15 Common Mistakes Made on Wedding Invitations
Ann’s Bridal Bargains has been printing wedding invitations for decades. You can bet we see a lot of mistakes. Here are the most common mistakes you should watch out for when ordering, addressing and mailing your wedding invitations.

1. Misspelled words.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to have someone else (even two or three people) proofread your wedding invitation wording. Also pay close attention to names and addresses. You do not want to spell a guest’s name wrong. If they’re important enough to invite to the wedding, they’re important enough to double-check that you spelled their names correctly.

2. Incorrect wording or grammar.

Ann’s Bridal Bargains has a variety of invitation verses for you to choose from, which will help guide you through creating proper wording for your wedding invitation. However, you may still have some grammar or spelling questions. Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends and family or feel free to call our friendly customer representatives. Also, read “Invitation Wording Etiquette” for a better understanding of how to word your wedding invitation.

3. Missing time and/or date.

It’s easy to overlook the important details after staring at your wedding invitation wording for so long. Another reason to have other people proofread your wording.

4. Missing ceremony and reception location.

Make sure to have all addresses determined and on hand when personalizing your invitation. Addresses are easy to overlook but they are extremely important.

5. Wrong name/address on response envelopes.

Decide who is accepting the responsibility of receiving response cards and maintaining the guest list. This could be the bride, mother of the bride or a sister. Whoever it is, put that person’s address on the response card envelope.

6. Missing name on the response envelopes.

The name and address of the person in charge of responses needs to be on all response card envelopes. Otherwise, guests will not know who to send the responses to.

7. Different typestyles and ink colors on enclosure cards.

When personalizing your wedding invitation, you get your choice of typestyles and ink colors for each piece of the ensemble. Most couples want the ink colors and typestyles to match throughout the ensemble but don’t realize they have to choose the same ink colors and typestyles for response cards, reception cards, direction cards, etc.

8. Not happy with the paper quality.

Ann’s Bridal Bargains offers free samples for all wedding invitations so the bride can touch and feel the quality. Wherever you decide to order, give yourself enough time to order samples to make sure the paper quality lives up to your standards.

9. Waiting too long to order.

Give yourself plenty of time to order wedding invitations. You should order invitations 3-4 months before the wedding. You will want to have them assembled and addressed in time to send them 6-8 weeks before the wedding.

10. Underestimating shipping time.

The time it takes for your chosen shipping method does not include production time. For instance, if you choose next-day shipping, there will still be 2-3 days of production time. Production time will vary depending on the retailer.

11. Didn’t order enough invitations.

Make sure you triple check your guest count, and when you order your wedding invitations, order an extra 25 at least. It’s way cheaper to order extra wedding invitations than it is to submit a new order.

12. Didn’t order enough envelopes.

Let us assure you, you will make mistakes when addressing the invitation envelopes. Order at least 25 extra.

13. Addressing inner and outer envelopes incorrectly.

We have a blog post dedicated to this very topic. Read, “Checking it off the list! Helpful Tips for Assembling/Addressing Your Invitations.”

14. Not enough postage.

Be sure to assemble an invitation complete with enclosure cards and have it weighed at the post office to determine the proper amount of postage needed.

15. Licking every envelope!

Okay, I admit. I’m throwing this one in here even though it’s personal preference, but you don’t have to lick 150 to 200 envelopes. Envelope moisteners are available and they’re inexpensive. Get one, you’ll thank me!