My husband and I were married this last summer, and I decided to make some wedding keepsakes out of a few key items from that day rather than letting them go to waste. With the holidays just around the corner, I found a great use for my bouquet flowers and wedding programs – I turned them into wedding keepsake ornaments!

diy wedding keepsake ornaments

Flower Petal Ornament

First, you’ll want to make sure your bouquet is properly dried out. You’ll need clear glass ornaments with removable tops, ribbon in the color of your choice and crystal rhinestone picks, all of which you can find at your local craft store. You’ll also need to CAREFULLY peel petals off of your bouquet one by one.

supplies for diy petal ornament

Once you have all of the necessary items, carefully fold the petals into the ornament. Since the petals are dry, it will be normal for some to fall apart, so don’t stress too much! You can fill the ornament as little or as much as you like.

insert dried petals from your wedding bouquet

Next, cut the crystal rhinestone picks into individual pieces for some added sparkle, and insert those into the ornament.

cut stems to make individual crystalsadd crystals for sparkle

Finally, put the top back on the ornament and thread the ribbon through the hole. You can tie a knot or a bow, whichever you pref

add ribbon for hanging your ornamentfinished petal keepsake ornament

Wedding Ceremony Program Ornament

You will need a clear glass ornament with a removable top, ribbon in your choice of color, scissors, pencil and a copy of your wedding program.

wedding program ornament supplies

First, cut strips of your wedding program. I chose to cut horizontally.

cut wedding program into narrow strips

Next, take one strip of paper and curl the paper like you would curling ribbon — just press the pencil to the paper while sliding it down the strip of paper. After all the strips are curled, put them inside the ornament. I used the pencil to mix up the strips once they were inside the ornament to make it look fuller.

curl program strips with a penciluse pencil to fluff strips

Put the top back on the ornament and thread the ribbon through the hole. Finish it off by tying a knot or a bow – again, your choice!

add ribbon for hangingfinished wedding program keepsake ornament

 These super-easy, DIY Christmas ornaments are great for the holidays and make beautiful decorations for your Christmas tree, all the while reminding you of your special day over and over again!