How to word your wedding rsvp cards

Wording the response cards is very simple once you know how you’ll be serving the food and when the caterer needs a final guest list. Here are some examples of rsvp wording you can use. We’ve listed a few different types of wording so you can choose which one fits your situation best.

(Expert Tip: some rsvp wording uses an “M” to indicate where names should be written. The “M” begins the person’s title: Mr., Mrs. or Miss. You can replace it with “Name(s)” for a more casual style.)

How to word your wedding rsvp cards

Basic RSVP Wording
Please reply by
{May 15, 2021}
M ______________
__ persons will attend

RSVP Wording with Meal Choices
The courtesy of a reply is requested
by May 15, 2021
M ______________
Please indicate number of each
Filet Mignon __ Chicken Kiev __

Fun RSVP Wording
Don’t be late to celebrate!
Please respond by June 10th
_____ yes, we’re there!
_____ bummer, we can’t go

Limited Seats RSVP Wording
We’ve reserved [X] seats for you.
Please reply on or before
May 15, 2021
Name ______________
__ accepts
__ regrets

Online RSVP Wording
Kindly reply by May 15, 2021
using the following website:
Name ______________
__ persons attending

How do I choose a respond by date?
The respond by date on your wedding rsvp cards should be 2-4 weeks before the wedding date. Check with the wedding venue and caterer to see when they need a final guest list. Then choose a respond by date that gives you at least one week of calling, texting or emailing anyone who hasn’t responded so you can give an accurate guest list to the caterer.

Other situations to consider when choosing a respond date:
Destination wedding invitations should be sent 12 weeks before the wedding date with a response date of six weeks before the wedding date. This way you and your guests will have plenty of time for planning. Wedding invitations for holidays and holiday weekends (New Year’s, Fourth of July, Labor Day Weekend, etc.) should be sent at least 12 weeks in advance as well. However the response date can remain 2-4 four weeks before the wedding date. The goal is to catch guests well before their schedules book up. We highly recommend sending save the dates for both destination weddings and holiday weddings!

Are you thinking about creating an A list and B list of guests?
We don’t recommend this simply because it can turn into a headache but if you’re set on it then send your invites at least 6 weeks in advance with an rsvp date 2-3 weeks before the wedding day. When you receive a decline (within 1-2 weeks of sending the initial batch of invites), send an invitation to someone on your B List. Make sure your B List guests receive the invite at least one week before the RSVP date.

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