Looking to add some DIY rustic flair to your wedding? Look no further! I saw the greatest idea about incorporating mason jars into wedding centerpieces. I’ve seen a lot of weddings that use mason jars, but this idea will make for a new and unique experience.

You’ll only need a few items for this easy DIY, and you can pick all of these items up at your local craft store:

• Mason jar(s)

• Metallic Spray Paint (your color of choice)

• Mod Podge

• Paint Brush

• Glitter (your color of choice)

• Paper Plate

First, hold the inside of the mason jar and spray paint the entire outside, then wait for it to dry.

Spray Paint Your Mason JarPainted Gold Mason Jar

Once the mason jar is dry, brush the bottom quarter to bottom half of the mason jar with mod podge. Make sure it is somewhat even around all sides.

Apply Mod PodgeMason Jar with Mod Podge Applied

Next, take the jar of glitter and sprinkle it on the mod podge while it is still wet.

Sprinkle Your Glitter

Once the glitter is set and dried on the mod podge, coat the layer of glitter once more with mod podge. This will ensure that the glitter will stay on the jar. This will take a while to dry, so be patient!

Apply Mod Podge - Again

Finally, use anything you want to fill the mason jars with. I decided on a few pink flowers, which complement the metallic gold nicely!

DIY Glitter Mason Jar Centerpiece