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Unless you’re wedding planning in a different universe, you’ve noticed the greenery trend. Swags of olive branches. Trailing eucalyptus. Halo veils of cedar. We love it ALL. You can spend a pretty penny on a wedding invitation suite that feature custom watercolor greenery but guess what? You don’t have to. Each one of these gorgeous greenery invitation suites is just 99¢, R.S.V.P. card included!

1. Eternity – Invitation with Free Response Postcard
We don’t wanna play favorites, but this beauty might be our favorite. The watercolor eucalyptus paired with the gold accents feels so bohemian and chic.
Pro Tip: Upgrade to shimmer paper to add a little sparkle and shine.

2. Watercolor Greenery – Seal and Send
Have you seen a Seal and Send wedding invitation before? These are genius. Everything you need, including a response postcard, is included all together in an all-in-one piece. We love this painted greenery and gold style!
Pro Tip: Update to a more modern look with a different font options. We love Copperplate Gothic and Futura Light.

3. Winter Pine – Seal and Send
Winter weddings are growing in popularity each year. When it comes to your invitation, think winter greens! This Seal and Send invitation combines silver dollar eucalyptus, pine, frasier fir and pinecones to create a style worthy of your wedding.
Pro Tip: Upgrade to textured paper! It’s perfect for this rustic look.

4. Painted Garden – Invitation with Free Response Postcard
Mix a few floral in with your greenery on this heavenly invitation suite. The white and green palette is so fresh, you can practically smell the blooms!
Pro Tip: If you’re doing an online reply, turn your free R.S.V.P card into a postcard thank you note.

5. Greens and Gold – Invitation with Free Response Postcard
You just can’t go wrong with gold and green. It somehow fits nearly any wedding style! Classic but trendy. Elegant but Edgy. This design is a favorite and it’s easy to see why.
Pro Tip: Update the font from green to black to make this design instantly more modern.

Here at Ann’s Bridal Bargains, we pride ourselves on selling the most affordable wedding invitations on the web. The majority of our designs are digitally printed; an affordable alternative to more costly printing processes. But guys, we have a confession. We LOVE the look of foil-stamped wedding invitations. Foil-stamping uses shiny metallic foil in shades like gold and silver to press a design or even wording, right into your wedding invitation. The result is totally gorgeous and also totally expensive! Adding foil-stamping to your wedding invitation can easily double price, which is why we — the queens of cheap-but-chic wedding invitations — don’t go there. But do not fret! Our fabulous designers are always thinking of ways replicate the look of those expensive details for a price that’ll make your budget sing!

Two words: Faux Foil! Yes, faux = fake, but in the best way ever! Our wedding invitation designers are pure magic and can replicate the look of shiny foil, but for that tiny price of just 99¢ per invitation suite. We call these faux foil wedding invitations but you and your guests will just call them beautiful! Here our top 5 favorites…

Love is Patient
This faith-based wedding invitation pairs the verse from 1 Corinthians 13 with faux gold foil foliage. The results is so gorgeous, you won’t miss real foil stamping.


Gold Facets
A modern wedding deserves an edgy wedding invitation and this faux gold foil design, featuring a geometric design, will have your guests responding with an enthusiastic “yes, we with attend”!



Gilded Garden
The dainty faux foil on this floral wedding invitation has a light-as-air feel perfect for a spring or summer wedding. We love the gold paired with pink, but you can change the background color on this one to match your palette!


Florals and Flourishes
There’s no question why this elegant floral invitation is a favorite! The jewel-toned palette and faux gold foil flourishes feel so luxurious, your guests are going to think you spend a whole lot more than 99¢ on it!


We Do
Simple is sometimes best, don’t you think? But simple doesn’t have to mean boring. This incredibly classic and stylish wedding invitation features the phrase “we do” in pretty faux foil that looks like it was written with gold calligraphy ink. The background can be customized to suit your color preference. Dream away!


There you have it. Our favorite faux foil wedding invitations for a price so low, you’ll never miss the real thing! Check out our entire assortment right here and discover a design you love for an unbelievable price.


Invites Shown:
Love is Patient, Gold Facets, Gilded Garden, Floral and Flourishes, We Do

All couples should be able to afford quality wedding invitations with today’s top designs, and that’s exactly what we offer. Not only do we offer great designs, great paper and great print quality, we offer trendsetting designs with inspired color palettes.

Check out a few of our newest wedding invitations! We pulled the color palette for each one to show you how Ann’s Bridal Bargains makes cheap wedding invitations both beautiful and inspiring. 

Purple Wedding Color Palette
Inspired by the Victorian Floral Invitation with light purple garden flowers and rich greenery accents. A few floral silhouettes decorate the cream colored background.

What does this wedding color say about you?
You’re adventurous! Yes, today’s floral trends are beautiful but you’d prefer it in a color that’s not so mainstream and purple is the perfect choice.

What makes purple wedding invitations so perfect?
Using purple heavily on your wedding invitations might feel a little over-saturated but wedding invitations with some purple can be absolutely beautiful. Finding complementary colors to break up your color scheme is exactly what you need, which is part of why we were so inspired by this invitation design. Pulling jade, raisin, lilac and cream turned into a naturally beautiful yet still elegant wedding color palette.


Fall Wedding Color Palette
Inspired by the Rustic Fall Invitation because there is a plethora of fall wedding invitations out there but we have never seen one as simple as this that stays true to the incredible beauty of autumn.

What does this wedding color say about you?
You love fall, obviously! More than that, you love being outdoors and enjoying the gifts that nature so freely gives and fall seems like such a celebration of striking colors, bountiful harvests and refreshing weather. How could you choose any other time of year to get married?

What makes this fall palette so perfect?
A fall palette means your pulling in more than one or two of your favorite autumn colors, which reflects the season perfectly and it gives you a lot of creative freedom. These fall wedding invitations feature terra cotta orange, merlot red, pine green and espresso brown. The great thing about an autumn wedding is that you can use all of these colors in tandem throughout your wedding and the result is going to be beautiful.


Navy and Pink Wedding Color Palette
Inspired by the Florals and Flourishes Invitation with its dramatic floral artwork on a dark navy background. The pink and red garden roses are incredibly romantic with faux gold flourishes and touches of greenery adding a vintage element.

What do these wedding colors say about you?
You must be a romantic! If you’re drawn to the lush garden look of this sensual artwork and the rich, saturated colors, you simply have to be a romantic at heart. We can only imagine how gorgeous your wedding will be!

What makes navy and pink wedding invitations so perfect?
No matter what wedding invitations you choose, these two colors together are so pretty that you really can’t go wrong with an invitation. The amazing thing about this color palette is that the dark nature of navy lets pink really steal the show but then you also have that rich burgundy color adding a little more drama and a pop of gold for a little bling. Just imagine what you can do with these wedding colors!


White and Green Wedding Color Palette
Inspired by the Painted Garden Invitation, and what a refreshing piece of fine stationery it is! The white flowers and light greenery frame your wording in trendsetting style and classic elegance.

What do these wedding colors say about you?
You thrive on simplicity but value chic style! The natural beauty of these wedding colors is understated yet breathtaking, and that means you’re about to host an unforgettable wedding celebration.

What makes white and green wedding invitations so perfect?
White and green look amazing together, and the best part is they can be used for any season. We see these invitations as perfect for a winter wedding but they could also be quite the introduction for spring weddings or even a minimalist summer garden wedding. Interpret the colors however you like but be sure to enjoy that pop of faux gold mixed in with greens and cream. You can have a lot of fun adding some gold accents to your special day.


Blush and Gold Wedding Color Palette
Inspired by the Blush Floral Invitation, which is a bright and beautiful representation of a few of today’s hottest trends: extravagant florals and gold accents. You will adore the oversized flowers taking center stage in this artwork and the faded greenery filler against a soft cream background

What do these wedding colors say about you?
You have a sophisticated sense of style with a talent for making something plain into something pretty. Your wedding is an opportunity to really let your natural talents shine and shine they will especially with wedding colors as pretty as these.

What makes blush and gold wedding invitations so perfect?
Blush is basically light pink, right? Pairing light pink and gold is like every girl’s dream! Do wedding colors get prettier?! Add a little olive green and then the classic color of mauve, and this color palette is to die for. It’s got everything you could want from sweet and natural to slightly sassy. Although we love this wedding invitation, we would be remiss not to point out our incredible selection of gold wedding invitations. You’ll have lots of fun shopping this collection.


Drawing inspiration from your wedding invitations is an excellent way to create a coordinated look throughout your wedding from the very beginning through the ceremony and reception all the way to the thank you cards. Not to mention it makes your life a little bit easier by giving you a solid, designer-approved starting point. Need more color inspiration? Check out our Perfect Wedding Color Palette series in our Colors & Themes blog category.

Fall is coming and it’s amazing how every year we can’t help but get excited! Even though it’s sad to see summer winding down, there is something about fall weddings we all just love. So here is one of several Perfect Wedding Color Palettes we put together for this beautiful season.

Primary Color: Copper
Primary Color: Pine
Primary Color: Brick
Accent Color: Gold

If you follow this color palette series, you’ll recognize that we laid out the color palette a little differently this time. We typically have a main color followed by two accent colors and a neutral. However, there is no one star of the show when it comes to autumn colors in nature. So we took our inspiration from the Rustic Fall Wedding Invitations featuring an abundance of leaves in pretty fall colors and a lovely wood grain background. Plus, you get free response postcards with these invites. All around, these are a great choice from our collection of fall wedding invitations and the color palette is spot on.

Working it into your wedding:

Copper, brick and pine represent some of Autumn’s most abundant and beautiful colors. We suggest treating these colors as nature treats them — without preference. An even mix of these colors throughout your wedding will result in something visually appealing and naturally relaxing. We added the metallic gold accent color to bring in an element of sparkle.

Flowers in colors like copper and brick with plenty of greenery would look amazing on reception tables and in bouquets. Any one of these colors will work beautifully for the bridal party attire. If you choose copper bridesmaid dresses, tone them down with greenery-heavy bouquets and dark red flowers. If you feel like you’re missing a particular hue, things like aisle runners and table linens can add a bold pop of one color.

If your wedding is outside, you can rely on your natural surroundings to bring the color if you really time it right! The invitation we chose is quite perfect for introducing a wedding in a more natural setting. Also, remember that you can lean heavily on other natural elements like wood grains and seasonal produce like squashes and pumpkins. We highly recommend bringing in nature’s finest bounty to incorporate all of fall’s colors.

Our perfect palette this week is a powerful partnership of pretty colors!

Main Color: Burgundy

Accent Color: Fern

Accent Color: Rose Gold

Neutral Color: Gray

We’ve had our eyes on the Burgundy Botanic Invitation with Free Response Postcard ever since we added it just a few short weeks ago. This invitation brings rich, saturated colors together and somehow achieves a light and airy feel with its stunning floral artwork. We matched the wedding invitation wording to the burgundy flower, which work together nicely. We thought about matching the wording to the eucalyptus leaves but the leaves stand out so beautifully here that we had to go with this combination of colors. You can visit our entire collection of floral wedding invitations if you’d like to see more artwork and color options.

Working it into your wedding:

The flowers steal the show on these wedding invitations but we’re not picturing a wedding full of flowers—that’s too expensive for any couple on a budget. We’re picturing a lot of greenery to reflect the fern color in this palette with pops of burgundy flowers, which means you only need a few bold flower arrangements strategically placed at the ceremony and reception. TIP: We recommend transporting flowers from the ceremony to be used as decoration at the reception and definitely use those bridesmaid bouquets as décor. Have a vase at the cake table, a few at the head table and a vase at the entrance. Your bridesmaids can place their bouquets in one of those vases and they’ll look beautiful all night long.

The rose gold accent color allows you to add a little sparkle wherever you want. This can also be replaced with a light pink if you’re more interested in a matte look. The bridal party attire is a wonderful place to feature rose gold or pink. Just imagine the contrast between the bridesmaids and the decorations. It would be stunning!

As always, we recommend choosing a neutral color as filler. Usually we recommend that items covering large surface areas, like table linens and chair coverings, be a neutral color. In this case, they would be gray. Neutrals are necessary for setting the stage and allowing the other colors to really shine. No neutral means these beautiful wedding colors could get a bit overwhelming.

Introducing this week’s perfect palette! Starring…

Dusty Rose as the main color.

Olive as the first accent color.

Gold as the second accent color.

Ivory as the neutral color.

Hello, floral!

We started with the Blush Floral Invitation with Free Response Postcard. The absolutely gorgeous garden flowers in pink and ivory lend a rich look and feel to the invite while accents of faux gold foil add unique interest to the artwork. The olive colored leaves hit the greenery trend beautifully. You’ll love how affordable these wedding invitations are and guests will think they’re absolutely beautiful! Plus, these invites come with free matching postcards! You can shop all floral wedding invitations to find your favorite design.

Working it into your wedding:

Start with your main color, dusty rose. Pinpoint where you want your favorite wedding color to really pop and decide how you plan to incorporate it. A lot of people choose to highlight their main wedding color in the floral arrangements but we think it would be incredibly unique and so beautiful if you played up the olive greenery aspect in a big way and then added bold elements of dusty rose. Perhaps large satin ribbon bows around each pot of greenery or as chair decorations.

Metallic gold will be stunning in this wedding palette. Immediately we think of old candelabras and votive holders. You can find all kinds at local thrift stores! Sprinkle them on the tables with a few larger pieces on the head table. Or go shiny and new by painting old vases or mason jars metallic gold. Consider creating a welcome sign out of an old barn window and paint the wooded frame gold. Step away from rustic and think about giving old pieces a glamorous look.

Ivory is a fabulous filler and chances are your venue or the rental shop you’re working with offer ivory linens for a great price. We say stick with that standard linen color for the sake of saving money and find interesting ways to incorporate the other three colors. Ivory could also be wonderful on the bridal party with dusty rose accents like vests for the men and shoes/head pieces for the women.


#1. Help guests feel included.

For many of your guests, the wedding program is going to be the only introduction they get to the people in your ceremony. You’re not going to have time to introduce everybody at the wedding and it’s really nice for Aunt Carol to see your bridesmaids’ names and how you know them.

#2. Give guests something to do.

Let’s face it, there’s some wait time involved at most weddings. Hats off to you if you’re able pull off a wedding day with very little down time. For the rest of us, giving out wedding programs is a great way to let guests sit, chill and have a little something to read.

#3. Recognize your people.

There’s something about seeing your name in print that’s pretty exciting for most people. Wedding programs are a great way to recognize each individual playing a role in your ceremony, and that can make your friends and family feel like a million bucks.

#4. Share your appreciation.

Most wedding programs have a little note of thanks at the end, and this is often something written by the couple for everyone attending. It’s a really nice way to share a heartfelt message of appreciation that might not otherwise get said so eloquently throughout the wedding day.

#5. Create an ambiance.

Wedding programs are a given at most traditional or high-end wedding ceremonies, so why not up the elegance factor of your own ceremony? Besides, Ann’s Bridal Bargains offers super affordable wedding programs in really cute designs. You can’t go wrong! Click here to browse our wedding programs!

Introducing this week’s perfect palette! Starring…

Coral as the main color.

Gold as an accent color.

As well as beige and ivory as neutral colors.

The oh-so-pretty invitation!

We started with the Royal Monogram Wedding Invitation, which happens to be a big customer favorite in our collection of Elegant Wedding Invitations. We went bold and beautiful by changing the background color to brilliant coral. The gorgeous crest and slim frame remain a faux gold foil, which creates a very pretty contrast with the coral background. We chose white for the wording to give it a uniquely fresh look.

Working it into your wedding:

As you can see, coral is one of the brighter colors you can choose for your wedding. It’s an absolutely wonderful choice for summer and tropical destinations because it lends that warm-weather, middle-of-the-tropics vibe we’re all drawn to. We highly recommend incorporating coral into your floral arrangements and bouquets while keeping other wedding aspects neutral like the bridesmaid dresses and the reception table linens. This will allow the coral flowers to add a dramatic touch to the ceremony and reception.

Metallic gold is such a fun accent color and we think you can go a little heavy with it since it will help balance out the brightness of the coral. Consider asking the bridesmaids to wear gold jewelry, find some gold table runners for the reception tables and gather some gold decorations like shiny gold candelabras to mix in with your table’s floral arrangements or to dress up other areas like the place card table or cake table.

Beige and ivory can be used wherever you need to create a polished look but don’t want to detract from the stars of the show, coral and gold. You could even choose ivory or beige for the bridal party’s attire to give them the fresh off the beach look we all love.

A bold and impressive choice, jewel tones will help you create an unforgettable wedding look. Let your personalities shine brightly through each and every color you choose to make up your palette.

Rich in Color
Jewel tones are brilliant, saturated colors inspired by the world’s finest jewels like sapphires, emeralds and rubies. A jewel tone wedding can focus on just a few colors or several. We’re showing some beautiful ideas of gathering a variety of jewel tones to create a look that’s so beautiful it’s almost magical. The bridesmaid dresses, bridal bouquet and candles are fabulous examples of how these colors can work so wonderfully together.

Precious and Pretty
Precious jewels are precious for a reason—we can’t stop looking at them! Bringing these colors into your wedding is a great way to add a whole lot of personality while still creating something truly beautiful. We recommend choosing subtle but elegant wedding invitations that hint at what’s to come. We chose the Keep It Simple Wedding Invitations, which can be customized with your choice of background color to match your wedding colors.

Regal Finish
Of course, jewel tones remind us of those sparkly little rocks we all want to drape around our necks, and who does that better than royalty? Adding some regal design touches to your wedding look is an excellent choice. Jewel tones and lavish accents belong together like the wedding cake and chocolates presented on a gold-tone, patterned cake stand or the gold serving ware next to each place setting on the reception table shown.

Photo Credits: Bridal Bouquet: Fete Photography via Wedding Chicks, Bridesmaids: Amy Caroline Photography, Candles: Jodie Chapman’s via 100 Layer Cake, Earrings: Etsy, Dessert Table: Julie Paisley Photography via Burnetts Boards, Reception Table: via Happy Wedd

A beautiful wedding color palette doesn’t have to be complicated. You really only need two colors. Dusty Rose and Sage complement each other nicely and they create the dramatic visual impact you’re looking for while retaining a naturally pretty quality. We’ve put the two colors together in this Color Love to show you just how gorgeous a simple palette can be.

Naturally Romantic
The red rose might be the classic symbol for love but the dusty pink rose is equally powerful in creating a romantic atmosphere. This soft shade of pink is abundant in flower gardens and looks amazing on the Vintage Roses Wedding Invitation featured with this Color Love. You’ll find variations of this color throughout our collection of Vintage Wedding Invitations, so take a look if this design isn’t quite for you.

The Perfect Neutral
Sage really is a fabulous neutral to work with. Green is pretty easy to work with in general but sage seems to be that perfect balance of rich and earthy. You’ll love how using sage as filler and as backdrops allow the dusty rose color to really take center stage. Plus, it really works to your advantage if you’re wedding is outdoors because you can rely on your natural surroundings to set the stage.

Vintage Charm
The result of putting these two colors together is a charming vintage quality for a look that lights up any indoor space and looks completely natural at outdoor venues. You never have to worry about overusing either color and you can feel good about choosing something so beautiful without fear of going over the top.

Photo Credits: Bridesmaids and Bride:Tulle & Chantilly, Ceremony Arch: via Oh Best Day Ever, Flowers:Bloom and Vine, Candy Bar: Phosart Photography & Cinematography via Wedding Lovely, Wedding Cake: Fox Photography via Wedding Chicks, Groomsmen: Dreamy Elk, Napkin: Ann’s Bridal Bargains