Wedding day itineraries are important for keeping your family and bridal party on track, but they’re even more important for destination weddings. Itineraries not only help keep your wedding guests informed, they help your guests feel welcome and appreciated.

We suggest using a wedding website to keep guests updated on activities and events as you’re planning them, but we also highly recommend providing all of your wedding guests a printed copy of your itinerary upon arrival.

Below we’ve provided an example of a typical destination wedding schedule. When making your destination wedding itinerary, you will want to include where and when each of these events will occur.

Day 1 – Dinner with Family

Your first wedding event will most likely be an intimate gathering of immediate family the night of your arrival date. (Only include this on a person’s itinerary if he/she is invited.)

Wedding Cocktails

Day 2 – Wedding Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner will include immediate family, grandparents and the bridal party (including guests). (Only include this on a person’s itinerary if he/she is invited.)

Day 3 – Play Day!

Let everyone know where all the guests are gathering for a day of rest and relaxation or fun activities. Later that day or in the evening, everyone should gather for a welcome reception. The welcome reception might be a cocktail hour, a dinner or a bonfire on the beach.

Destination Wedding

Day 4 – The Wedding Day

Organize a brunch or lunch for your wedding guests. The bridal party will be busy getting ready, but all of the guests will enjoy mingling and getting to know each other before the wedding ceremony and reception.

Destination Wedding

Day 5 – Farewell

Invite all of your wedding guests to a farewell breakfast or brunch. Allow a couple of hours for this so guests can attend according to their morning/flight schedule.

P.S. Keep in mind that just because you’re organizing an event like a cocktail hour or a brunch, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re paying for it. A lot of destination weddings are at all-inclusive resorts, so you’re just organizing a place and time for people to get together. That’s the beauty of all-inclusives — drinks and meals are taken care of!

I recommend checking out Etsy for some great itinerary ideas. I also LOVE the simplicity of this destination wedding itinerary found at Looking for more tips? Check out our post on Putting Together Your Wedding Day Itinerary.