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Are you trying to decide on what colors to use for your wedding? It’s an overwhelmingly huge decision! If you find yourself drawn to wedding color palettes that use jewel-tones, but aren’t sold are using such dark colors, we have some inspiration for you! In this sample palette, we took plum, navy and gold and then added a splash of the color we can’t get enough of: mauve!

The result is a wedding color palette that just might leave you inspired to build your whole day around these four perfect shades:

Main Color: Mauve
Accent Color: Plum
Accent Color: Navy
Sparkle: Gold

Start With: A Mauve Wedding Invitation

Mauve has made a roaring comeback, and we are SO here for it. This rich shade of pink meets purple is an excellent choice as the staring color in your wedding. We have so many cheap wedding invitations that can be customized in mauve, but for this look, we chose the new Better Together invite.

With palette that’s totally custom and that super-sweet phrase, you can’t go wrong with this beauty. We kept the price affordable too, by featuring the quote “better together” in printed gold instead of foil-stamping. Smart, right?

How to Use Mauve in Your Wedding

Some call is dusty pink, but we call it mauve. Use this rich shade of pink as your main wedding color. Some ideas:

  • Bridesmaids: Your besties are going to look gorgeous in mauve bridesmaid dresses. A light and flowy fabric like chiffon will keep the shade from looking too heavy.
  • Flowers: Mix shades of pink and purple to create the illusion of mauve flower bouquets.
  • Cake and Dessert: If you’re doing a cake, adorn it in mauve florals or icing. Another adorable choice: mauve-color macrons. Yum-o!

Adding in Navy and Plum Tones

Adding navy and plum tones will take the look of your wedding from all-pink to super-luxe! Our favorite ways to add in navy blue and plum purple accents are:

  • Jewelry: Mix and match navy and plum jewels! Earrings to necklaces to bracelets; jewelry is the perfect way to showcase these jewel tones.
  • The Groom: Tuck navy blue and plum pocket squares into the guy’s suit jackets.
  • Linens: Choose one color – either navy or plum – to use on your reception tables. Floor length linens will add a touch of drama and warmth to any reception space.

Get Your Gold On

Every wedding need a hint of metallic and you simply cannot go wrong with classic gold.

  • Ceremony Backdrop: a trendy gold geometric background would be a fabulous backdrop for your vows.
  • Shoes: The bride must wear gold wedding shoes!
  • Napkins: Affordable gold foil napkins serve a purpose and do double-duty as décor.


Best wishes, brides and grooms! xoxo



Main Color: Evergreen
Accent Color: Jade
Accent Color: Mist
Sparkle: Gold

If you’ve been pondering wedding themes and find yourself pining images of ceremonies set in nature, this wedding color palette just might be the one for you. With shades of green, plus a hint of gold, this gorgeous color scheme just might inspire your entire wedding-day look.

A Naturally Beautiful Invitation

Your guests’ first impression of your wedding day theme begins when your invitation is slipped from the envelope. Setting the tone for a nature-themed wedding – inspired by pine-tree forest and moody skies – starts with our affordable In the Pines Wedding Invitation. We’re getting mountain vibes from the watercolor illustration. Now, let your invite inspire your whole look…

Wedding Awash in Green and Gold

Creating a wedding-day look that features different shades of green is going to take some careful planning. If you simply throw together monochromatic shades of greens, you may end up with a wedding that looks like it was inspired by St. Patrick’s Day, complete with leprechaun bridesmaids.

Gorgeous Dark Green

You can call it hunter green or just plain dark green, but we like to call it evergreen! This shade of green is dark, rich and totally trending. Use evergreen as your main wedding color. The easiest and cheapest way to do this is to hold your wedding in the great outdoors. Just imagine saying your vows with a backdrop of towering pine trees behind you. Swoon…

Other ways to use dark green in your wedding:

  • Bridesmaids: Dress your gals in long flowing evergreen dresses. Extra points if you choose velvet (anyone else obsessed lately?!)
  • The Guys: Be subtle. Add a dark green pocket square to the guys’ suits. Matching socks would make for a great photo opp too.
  • Reception: Utilize fresh greenery to create gorgeous centerpieces that are cheap too. Favorite types dark greens include leatherleaf and cocculus.

Add Some Wedding Blues

Are you thinking – “wait, blue?!” Yes, blue! The other two shades of green – jade and mist – featured in this palette have the same blue undertones that are so often found in nature. Use them sparingly; a little goes a long way here and it’s all about styling the girls:

  • Jewelry: Gift your bridesmaid, and yourself, jade-colored earrings.
  • Nails: Its manicure time! Paint your nails a shade of mist.
  • Bouquet: Don’t use dark green in your bridesmaid’s bouquets; they’ll just get lost against their dresses. Instead, create bouquets of cream roses and blue-green greenery and foliage. Our top picks are dusty miller and brunia berries.

The Golden Touch

Finally – let’s add some sparkle! Every wedding needs it (yes, even nature-themed weddings!) and gold pairs wonderfully with green hues.

  • Hair: Tuck a vintage-inspired gold hair-pin into your up-do.
  • Napkins: Create chic and cheap gold foil napkins for your bar.
  • Shoes: Gold shoes are always a good idea, right?
  • Candles: Place votive candles in pretty gold vessels for instant romance.


Best wishes, brides and grooms! xoxo

If you’ve been browsing color palettes and are drawn to deep and rich color, you’re going to love this wedding mood board. The definition of opulence is “great wealth or luxuriousness”. The irony is that this entire look, which we’re calling “Pure Opulence” was entirely inspired by a 99¢ wedding invitation.

A Decedent Invitation

One look at this dark and dreamy wedding invitation and you’ll fall in love. First, with the price; it’s crazy affordable! Next, those colors. Jewel tones have been trending for years, particularly for fall weddings, but what sets this invitation apart is the use of black as well. The burgundy and slate blue floral illustration pops to life against the black background. And those gold accents – they’re printed faux foil, giving you the look of expensive foil-stamping, but for a really affordable price.

The Wedding Party

Let’s take the color palette from the invitation and dress the wedding party to coordinate. The look in this mood board is absolute perfection and mirrors the invite. Dress your groomsmen and bridesmaids in black, and use pops of jeweled-toned color in the bouquets, boutonnieres and bowties. The groom is dressed in a burgundy jacket, which we are soooo here for. For the bride, avoid white. Choose a cream color gown and ask your florist to design a huge, draping bouquet. This jewel-toned wedding party look is one of our all-time favorites!

Jewel Tones – Everywhere!

To achieve a look that’s dripping with luxury, the key is color, not money. Do not shy away from using those dark and rich jewel tones everywhere.

We’re all about creating gorgeous wedding details on the cheap. Here are our favorite ways to pull of jewel-toned wedding décor for less:

  • Faux-Gold Accessories: Anything be turned to gold with a little spray paint. Gather accessories like candlesticks, frames and even chairs from thrift stores and breathe new life into them with gold paint.
  • Greenery: Adding greenery is a cheap way to add an expensive look to your day. Order in bulk from a site like Flower Moxie to get greens on the cheap. For this look, choose darker toned greenery like Israeli Ruscus or Tree Fern. Use greens to line your aisle, or create a living table runner down your reception tables.
  • Black Linens: Covering tables in black table linens will add instant drama to your wedding reception. But our favorite thing about choosing black is that it’s the cheapest color to rent! Shop around for the best prices!
  • Thrifted Dinnerware: Thrifting mismatched, vintage dinnerware and glassware is a fantastic way to add a unique touch to your reception. If you’re having a huge wedding, and this feels costly or overwhelming, focus on the head table only. Choose vintage china with gold accent and faceted crystal drinkware. It’ll add an eclectic look for way less.
  • Golden Bar: Personalize your bar with custom gold cocktail napkins. They’re super-cheap and add extra personality to your celebration.


Photo Credits: Groom: Capture the Canvas Photography via Wedding Forward, Bouquet:  Docuvitae via Green Wedding Shoes, Wedding Party: Ashtyn Nicole Photo via Junebug Weddings,  Table:  Brittany Bays Photography via The Overwhelmed Bride, Cake:  Rachel Rowland Photography via Junebug Weddings

Main Color: Hydrangea
Accent Color: Sage
Neutral Color: Wheat
Sparkle: Gold

Doesn’t this pretty wedding color palette feel like a breath of fresh air? This light, soft and airy combination is classic, but unique.

A Springtime Introduction

These colors were inspired by our Blue Hydrangea Wedding Invitation (bonus: it comes with FREE RVSP postcards!). This invitation is the epitome of spring with its soft watercolor blooms and elegant circular layout. Blue hydrangeas are a popular choice for spring and summer weddings and we love how this invite can tie together your entire wedding-day look right from the start.

Paint Your Day with Spring-Inspired Color

To create a wedding day look using this pretty palette, focus on keeping things soft and feminine.

The blue hydrangea color is important when pulling together this look; but use it sparingly so it can really shine. We recommend using it in two places – your florals, of course, and your bridesmaid dresses. First, work with your florist to make sure they can secure blue hydrangeas. These big, beautiful blooms are widely available during spring and summer months. Nestle them in your bouquets, as well as centerpieces, to create an instant spring garden.

Next, let’s think about that pretty sage green. This one is simple: incorporate real greenery into your bouquets and centerpieces. A greenery swag would also be gorgeous strung on a ceremony arch.

For a neutral, we chose wheat, which brings a bit of warmth to this look. Instead of basic black, dress your groom and his groomsmen in wheat-colored suits. They’ll look extra dapper and will look so sharp next to your blue bridesmaids. In your reception space, drape wheat colored linens on your reception tables to brighten things up, but keep the vibe soft.

And…your sparkle. Every wedding needs a hint of a metallic and for this look, gold is perfect. Keep it simple by sticking to accessories. Gold details in your hairpieces, jewelry and shoes are the perfect way to add a little glam factor.

Happy planning, springtime brides and grooms!


Main Color: Evergreen
Accent Color: Crimson
Accent Color: Gold
Neutral Color: Ivory

The holiday season is one of the prettiest times of the year to get married. If you’re planning a winter wedding, consider painting your day in a festive, Christmas-inspired wedding color palette.

A Beautiful Introduction

The inspiration for this holiday wedding palette is our Winter Blooms Seal and Send Invitation. This winter-meets-floral design is a favorite for Christmas-themed weddings. You can almost smell the swags of cedar and sweet red and ivory roses.

Good Tidings of Great Color

Creating a Christmas-inspired wedding day look will come naturally when you love holiday colors like hunter green and rich red. Add a creamy ivory neutral to pull it all together. We love it!

Greenery is your wedding décor BFF. Line your tables with swags of cedar and use simple stems of white pine in glass vases. Holiday greens – whether fresh or faux – are incredibly affordable and can be found in garden centers or hardware stores throughout November and December. Using Christmas greens is an easy DIY and you don’t need to go to floral school to nail a professional look.

Gold sparkle and Christmas go hand-in-hand and is a must to make your wedding night stunning. And, gold doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Use cheap gold Christmas ornaments as part of your table décor and or personalized gold bulbs as wedding guest favors. Christmas lights are another cheap way to add a golden glow to your wedding. And don’t forget the details – our gold foil-stamped cocktail napkins are a great conversation piece and super-affordable.

Crimson is a beautiful choice for your bridesmaid’s dresses. Accent your girl’s makeup with a dark red lip and golden eye colors to complement their natural beauty. Of course, red roses are a must as well. Purchase deep red roses, such as the Black Magic Rose, in bulk to save tons of money. Use them in everything from your bouquets to centerpieces to create an instantly romantic holiday-inspired look.

Let’s not forget the importance of a neutral. Use ivory or cream to soften your holiday wedding style. Ivory roses or even white snowberries can be paired with your red roses to brighten up the mood. And of course, there’s your dress. An ivory or cream wedding dress is an ideal choice for winter as it feels a bit more warm than a traditional white.

Your Christmas wedding is sure to be a gorgeous event during the happiest time of the year. Enjoy every moment!


We firmly believe that Rehearsal Dinners do not get the credit they deserve. We get it…we get it…this mini celebration is so easily overshadowed by the excitement of what’s to come. We’re here to let you in on a little secret – your rehearsal dinner just might be the most fun you’ll have during your wedding weekend.

Think about it. The expectations are low and you’re surrounded by the ones you love the very most. The anticipation of your wedding is palatable – you won’t stop smiling all night! For these and so many more reasons, we just love this night-before celebration.

When you’re ready to invite to your rehearsal dinner, you can do it on the cheap to avoid sending out an email or the dreaded group text. Our new super-affordable rehearsal dinner invitations are so inexpensive, your wedding budget won’t even notice.


  1. Before We Do

This design features the phrase “Before We Do, We Dine”, officially making it our top pick for cutest rehearsal dinner invitation ever.

  1. Country Sunflowers

Sunflowers are a great theme for your night-before-the-wedding dinner. This inexpensive bloom is casual, fun and can be pulled together on the cheap. Exactly what you want your rehearsal dinner to be!

  1. Simple Statement

If you want to keep things simple, this is the one for you. With endless color combinations, this cutie invites in a palette that matches your wedding perfectly.

  1. Eat Drink Rehearse

The golden words on this design look like fancy foil-stamping but are actually printed! The cute phrase will have your loved one ready for a night of fun!

  1. Sweet and Simple

Anything that includes a photo of the two of you is a winner! This photo-fade style is going to get oohs and ahhs from every recipient.

  1. Love and Laughter

Rustic perfection! This country-themed invitation matches one of our most beloved wedding invitation suites. The loopy font and woodgrain background are great for a laid-back rehearsal dinner.

  1. Blue Hydrangea

These sweet blossoms have us ready for spring and summer weddings! Throw a garden-themed rehearsal dinner and kick off your night with this pretty design.

When it comes to choosing a ceremony program for your wedding, the options are endless. From custom printed designs to Pinterest-inspired DIY projects, it can be overwhelming to narrow it down to a choice that fits your style, theme and budget.

Our team is forever on a mission to make the task of creating wedding stationery stress-free, fun and super affordable for all brides and grooms. When we introduced our collection of wedding programs last wedding season, we gotta say – we nailed it. With themes ranging from rustic country to modern minimalist, and a tiny 99¢ price tag, these are the easiest, prettiest and most affordable programs you’ll find on the web.

And now, just in time for wedding season, we have brand-new photo wedding programs that let you show off your love in picture-perfect style.


Sweet and Simple
You’ll love: Custom colors – choose from over 50 color combinations to make this sweet design fit your palette.
May we suggest: Add a selfie! Sure, engagement photos are beautiful, but a candid snap of the two of you would add so much personality to your ceremony.

Rustic Photo
You’ll love: That wood grain background. This design is ideal for a casual and rustic wedding theme.
May we suggest: Mix up the fonts. If you’re style is more modern, change the fonts from a script to a bolder serif-style choice and watch the style of this design change before your eyes.

Photo Simplicity
You’ll love: The big, bold photo.
May we suggest: If your ceremony order is longer than room allows, add it on the backside instead. Use the space under your photo for a favorite romantic quote or lyrics to your first dance.

Photo Collage
You’ll love: You get to share three photos on this ultra-minimalist design.
May we suggest: You can update the background color on this beauty, so play around with colors. Choose a black background and white text is beautiful. A blush background with gray text is oh-so-romantic. The options are seriously endless!


How to create a perfect bridal shower theme: mix one part nature and one part glittery, gleaming, glamorous gold! Pulling together a beautiful shower theme doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive and this style proves it.

The Theme: this bridal shower theme is as simple as it sounds – greens and gold! By “greens”, we mean lush, live greenery. This trend is all over weddings and we, the budget-wedding experts, love its simplicity and super-affordable price tag. But…every bride needs a little sparkle, right? That’s why we’ve mixed in a bit of gold. Wham, bam, glam! She’ll love it.

The Style: a bridal shower with a nature-based theme can go down a number of different style avenues. Rustic. Romantic. Vintage. But to create style that looks like the one we’ve featured here think Minimalist. To create a minimalist look, keep the styling super simple. Your mantra should be: less is more.

The Budget Savers:

Idea #1 – Don’t think you can afford to send real invitations out? Think again! The greenery bridal shower invitation featured in our mood board is just 69¢ (yes, no matter how many you need!).

Idea #2 – Run to your nearest Trader Joe’s and scoop up all the fresh eucalyptus you can handle. This gem of a grocery store is the best source for cheap greenery at a fabulous price. Use floral wire to string them into a floral garland, place cut stems in a vase or pluck leaves and use them as toppers on cake or cupcakes.

Idea #3 – Embroidery hoop DIY! Create hanging decorations that fit your minimalist style with two simple supplies. Purchase embroidery hoops at your local craft store, then hot glue those cheap eucalyptus branches on for a simple look that can be used long after the bridal shower is over. Bonus points if you spray paint the hoops gold to match your theme.z


Photo Credits:
Foil Stamped Napkin: Ann’s Bridal Bargains, Confetti: Etsy, Eucalyptus Hoops: Ling’s Moment, Backdrop: Nicole Amanda, Cake Topper: Etsy, Photo Prop: Etsy.

A black and white palette is the epitome of classic wedding styling. It’s traditional, but can lean modern. It’s classic but has an edge to it. It’s beautiful and feels…expensive. Don’t sweat it though – we, the affordable-wedding experts, are here to show you how to pull off this look without breaking your wedding budget.

A Classic Intro
Your invitation introduces your wedding style to your guests and sets the tone for your entire celebration. Kind of a big deal, right? A big deal doesn’t have to mean a big price tag though. Our famous 99¢ invitation suites include elegant styles that look like they cost way more than a buck a piece. The black and white invitation featured on this mood board features the classic phrase “from this day forward” and even has a spot for you to share a photo of the two of you. It can be customized in any color palette but you just can’t go wrong with this black and white version.

Simple Styling
There’s a valuable benefit of a black and white wedding you may not have considered but will absolutely love: less stress. Take the task of choosing bridesmaid dresses. Instead of searching for just the right shade of purple in all the right silhouettes for your bridesmaids you can simply say, “buy a black dress you love”. Your groom can purchase a suit he’ll wear over and over again. You don’t have to worry your florist will use peach roses instead of blush. The list goes on and on…

Party Perfection
When the ceremony is over, it’s time to party! If you think styling your bridesmaids was simple, creating a beautiful reception space is going be a breeze and be easy on your budget. Instead of spending extra on colorful table linens, go with basic black or white. Your venue should have either on standby and won’t charge an extra fee for ordering a special color. Create a simple but memorable detail by providing custom cocktail napkins for your bar (bonus – they’re just 25¢). These cheap little napkins will litter tabletops and add a pop of personalized detail for just pennies a piece. Complete your look by scattering glass votive holders everywhere. This affordable touch will amp up the romance on the cheap!


Photo Credits:  Bride and groom: Rachel Photographs via Green Wedding Shoes, Table: Nick Plus Danee via June Bug Weddings, Bridesmaids: Brandon Scott Photography, Wedding Cake: Miso Bakes, Oreo Cupcakes: Jan Garcia Photography via Style Me Pretty

Main Color: Ballet Pink
Accent Color: Apricot
Accent Color: Orchid
Neutral: Cypress

Are you ready to fall in love with this romantic wedding color? Warning: you will! This palette was inspired by our new Woodland Rose Seal and Send Invitation. Not sure what a Seal and Send Invitation is? It’s your new BFF! Seal and send wedding invitations are self-mailing invitations, meaning there is no need for invitation envelopes. Even your R.S.V.P card is included. You’ll adore this easy-to-send invitation, but what will really capture your heart is the gorgeous palette full of woodland meet romance tones.

Working it into your wedding:

Pairing sweet pastels like ballet pink and orchid with earthy hues like apricot and cypress creates a palette that feels so warm and natural – you’re wedding day will just exude romance! To pull your look together, use natural wood elements, like slices of tree branches, and stack them along your aisle and on reception tables. Nestle ivory candles in vintage jelly jars into the base of the wood slices and tuck floral blooms in shades of pink, orchid and apricot around the edges.

Remember to consider which color your bridesmaids should wear to tie your look together: light pink, luminous yellow, soft purple or a mixture of them all. Complement their dresses with floral bouquets full of lush roses and trailing greenery. Don’t forget to give your groom and groomsmen a matching boutonniere in a muted, rosy color too. Tie the stems in twine to infuse a rustic element and your cypress hue into the guys’ attire.

Next, accessorize yourself with hints of colors too! Fresh pastel roses will be gorgeous tucked into a low up-do. Lastly, consider your bridal makeup…after all, you’re the star of your wedding day! Soft pink and sparkling taupe eye shadow along with rosy peach cheeks and a natural lip will create a look that feels natural and so romantic.