It’s time for tea with the bride-to-be! We are loving this timeless bridal shower theme that includes bright, cheerful colors and delightful details that all your guests will enjoy.

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Start With: A Sweet Invitation for Tea  

With so many choices for your bridal shower invitation, this “Time for Tea” invitation is perfect for your tea party bridal shower! Featuring a watercolor painting of a sweet, blue tea pot with floral accents, it will set the tone for how delightful the bridal shower will be!

What’s even more delightful is how affordable this bridal shower invitation is. This can allow for more of your budget to be spent on the memorable details and sweets for your special day.

Set the Tea Party Table

A tea party bridal shower theme will be so fun to decorate and plan! The Queen of England herself will be impressed with your attention to detail.

  • Tea Party Attire: One of the most fun details of this theme is inviting your guests to dress to impress with tea party attire. Fun hats, delicate gloves and gorgeous sun dresses are a must!
  • Tea and Crumpets: Don’t forget one of the most important details of a tea party – the tea! We love the idea to have a little “tea bar” setup at the shower. This invites guests to pour their tea into cute tea cups and snack on colorful desserts and snacks throughout the shower. Add another personalized detail with our Almost Mrs. cocktail napkins on the tea bar and food spread!
  • Tea Décor: Pro budget-bride tip: start scouring local thrift stores and find adorable tea pots and vintage tea cups to use for decorations and the bridal shower. We love the delicate touch of adding soft, pastel florals in your table décor with your tea accessories too. The bride will love all the thoughtful and beautiful details for her day!

Photo Credits: Macarons: Pretty My Party, Bridal Party: Karina Mekel Photography, Decorations: Etsy, Table Décor: Fun365, Tea Bar: Etsy