You’re one to two weeks out from your wedding day and there are just a few final details to address so everything goes smoothly. We’ve put together some tasks you’ll want to check off the to-do list at this point in your wedding planning.

Confirm Appointments with Wedding Vendors

 First, we recommend making final payments for all services that require payment. That way you won’t have an overabundance of bills to deal right after the wedding. If you want to give your vendor a tip the day of the wedding, have it ready in an envelope and choose a responsible family member or friend to hand them out.

One to two weeks out means you will want to confirm all dates, times, locations, services, reservations and arrival times for the following:

Call Guests – contact guests who have not responded to your invitation. This is the only way you will truly get an accurate count for your ceremony and reception.

Rehearsal Dinner – Meet with your contact at the rehearsal dinner site and/or your caterers for final details.

Hair and Makeup – confirm your appointment. Be sure to take any hair adornments to the appointment.

Ceremony – review details with the wedding contact at your ceremony venue. Review plans for the rehearsal with the officiant and wedding party.

Reception Site / Caterer – Recap with an overview of the reception. Give them a final guest tally. Typically you will need this information anywhere from two weeks to 72 hours in advance so items can be ordered and organized ahead of time. Tell them the names of the cake baker, florist, band or DJ and ask whom those vendors should check-in with when they arrive.

• Plan for your wedding toasts and be sure a microphone is available.

• Prepare and plan seating for the reception. Prepare place cards.

Specific questions for your reception site are:

• How, when, and where will the wedding vendors deliver their goods? Who do they report to?

• If there is a caterer, what electrical or kitchen needs they will require? What kind of delivery needs do they require and can they be accommodated?

• Where can equipment be stored when not in use (i.e., photographers, musicians, etc.)?

• What kind of delivery needs do the musicians have and can they be accommodated?

• Is there adequate parking for guests?

Cake Baker – confirm their delivery needs, set up day, time and location. If needed, give him/her a map to the reception site.

Florist – review all items ordered and give him/her a map to the ceremony and reception sites. Finalize arrangements for delivery day, time and location.

Photographer / Videographer – provide maps for your ceremony and reception locations. Provide a list for both vendors about any specific pictures or video you want and when.

Musicians / Band / DJ – review starting times and any special song requests. Learn if there are any special set-up requests at the reception site. If needed, give him/her a map to the reception site.

Transportation – How will you get to the wedding site? To the reception? Arrange for friends or family to drive you and confirm pick-up times, schedules, and locations with the driver. If you’re having a limousine driver, confirm times and locations.

Last, but not least – compile an emergency list of all wedding vendors with phone numbers to give to your go-to person (wedding coordinator, parent or personal attendant).

Plan now for returns and pick-ups – know the time line and return requirements for any rental items such as candelabras, tables, chairs, tuxedoes, etc. Make arrangements for these items to be returned if you’re away on your honeymoon.

Make your way through this list a week or two before the wedding and the rest will be smooth sailing!