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20% OFF $69 | Code: TWENTY69

20% off $69 or More | Code: TWENTY69 | Ends Thursday, 4/25

Promo Applied: TWENTY69

20% OFF $69 | Code: TWENTY69

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Online Wedding RSVP Etiquette and Examples

Online Wedding RSVP Etiquette and Examples

Featured RSVP Card: Jeweled Floral

Gathering RSVPs from your guests is such an exciting part of wedding planning. You begin to envision your day and the friends and family that will surround you.

Traditionally, guests RSVP to your wedding on a response card. But in today’s world of everything digital, this can be done online as well.

Traditional Wedding RSVP Cards

So first things first: what exactly is a wedding response card?

A traditional response card is a little card that’s tucked in the envelope with your wedding invitation. It’s pre-addressed (back to you) and pre-stamped. Wedding guests then fill out the response cards with their name(s), whether or not they can attend, and meal choices, if applicable. Then, they simply drop in the mail back to you.

This is how couples have tracked who is attending their wedding for many, many years but now couples have the option to use an online RSVP service.

How Does an Online Wedding RSVP Work?

Anyone can use an online RSVP service. These services are often offered as part of a couple's wedding website for free. The Knot is a popular provider of custom wedding websites, and it provides an online RSVP service as an easy way to track guests' responses.

The couple includes a link to their wedding website with their wedding invitation suite and asks the recipient to visit the link to respond. Responses are easily tracked and organized through an online service, which is extremely beneficial for the couple.

If you’re opting for an online RSVP, you’ll still want to include an enclosure card with your invitations that includes your website and instructs guests to reply by a particular date. You can use a traditional response card, and change the wording, or use an information card that also includes details like accommodations and reception information.

If you’re trying to save money, you can also add your online RSVP request on the backside of your wedding invitation. Create an invitation that lets you build your own wedding invitation suite, and simply forgo the extra cards for an affordable option.

Do We Have to Use an Online RSVP Service?

No – you can still use traditional respond cards. In fact, many couples choose to use the traditional way of collecting wedding responses.

There are a few reasons couples don't choose online wedding RSVPs. A traditional wedding invitation ensemble includes a separate response card and some couples don't want to deviate from tradition. Also, there areguests who aren't technology-savvy or don't use computers at all (grandparents, for example). Online RSVPs are not convenient for those guests and couples may shy away from them for that reason.

Can We Use Online RSVP and Traditional RSVP Cards?

Yes – you can use both an online RSVP service and traditional response cards. A response card doesn't have to be sent with every invitation, just the invitations to guests who may prefer a traditional response method.

Couples can also list an email address or phone number along with the RSVP website on the wedding invitations. That way, guests can email or call to communicate their attendance rather than being forced to use the online service. This route allows the couple to skip response cards all together yet still give their guests a few options for responding.

Online RSVP Wording Examples

Need some inspiration for your online RSVP wording? Let us help with some examples of ways to word you online wedding RSVP:

Please Respond

on or before July 10th

using the following website:

RSVP before 10/5 on our website

Kindly Respond by

September 20th

Wording for an RSVP with online or phone-in options might look like this:

Please Respond

on or before July 21st

on our website

or by phone

(567) 345-2943

We hope you’ve found these wedding RSVP tips helpful! If you have any additional questions about wedding stationery etiquette or wording, our experts are here to help.


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