You can’t look away can you? It looks so absolutely delicious! We highly recommend having a caramel apple bar at your wedding for guests to create unique wedding favors, and it’s a great alternative to the traditional wedding cake. They’re also perfect for family gatherings over the holiday season.

Caramel Apple Bar

We set out a crockpot of caramel and a crockpot of chocolate. We allowed people to dip their apples or slice them and pour the caramel or chocolate on top. We recommend having a couple of apple slicers to make the process safer and easier.

The apples are displayed in a traditional apple basket, but you could use any kind of basket or container that fits your décor. Be sure to pay attention to the type of apples you get. Some varieties of apples, like Granny Smith apples, are much more tart than others. The type of apple you choose is purely based on your own tastes and preferences.

Most of our caramel apple toppings are displayed in mason jars. Our toppings include mini M&Ms®, marshmallows, crushed Oreos, chopped candy bars and peanuts. Make sure each jar has its own scoop.

The backdrop is a long piece of plywood painted with chalkboard paint. You can write any message you like. You might also consider listing the caramel apple bar ingredients to help guests know what their options are.

We purchased caramel and chocolate from the store, but it might be more cost-effective to make your own. You can melt a package of Kraft Caramels with a couple tablespoons of milk for an easy option, or check out this tasty-looking caramel recipe from Cooking Light Magazine.