You already made the biggest wedding decision of all (who to marry, of course!) and now it’s time to make the next big one: what your wedding colors will be.

If you find yourself drawn to purple tones, but are wondering how to do it right, we’re here with a little color inspiration. This pretty combination is beautiful because it has a focus on purple, but pulls in two other tones – one natural and one glimmering – to create a look that’s totally harmonious.

Main Color: Lavender
Accent Color: Plum
Accent Color: Olive
Sparkle: Rose Gold


Start With a Pretty Purple Floral Invitation

Pairing these wedding colors with floral details is a perfect way to bring them together, and inviting with a floral wedding invitation introduces the vision for your day beautifully.

With flowers in shades of lavender and watercolor greenery in olive, this purple wedding invitation fits the bill for this palette. We love how the flowers frame your custom wording so delicately. And the best part is – this invite comes with a matching RSVP postcard too!

Featured Invitation: Blooming in Plum

How to Use Lavender in Your Wedding

Lavender is a terrific choice as a main wedding color! Weave it throughout your day in these different ways:

  • Bridesmaids: Dress your bridesmaids in lavender dresses. If your wedding is in summer, go with a chiffon fabric. In the fall or winter, choose a heavy satin or even velvet.
  • Flowers: Work with your florist to find lavender flowers that you love most. The ocean song rose variety is a perfect pick if you’re searching for a lavender rose that matches your invite.
  • Tablescapes: Drape your tables in lavender linens. This simple decoration will add instant personality to your reception.

Mix in Plum and Olive Tones

Adding plum and olive tones will take the look of your wedding from all purple to a little more interesting and rich. Our favorite ways to add in plum and olive accents are:

  • Jewelry: Pull a deep purple plum color into your look with rich plum jewels, set in pretty rose gold. Earrings and bracelets are a must, and they make a fabulous gift for your bridesmaids.
  • The Groom: Tuck a plum pocket square into the guy’s jackets. For a fun touch (and great photo opp), get them plum and lavender striped socks too!
  • Greenery: The only – and most obvious way – to add olive green into your wedding is to use greenery! Lucky for you, this trend is affordable and more attainable than ever. Use a garland of fresh greenery on a ceremony background and tuck olive-colored greens into your bouquets too.

Rose Gold and Gorgeous

Every wedding needs a little metallic detail and we love a soft rose gold paired with these purple tones.

  • Candle Holders: Toss rose-gold colored votive candle holders around like confetti. They’ll add just the right touch of glam style and romance.
  • Shoes: We love a good rose gold metallic shoe on the bride!
  • Napkins: Affordable rose gold foil napkins serve a purpose and do double-duty as décor.

Best wishes, brides and grooms! xoxo