyles and ink colors for each piece of the ensemble. Most couples want the ink colors and typestyles to match throughout the ensemble but don’t realize they have to choose the same ink colors and typestyles for response cards, reception cards, direction cards, etc.

8. Not happy with the paper quality.

Ann’s Bridal Bargains offers free samples for all wedding invitations so the bride can touch and feel the quality. Wherever you decide to order, give yourself enough time to order samples to make sure the paper quality lives up to your standards.

9. Waiting too long to order.

Give yourself plenty of time to order wedding invitations. You should order invitations 3-4 months before the wedding. You will want to have them assembled and addressed in time to send them 6-8 weeks before the wedding.

10. Underestimating shipping time.

The time it takes for your chosen shipping method does not include production time. For instance, if you choose next-day shipping, there will still be 2-3 days of production time. Production time will vary depending on the retailer.

11. Didn’t order enough invitations.

Make sure you triple check your guest count, and when you order your wedding invitations, order an extra 25 at least. It’s way cheaper to order extra wedding invitations than it is to submit a new order.

12. Didn’t order enough envelopes.

Let us assure you, you will make mistakes when addressing the invitation envelopes. Order at least 25 extra.

13. Addressing inner and outer envelopes incorrectly.

We have a blog post dedicated to this very topic. Read, “Checking it off the list! Helpful Tips for Assembling/Addressing Your Invitations.”

14. Not enough postage.

Be sure to assemble an invitation complete with enclosure cards and have it weighed at the post office to determine the proper amount of postage needed.

15. Licking every envelope!

Okay, I admit. I’m throwing this one in here even though it’s personal preference, but you don’t have to lick 150 to 200 envelopes. Envelope moisteners are available and they’re inexpensive. Get one, you’ll thank me!

Simply Modern Wedding Look
Do you feel like your wedding invitations or wedding favors are a little boring? Can’t find that perfect finishing touch to help them coordinate with your wedding style? Worried about spending too much?

We totally understand! That’s why I put together this spread featuring one of my favorite Ann’s wedding invitations. I chose some wedding favors and decorations to coordinate as well as a variety of affordable embellishments in the hopes that you’ll find some inspiration for your own wedding.

Simply Modern Wedding Look

1. These personalized wedding napkins are printed in silver foil with names and wedding date. Wedding napkins are practical additions to any reception, but they also double as wedding reception decorations because they add such amazing color for an affordable price.

2. Ribbon, ribbon, ribbon. I can’t say how important it is to have a spool (or two, or three!) of curling ribbon in your wedding colors. You’ll find so many uses for it, such as accenting wedding favors, adding to bouquets or hanging paper lanterns.

3. Paper lanterns are inexpensive and they look amazing as wedding reception decorations for a variety of wedding styles. Use them indoors, outdoors, hanging from rafters or hanging from trees.

4. Solid colored, two-piece favor boxes with 3/8” satin ribbon in a complementary color are sure to impress your wedding guests. Especially when they open them to find a delicious treat like chocolate truffles or saltwater taffy.

5. Favor labels printed with your names add that perfect personalized touch to your wedding favors. We chose white with a colorful imprint for a splash of color on these small white treat boxes.

6. Clear favor boxes allow you to choose a treat that matches your wedding colors — leaving an impression on wedding guests is all in the details! Add a favor label for an easy, personalized accent.

7. Personalized white favor bags are unbelievably easy! All you have to do is choose your foil color and personalization (designs are available), fill with treats like cookies or dessert bars, add a satin ribbon accent and you’re done.

8. Clear favor bags are your best option when creating favors that fit your wedding theme and/or colors. Why? Because they become more than a wedding favor, they become a part of your wedding reception decorations. Add a favor label and 5/8” satin ribbon to complete the look.

9. Patterns are super hot right now! This bright and bold, Simply Mod Wedding Invitation features a one-of-a-kind pattern and you get to pick your own color combination. We chose Palm and Marigold. We also chose a modern typestyle for a clean look and a sparkling aqua rhinestone sticker to accent the couple’s names.

These are all great ideas, but the best ideas come from your own creativity. Play around, be bold, embellish!

Flowering Arch Wedding Invitation
You know me, I’m all about finding good deals and these new wedding invitations are a great find! Here are 5 reasons why…

1. Your reception wording is printed on the invitation, which means no additional cost for reception cards.

2. You can have your online response service website and/or phone number printed on the invitation. No response cards needed! Response cards are still available if you’d like them. Or, you can do both just in case you have certain guests (Grandma and Grandpa) who aren’t super savvy online and would appreciate a response card.

3. There’s room for EVEN MORE details. Include your wedding website for directions and accommodation information. This is also a good spot for “No gifts needed.” or “This is an adult-only reception.”

4. Square wedding invitations (a.k.a. marquis) and pocket wedding invitations are super trendy. We’ve taken both trends and created an affordable seal and send wedding invitation that’s easy to send and stylish.

5. No envelopes required and coordinating seals printed with your return address are included!

Flowering Arch Wedding Invitation

Flowering Arch Seal and Send Wedding Invitation

Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Invitation

Mr. and Mrs. Seal and Send Wedding Invitation

Pretty Pines Wedding Invitation

Pretty Pines Seal and Send Wedding Invitation

Always Bubbly Wedding Invitation

Always Bubbly Seal and Send Wedding Invitation

Damask Band Wedding Invitation

Damask Band Seal and Send Wedding Invitation

The only downside to these is that square wedding invitations require additional postage to mail, but the money you’ll save on response card postage will more than make up for it. So go ahead, shop all twelve designs. We think you’ll be impressed.

Don’t forget, Ann’s offers up to 5 free samples of wedding invitations.  When you find one you like, simply click on the order sample button next to the personalize button.  We’ll mail your samples for free!

Ocean View Wedding Invitation w/FREE Respond Card

Meet Kristi, our new Bargain Finder! She’ll be bringing you steals and deals from Ann’s Bridal Bargains and many other places. She’s very excited to be working with our Bargainista brides! Check out Kristi’s bio to learn a little more about her.


Introducing Kristi - our new Bargain Finder!


Kristi wanted to share Ann’s best deals for destination wedding invitations as one of her first contributions to the blog. Destination weddings continue to grow in popularity, and pinching pennies is a must when planning. Here are Kristi’s top picks for some affordable destination wedding invitations.


 Ocean View

One of our best beach wedding invitations and it includes a FREE respond postcard, which also saves you money in postage. Just $99.99 per 100.

Ocean View Wedding Invitation w/FREE Respond Card



Fabulous Vegas

Get these Las Vegas wedding invitations for only $79.99 per 100. I’m willing to bet you won’t find something as affordable or stylish anywhere else.  

Fabulous Vegas Wedding Invitation - Blue


Starfish and Seashells

Another excellent beach wedding invitation, Starfish and Seashells gives you 3 for the price of 1! This seal and send wedding invitation includes an invite, reception wording and a detachable respond postcard all for $99.99 per 100. We love this option!

Starfish and Seashells Seal and Send Wedding Invitation


Remember, the Smile Sale is happening right now! Get these invites plus so much more at even better discounted prices.

Style doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and your wedding invitations shouldn’t either. However, when budgeting for your wedding, it’s recommended that 5% of your budget is for the wedding invitation ensemble, which includes your invitation, reception card, respond card, direction/accommodation cards, and the necessary envelopes. Wait, what?! 5%? If that doesn’t quite add up for you, consider how important the wedding invitation ensemble is to you and weigh your options carefully.


And… consider this deal from Ann’s. Now through midnight (CST), September 7, you can get FREE wedding invitations! This deal is good on invites only, but what you save on your wedding invitations could make up for what you spend on reception cards, respond cards and other enclosures. So, what’s the scoop?  Here’s what you need to know:


For every 100 invitations (discount wedding invitations, seal and sends, sep and sends) you put in your shopping cart, you get 25 free! For example, let’s say you need 150 invitations. You’ll add 150 invitations to your shopping cart, apply promo code STYLESALE and you’ll see the cost of 25 of those invitations discounted from your cart. That could be some big bucks!


Damask Arches Grapevine Wedding Invitation

Love Declared Seal and Send Wedding Invitation


The invitation sets the tone for your big day. It gives guests a glimpse at what they can expect — from how to dress, to the location, to the gift. Whether it’s the design, color, or your special touch that makes it the perfect invite, you’ll be inviting guests in style — without paying a fortune.


What’s the most important element of the invitation for you? Design? Color? Originality? Let us know!

Wedding Planning Checklist: Section 4: Part 3

As you begin your search for wedding invitations, check out this post, Choosing the Perfect Wedding Invitations — 5 Questions to Ask Yourself. These helpful questions will steer you in the right direction and help you narrow down your choices.

Or if you are about to order your wedding invitations, here are some important things to remember before ordering — and a checklist of stationery pieces you may need.


Deciding how many wedding invitations to order.

It’s easier to calculate than you think. When determining the quantity you’ll need, make note of these simple guidelines:

• One invitation should be sent per couple

• Children under 18 years old can be included on their parents’ invitations; older children, especially those not living at home, should receive their own invitations

• Send one invitation to single guests; you may write “and guest” on the inner envelope if they are welcome to bring a date, or send a separate invitation to the guest’s date

• Include 25 extra invitations with your order so you’ll be covered in case of last-minute guest list additions. You’ll also have a few left as keepsakes! It costs far less to include 25 extra invitations with your initial order than to place a new order for 25 invitations.

Common mistakes made when mailing invitations.

• Ordering invitations too late; therefore, sending the invitations too late. Couples should order wedding invitations about 4 months ahead of time. This allows time for addressing and sending invitations 6-8 weeks before the wedding, which gives guests plenty of time to make travel plans, adjust schedules, find babysitters, etc.

• Spending too much or too little on postage. Take a fully assembled invitation with all enclosure cards and envelopes to be weighed at the post office to determine exact postage needed. Many invitations mail for the cost of a standard stamp. Some styles cost more due to size and/or shape (eg. marquis [square] invitations).

• Licking every envelope — not necessary!  An envelope moistener is totally worth a few dollars.

Accidentally using old addresses. The best defense you have against someone not receiving an invitation is making sure you know they didn’t receive it. Making your return address clean and legible is important. If your handwriting isn’t the best, or you want to save time on addressing, have us print your envelopes with the return address. Choose the same ink color and typestyle as your invitations for a fully coordinated look.


The Checklist: The invitation…plus everything else you need.

The basics that you need include:

Wedding Invitations – Of course.

Response Cards – These are how you tally who is attending your wedding, and are essential for the caterer.

Reception Cards – Inform guests when and where the post-wedding celebration is.

Envelopes – Inner and outer envelopes are included with all discount wedding invitations and response cards. Upgrade to a lined inner envelope to add color.

Thank You Cards – A thank you card should be sent to every wedding guest.


Additional Stationery that takes you beyond the basics include:

Save the Date Cards – They are a wonderful way to notify your guests well in advance of the event.  Save the Dates can be sent out four to twelve months in advance allowing important family and friends who will need to travel to your wedding location.

Announcements – If you had a small wedding or a destination wedding, you may want to send wedding announcements to friends and family who couldn’t make it. Any of our discount wedding invitations can be used as wedding announcements with just a change of wording.

Direction/Map Cards – Although direction cards aren’t a requirement, they’re quickly becoming a standard addition to the invitation ensemble.

Accommodations Cards – If you have several guests who will be traveling, it’s courteous to reserve accommodations or present them with hotel information near the wedding site.

At Home Cards – If you will be moving shortly before or after the wedding, include at home cards with your invitations.

Informal Cards – Informal cards are printed with your names and can be used for both thank yous and as correspondence after the wedding.

Seals – Envelope seals secure your invitation ensemble and they add a stylish finishing touch. You can even order extra seals and use them to accent gifts, favors, thank you notes and gratuity envelopes.

This week is Damask Week here at Ann’s Bridal Bargains, which means we’re super excited to share with you our many affordable options for incorporating bold, stylish damask into your wedding.

Today the spotlight is on our amazing selection of damask wedding invitations and save the dates, and how you can add a brilliant pop of color to enhance the dramatic style.

Many of our damask invitations and save the dates are offered in your choice of vibrant colors. Find the design that fits your wedding style best and change the color to coordinate with your wedding colors perfectly. The Clearly Refined Wedding Invitations are a great example! Choose one of five colors for the elegant damask border framing your wording.

Want to add more color? Or maybe you just want a pop of color on a black and white invitation. You can change the color of your wording on almost any damask invitation or save the date. There are more than 20 colors for you to choose from, so have fun while personalizing and find the perfect color combo!

Like what you see? Check out other popular damask wedding invitations.

Looking for save the date ideas?  Check kout these damask save the dates!

Wedding Ribbon Rolls
Invites a little pale? Décor a little dull? All you need is satin ribbon from Ann’s! Our bulk satin ribbon is available in lots of different colors for a great price. Add it to any number of things throughout your wedding for a soft, romantic touch.

Wedding Ribbon Rolls

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Accent your wedding invitations with ribbon. Choose an inexpensive wedding invitation, like our All in White invitation, and spice it up with colorful ribbon.

Tie ribbon around your wedding favors. Satin ribbon adds the perfect finishing touch to any wedding favor.

Add ribbon to bridal party gifts. A beautifully wrapped gift with all the trimmings means you took the time to make it truly special.

Incorporate ribbon into table centerpieces. If your centerpieces are looking a little dull, colorful ribbon is sure to add a little pizzazz!

Wrap ribbon around stems of bouquets. Satin ribbon complements flowers beautifully. Consider adding it to all of your floral arrangements.

Request your FREE catalog today!

free wedding catalogs

You’ll find 32, full-color pages filled with:

• new discount wedding invitations

• new ceremony accessories

• new wedding reception decorations

• new napkins colors

• new wedding favor labels


You’ll even find a whole page dedicated to ways to save!

The new Ann’s catalog is a great way to start your wedding shopping — Bargainista-style!