Q&A: What are menu cards?

Although deciphering the purpose of some wedding stationery pieces can be a little confusing, the menu card is pretty straightforward. Its purpose is to display the food your guests will be enjoying at your wedding reception.

Menu cards are often displayed at each place setting or one at the center of each table. They can be used no matter what style of meal you will be serving, whether it’s a buffet, one entrée or multiple entrée options. Menu cards allow guests to mull over their meal options (if a choice is being given) and they are a great place to mention things like locally grown, organic, vegetarian, etc.

You may think menu cards are an unnecessary expense, and you would be right that menu cards do not make the list of must-haves. However, menu cards are a great opportunity to upsell the dinner portion of your evening. Who doesn’t love to read about the tasty morsels they’ll soon be devouring? The caterer will likely have some fabulous descriptions for you to use.